Monday, February 26, 2007

Want to join the Fashion Victim team?

Hello darlings, Swirly here! Fashion Victim is looking for writers. You may have noticed that the other writers here
don't pull their weight and Swirly is left to do most of the work. Sigh...... Swirly is looking for writers who take fashion just as seriously as she does. Previous experience writing for blogs is desirable, as nobody here has any, but this is not essential. Writing for Fashion Victim offers a number of benefits, although Swirly can't think of what those might be just now.

Ayami and Stephanie have asked Swirly to mention that writers should not join the team expecting to receive free items from designers, and it isn't a general practice here to ask designers for review copies. Swirly knows that Cinnamon Coffee does do this, but you only need to read Cinnamon's posts to get an idea of how immoral that girl is. Sometimes the writers here are given items to review, and while Swirly expects this, YOU shouldn't. Swirly likes to think of Fashion Victim as a showcase for all the fabulous things in Second Life, and of course not everything fabulous is brand new darlings, in fact most of it should already be in your inventory!

Potential writers should contact Stephanie Misfit or Ayami Reisman in world, as Swirly just can't be bothered dealing with administrative nonsense, and Cinnamon Coffee would probably offend any innocent girls who contact her by making inappropriate sexual advances. Cinnamon just doesn't need any more abuse reports made against her. Darlings, we are sorry but we will need to see a sample article prior to adding you to our team, so please have something prepared when you get in touch.