Monday, May 28, 2007

High-Tailing It Into Town: Okinawa

Before anyone thinks it's a mistake that I'm posting here, let me go into the requisite noobie blogger intro. I'm not here to inflict my dubious sense of style or priggish sense of propriety on you fashion junkies; for that, you can be thankful. No, I'm here to keep it short and sweet, and let you in on a few little secrets while I have your attention, fickle as it is.

One being that I moonlight as a kitsune. Not a furry but a fox, in the literal sense of the word. It gives me licence to don cutesy ears and tails and yet keep from being swept up in the neko trend that everyone and their mother is getting into. Too, it's due in no small part to the identity crisis I'm afflicted with that ensures my changing avatars every two weeks or so, and sneaking off to find new gear for said avatars, all the while keeping up the pretense that I'm my usual immaculately coiffed, bland, boring self day in and day out. Fun, no? Good for you that I'm only too willing to share my finds. I may be an eccentric, but I've never been accused of being selfish.

We're going to go Japanese for this installment, as I've discovered (and so have many other bloggers, I'm sure) the Japanese sims are chock-full of pretty little shops, rich pickings for the jaded fashionista longing for new and uncharted territory. Not to mention that a good many of the items we found were at almost ridiculously low prices. We're talking in the neighbourhood of 50, 100L. You don't have to thank me.

First up is the designer Elec Tone of Electro Kitty. When I said I wasn't a neko, I didn't mean I'd keep my paws off their goods. Especially not when such little treats as this are in question:

Electro Kitty Nezumi Belt; Celestial Studios' Lulu Boybeater in Dark Grey (tinted); Renegade West Silence Jeans (Block Party 5 exclusive); Last Call Pierce Women's Collar (Pewter w/Silver Heart); Goth1c0 Heart-breaker Necklace (Block Party 4 exclusive); Techpanty Fishbone Minibelt; HDesign H-Evolution Shoes; HDesign Soulhunter Gauntlets (right only).

Though I'm not nearly so gauche that I keep my meals in my pockets, Elec's creations are certainly tasty. He's quite a charming and talented personality, too; he composes his own music and remixes electronica...and cat meows :)

Next up is this striking Western-style belt from 67 Angels. I'm not partial to cowboy fashion, but this belt is certainly an eye-catcher:

Riders' Wallet (Python and Black Velour) Studs Belt; Culture Vulture Indigo Couture Top; Camie Cooper Black Denim Skirt (shorts only); Syfie Minogue Black Suede Knee-high Stiletto Boots; Sin Wicked Cleric Pistol, Silver; Wilted Rose Fear and Loathing Watch.

This belt I initially found impossible to resize to fit a female shape (if you're blessed with the absurdly tiny sort of wasp waist that 99% of the female avs in SL have, myself included) so I talked to the creator, Shooting Oh, who I had the luck of running into that day. He was courteous and very, very prompt in sending me a version small enough to fit, which will be included in the package up for sale. I was ecstatic; this is a fine piece of primwork and texturing that I would've hated to pass over just because I don't have child-bearing hips. We skinny girls need our clunky chain-and-snakeskin cowboy belts, too, you know.

Okinawa, whilst being a small shopping area as sims go, is now one of my favourite Japanese sims. It's rare, at least for me, to find two items I like enough to buy in one trip, let alone three. The two others were from TechPanty (I refuse to guess as to how the owner came up with the name).

Here are a pair of metallic cyberpunkish shoes (simply called Metal Shoes) that kick up clouds of dust when you run, and the Fishbone Minibelt, a spiky little thigh-belt with a dangling fishbone. Though the latter isn't something I'd wear regularly, as I'd be mistaken (yet again) for a neko, and I'm not to be held accountable for your carpet-cleaning bill, either, should you decide to wear these shoes indoors.

Last, but certainly not least, is BettyPage Voyager's shop, BP. She carries a small selection of adorable tops, skirts and dresses, and such finds as a lovely piano skirt, a faded dungaree dress, denim shorts with prim cuffs, and an enormous curly hairdo. There's a wicker summer bag available in her Aoba branch, though the holding pose looks like I'm punching someone in the gut rather than demurely carrying my purse. The piano skirt is my favourite; I've matched it here with the Roslin Blouse from Savvy!, the plain black flats from Seu Ahn and my Claris Pearl Bracelet.

That's all for now. I'll be here on the beach in Okinawa, sipping a daiquiri (but not getting a tan). Next stop: Harajuku, or wherever else catches my fancy.

Shopping Information:
Electro Kitty, by Elec Tone, Ikebukuro (152, 214, 22)
67 Angels, Amimart, Okinawa (132, 199, 28)
Techpanty, Okinawa (115, 162, 25) & Kabuki, (113, 224, 28)
BP by BettyPage Voyager, Osaka (148, 138, 22), Aoba, (75, 160, 31) & Kabuki (140, 78, 29)
Celestial Studios by Starley Thereian, Celestial City (36, 219, 26)
HDesign by Hevan Lament, Nemo (37, 105, 55)
Goth1c0 by Keishii Roo, Gemmed (186, 227, 23)
Last Call Jewelry by Lyra Muse, Dazzle (66, 70, 22)
Renegade by Kaejo Dasilva, Cleary (241, 219, 122)
It's All Good by Camie Cooper, Naedam, (124, 128, 56)
Culture Vulture by Novy Gadsby, Downtown, (86, 38, 101)
Prim Seduction by Sylfie Minogue, Sylfie, (70, 35, 23)
Wilted Rose by Rose Columbia, Bloom County, (73, 125, 24)
Savvy! by Dakota Buck, Southern Marvel, (19, 199, 25)
SHOP SEU by Seu Ahn, Higashiosaka 188, 116, 0 (PG)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Sharp-Dressed Soiree - Upcoming Event

OK we all love getting free shit. Especially when that free shit is in the form of vouchers for some of the most popular stores in SL. The Sharp-Dressed Soiree is a fashion challenge event run by the The Hatbox Girls of Simone! Supermodels (which is a whole other contest but never mind).

The details are as follows:

"We challenge your readers to prove their style superiority! The winner of the following challenge will win a L$1500 gift certificate toward a shopping spree at Simone!, Calico Creations, or Silentsparrow. On top of the gift certificate, the winner of the challenge will receive a personalized high-fashion photo shoot shot by a professional SL photographer and a resident spotlight on the Second Life Insider blog. What more could a budding Second Life fashion icon ask for?

Create a sinfully stylish ensemble using the creations from the following boutiques:
- Simone!
- Calico Creations!
- Silent Sparrow

The lady or gentleman who creates the best ensemble using the creations of these three talented designers will receive the prizes listed above.

The first and second runners up will receive a personalized photo shoot as well as a L$500 gift certificate to the featured store of their choice.

DJ Vyviel Vella will be spinning vintage and modern swing all event long. There will be dancing, fashion trivia, and random prizes!

We hope to see you there! You have a L$1500 gift certificate to win and nothing to lose!"

The event will be held at the Calico Creations Main Shop in Calico City on Saturday, June 2nd, 2007 from 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM Second Life Time. I will probably be sleeping (damn Australia!) but if I could enter, my outfit would probably look something like this:

Silent Sparrow Delphinium in Cream, Simone Mink Boa, Calico Creations Ember III in Midnight

Oh yeah, I kinda found it hard to pull something together using the Calico Creations, Simone and Silent Sparrow stuff in my wardrobe because my avatar is a guy most of the time now, but I still think I am rockin' it and would more than likely win.

Fabulous Sale at Tete a Pied!

Darlings! Run to Tete a Pied NOW because until 11pm SL time Monday there is the most FABULOUS sale on! All of those delicious new clothes, shoes and shapes are HALF PRICE! Swirly didn't bother with the shapes because obviously she already has her own which is just perfect, but she bought lots of lovely clothes and shoes just to share with you here. Well, and because they were cheap of course dears, Swirly does love a bargain. This is just a sample of the adorable shoes and outfits you can grab for half price if you hurry. Now look at the pretty pictures of Swirly then rush over to Tete a Pied darlings!

Grisette Outfit in Rose and Pink Disc Sandals
City Blossom Earrings and Necklace from Earthtones Boutique
Tete a Pied Rose Medium Trendy Plum Skin
Curl Up and Dye Salon Kat Platinum Hair

Love All Dress in White and Green Mary Janes
[miw] Medium Skin in FruitLoops Sweet Tarte
Daisy Hair II in Blonde from ETD

Effervescent Dress in Purple and Purple Office Fling Slingbacks
Faedra's Crest Glade / Silver Earrings and Necklace from Earthtones Boutique
Fashionably Dead Shiny Skin in Light - Purple and Orange (discontinued)
The Twist in Dark Blonde from ETD

Desk Set in Blue and Blue Satin Slingbacks.
Silver Wireframe Glasses from Phaylen Fairchild Designs
Aveda Short Bob in Champagne
Lovey's Boutique Skin in Honey - Blueberry

Petal Pusher in Orange and Orange Mary Janes
[miw] Medium Skin in FruitLoops Sweet Tarte
Celestial Studios Annie May Hair in Light Blonde


Friday, May 25, 2007

The Eyes Have It Darlings!

As promised, ZsaZsa Withnail has released her fabulous eyelashes at ZsaZsa's House of Beauty. Yes, Swirly knows she has only just featured ZsaZsa's divine creations here on Fashion Victim, but she just HAD to make sure that her readers knew these must have accessories are available right now! There are many more versions available than Swirly could ever be bothered showing you here, but these pictures speak for themselves, now run along and grab them all up darlings!


"Daddy Long Legs" - They're colourable darlings! Worn with ZsaZsa's Deee-Lite Wig

"Black Feathers"

"Space Cadet"

"Stars" - Colourable! Worn with ZsaZsa's fabulous Candy Dreams Wig


Taking Fashion to the Next Level

Barely 2 days after the introduction of sculpted prims to the main grid, we are already seeing some solid indications of the revolutionary effect these prims are going to have on fashion in SL. More fluid, natural shapes will add a greater realism to clothes, and designs will now be limited only by the imagination (and skill of the creator) rather than the narrow choice of primitives that were previously available. I was excited to see 2 new releases from LF Fashions and Pixel Dolls which highlight this potential to full effect. First up are the Sculpted Velvety Gloves from Pixel Dolls. Sculpted prims allow the fabric to have a bunched up, loose appearance. The folds are extremely natural looking - no cylinders sitting around your wrists here!

Launa Fauna of LF Fashions has reworked her popular Isabeax Leather Pants to include a new scupted leg prim option, resulting in skinny legged pants which bunch at the ankle. The prims needed no adjustment whatsoever, and Launa plans to add this option to all her pants in the near future.

So this SL update brings us the usual array of problems such as broken friends lists, memory leaks and crashes, but at least we get a new feature worth getting excited about! I can't wait to see more.

Solaria Earrings and Necklace from Earthtones Boutique, B.R.A.T Top from Last Call, Retaliation Heels from Legend, Ghost Hair from Gritty Kitty, Skin Champagne - Fishnet from Last Call.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

ZsaZsa Returns!

Swirly here with wonderful news darlings! ZsaZsa's House of Beauty has returned to Second Life, which means there is no longer any excuse for not looking fabulous all the time! ZsaZsa Withnail designs the most divine hair, skins and accessories for women of style. Her House of Beauty has sometimes been referred to as a shop for drag queens, but as these pictures will show, nothing could be further from the truth. As far as Swirly is concerned, ZsaZsa's House of Beauty is the ultimate shopping destination for women of true grace and beauty. ZsaZsa's creations have been sorely missed since the closure of her store, so Swirly is thrilled that she has finally decided to share them with us all once again. So far, the range is limited to hair and some must have accessories, but ZsaZsa has promised that she will be re-releasing her ever popular eyelashes soon, and you can see Swirly modelling some of those below. Swirly hopes that skins and clothes will follow soon after! Here is just a little taste of some of the items on offer right now, and Swirly can promise that all eyes will be on YOU when you wear anything from ZsaZsa's store.

ZsaZsa's Hollywood Glamour Wig
Barbarella Hair and Compact from the Animated Hand Mirror and Puff Set

Carol Hair, ZsaZsa's Purebred Kitten Boa and Hand Mirror from the Animated Hand Mirror and Puff Set

ZsaZsa's Barbie Princess Wig, Powder Puff from the Animated Hand Mirror and Puff Set

And Swirly's favourite, ZsaZsa's Spring Bloom Wig

ZsaZsa's House of Beauty is open now at the Fashion Victim HQ. Run darlings!


Monday, May 21, 2007

FABULOUS New Hats from kyoot

Saeya Nyanda from Kyoot is a lovely girl who unfortunately suffers from some serious literacy problems. Cute is not spelt "kyoot" darling, where did you go to school? Despite her obvious educational deficits, Saeya has managed to excel in other areas, and is known for being quite clever with those prim things which have taken SL by storm. Saeya also created the Photosphere, which is much too technical for Swirly to even begin to explain to her less educated readers, but suffice to say it's a sphere for photos. Now Saeya has branched out into much more important areas of creativity. Yes darlings, Saeya is designing fabulous hats! Shown above is the absolutely divine but ridiculously named Sophistitwisted Cocktail Hat. This is an understated piece which Swirly found is perfect for that first cocktail of the day at 10am. But once you leave the house, how best to wear such an adorable little hat? Swirly recommends a demure yet stylish outfit with subtle accessories that won't overshadow your head piece. The Fierce Dress in Gold from Pixel Dolls teamed with the Trimmed Gloves in Yellow and Tintable Feather Boa from Masks and Feathers, as shown below, are perfect for an understated, yet elegant look.
Saeya has also made another hat called Queen of the Junkyard Crown. Swirly has no aspirations to become the queen of any junkyard, but imagines that many of her readers do, so will post a picture of the hat anyway.
Here's hoping that Saeya will release many more fabulous hats at Kyoot. Preferably in pink, Saeya dear.


Friday, May 18, 2007

Contest Winners Announced!

Hello darlings! Well, the contest has closed and the winners have been drawn at random from the correct entries. In case you were wondering who the REAL Swirly was, and who the impostors were, this picture will reveal all. Now, really, how could you not know that was Swirly?

The lucky but undeserving winners are as follows:

1ST PLACE - Nedalin Malle
Swirly has NO idea who this Nedalin person is but is certain she does NOT deserve the following fabulous prizes! Alas, a last minute attempt by Swirly to secure all the prizes for herself failed miserably, so Nedalin will be receiving:

5000L CASH courtesy of Directory 2L
5000L gift certificate from Nomine
2000L gift certificate from Casa Del Shai
2000L gift certificate from Funk-O-Rama
1000L gift certificate from Muse
1000L gift certificate from Earthtones Boutique
1000L gift certificate from First Impressions
2 outfits from RFrye with a total value of 1500L
Prize pack from Skanks R Us
Nothing Flexi Trenchcoat from Beckenbauer Productions valued at 500L
Prize pack from Homicide Designs
400L gift certificate from Bossa Nova
One outfit of your choice from Savvy?

Damn you Nedalin!!!!

2nd Prize - Devana Basiat
Devana is the winner of our 2nd prize and will receive lots of goodies:

2000L gift certificate from Nomine
1000L gift certificate from Funk-O-Rama
Prize pack from Homicide Designs
500L gift certificate from First Impressions
1 outfit from RFyre valued at 700L
250L gift certificate from Beckenbauer Productions
One outfit of your choice from Savvy?

Devana also receives a special prize of a 1000L spending spree at Tete a Pied for the entry that made the Fashion Victim team laugh the most.

3rd Prize - Cha Trimble
Cha is our final prize winner who gets to enjoy:
1000L gift certificate from Nomine
1 outfit from RFyre valued at 700L
500L gift certificate from Funk-O-Rama
250L gift certificate from First Impressions
250L gift certificate from Beckenbauer Productions
One outfit of your choice from Savvy?

Big air kisses to the wonderful people who generously donated prizes. And lots of fake sympathy to the many of you who took the time to enter but didn't win. But remember, Swirly didn't get a single thing either.......... not happy darlings!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Playing with Sharp Objects

WOOT! So as most of you peeps know, after being locked up without even being able to grow FINGERNAILS... it's about time I get back to being part of society and playing with some awesometasticly fun sharp objects! Muahahhaha!!! I have found you some HAWT items that all you looney's out there are gonna drool over!

First up is one of my absolute favorite blood covered places to shop, Sinistyle! Not only are their items amazingly hawt, but seriously some of the coolest sh... I mean stuff I've seen! I fell in love with them a while back when I got the Killing Spree Trencher that I have on.. blood covered and oh so terrific! My razor blade necklace is also from there.

Next is a new store by Nathan Eliot, with only a few items but all of them deffinately must haves! His store, Prim Whorz Unlimited, ranges from Emo to Goth and I was SOOOO excited to see a hawt looking collar with, you guessed it, some SUPER sharp scissors!! Reminds me of the nail file my boyfriend Yo, a.k.a Shawn, tried to sneak to me while I was locked up in the crazy house.. but a nail file doesn't really do a whole lot when you are in a padded room! But still, perfect addition to any murderous rampage ensemble you have going on.. or I'm sure it can double as a tool for your scrap booking!

Finally, the ever so popular Legend by Fatal Raine where I picked up two items that I just adore!! The Razor Blade chocker and the Bleed Brace make me so tough, I think I could even take on Chuck Norris! Okay okay.. that was wrong of me to say, no one can really "take on" Chuck Norris, but don't I totally look the part?! My bad ass look is completed with this hardcore beater from !BF!

Happy shopping SLFV readers, remember.. no running with scissors!

*Drum Roll Please* Introducing..... ADDI!

Why hello there... I didn't see you come in. I was just finishing up typing my first ever post for SLFV and I'm so excited! What's that? How did I get here? Well.. you see, it's actually a very funny story. A few years ago, I got to be SOO obsessed with the thought that Ron Burgandy and the channel 4 news team were real, I began to "stalk" them, or at least that's how my doctor says it. He said that I'm bi-polar or something like that.. but it still does not make sense to me because I am not a bear and I deffinately only bat for one team. But anywho, I was under evaluation for the last year and a half at the Hasselhoff Home for the Mentaly Ill and apon my review, I was told the only way for me to return to society would be to find a solid job giving something back to the community. Well, I thought ya know, that's not that hard! My first attempt at a job was President. It had so many perks, and you get to live in a white house... who doesn't want to live in a white house??? Well, unfortunately they told me I was over qualified, but they heard McDonald's was hiring. So.. my next stop was McD's. But well, me and greasy fryers go as well as Michael Jackson working in a daycare.. it just don't work. Plus, I don't exactly consider giving people their heartattacks in a bun giving something back to the community. So I thought long and hard and finally, a cartoon light bulb appeared over my head which meant one thing, I had figured it out! I would apply to work for a prestigious online newspaper and give back humor and important info to the masses! *Throws her arms out in a TADA pose* And THAT is how I got here. But let me tell you, it has not been an easy road. Trying to get your feet back on the ground after you have been labeled clinicaly insane is not something that is easily overcome. Plus, you have to get a place to live, new clothes, transporation, the works! So I had an idea that for my first post with you guys, I'd show you what it's like to find all of these wonderful things again! Starting over, dusting yourself off, looking in the mirror while playing the Rocky theme song, and saying I CAN DO IT!

Having an apartment and all of that cool stuffs is just dandy, but without a means of transportation, how is a writer supposed to go scoop out new clothing items and awesometastic shoes?! It JUST can't happen! So I stol... I mean borrowed one of my fellow SLFV writers cars and went on the hunt for the BEST means of transporation a gal who's been locked up in the looney bin can afford! My first stop was in one of my favortist places to visit, Amicitia. They have some of the cutest shops!! I stumbled into Electric Jane's which is formely Happy Junk, and found me a nifty Pogo Stick! Not only does it work as an AO, but you can mod the colors! And only a whooping 75$L! You can't go wrong with that. Don't I look like one of most adorable crazy bats you've ever seen? My tankie is from G.L.A.M. along with my awesome banana yellow shoes. The pants are cut offs from Tres Blah and the necklace is from my FAVORITE jewelry place in game, Miam Miam. My awesometastic tattoo's are from Canimal and Artilleri and my skin is from Lovey's Boutique.

My next stop dropped me into Nakama. VERY interesting place if you have not visited before. There is a little something for everyone and what I found totally made my day! I mean sure.. anyone can drive a car, ride a pogo stick, skateboard.. all the classics, but who can honestly say they use BALLOON travel as their means of getting around?! Well.. in Nakama, they have the CUTEST balloons. Only 10$L a piece, they come in a variety of colors and are animated when you fly! Or if you are REALLY late and need to go far super fast, you can buy the huge bundle of balloon's for 100$L! My colorful tank top is from one of the custest stores, Sand Shack Surf Co., my jeans are from WRONG and they have become my absolute favs! Of course my adorable lime colored shoes are from the one and only Shiny Things and the necklace is from Artilleri. Skin again is from Lovey's Boutique.

Even tho those are two extremely awesome ways of getting around my SL, I have by FAR found the cutest and most creative item to get me from point A to point B! And I'm doubly excited because I PERSONALLY know the maker :) My friend Jill Caldera has released at her Kidz Korner store, a must need. They are called Wheely's. You know, the shoes with the wheel in the heel! They are custom animated and work just like an AO! You take a few steps and woosh.. you are off skating! Not only are they extremely practical and fun, they look amazing! She has released tons of colors and they come in adult and kid sizes. 250$L a pair and they are transferable! In fact, everything I've blogged about today is! WOOT! Ya for transfer! Anywho, my jumpsuit is from G.L.A.M, skin from Lovey's Boutique and of course, my shoes are from Kidz Korner!

With all of these awesometastic choices, I think I will have no problem finding the fashion goods. And if any of your SLFV readers know a great apartment, one room... maybe even with some padded walls, feel free to let me know. :)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Contest Prizes Update!

Hello darlings, Swirly here! There's now an extra incentive for you to all get those contest entries in before the 18th, because the prize pool has just been greatly increased. Yes, more goodies for you undeserving people! The nice people at Directory 2L are providing 5000 lindens for the first prize winner. That's cash darlings, for you to spend on whatever you want. Just not hookers or gambling, please, that would be tacky. This brings the value of the first prize to over 20000L, and YOU could win it just for being a talentless slacker and filling in a notecard!

Just in case you were wondering darlings, Directory 2L is a directory site that allows Second Life businesses to list their services for free. Businesses are listed under various categories and visitors are able to search for products and teleport to the business directly from the website. All a bit technical for Swirly, but it sounds just perfect for all those times when the Lindens break the in-world search engine and landmarks become a hotly traded commodity! Isn't the interweb just fabulous??

Anyway enough of all that, just get those contest entries in now before Swirly claims all the prizes for herself!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Redgrave Rising

Heya. I'm the new guy, Stephen Bentham. But I want you to call me Stevie B. because it gives me a smug, yet oddly satisfying feeling of quasi-edginess. Or something. Anyways, this post isn't about me, it's about schmexah new shiznat for my heterogametic homies. I know, right? Werd.

In my totallyseriously first evar official Fashion Victim post (ZOMG!), I'm excited to be blogging about arguably the best new place for mens clothing in months: Redgrave Men's and Women's Fashion by Emilia Redgrave. Take it from Stevie B.: start building stuff, start turning tricks (Yes, I am encouraging prostituting yourself for fashion in my first post), do what you have to do, but get yourself some Lindens and head over to Redgrave right freaking now for some of the best freaking threads in all of SL. Are you there yet? Ugh. Get your lame, freebie clothes-wearing ass moving. *Rolls his eyes*. Yeah, I know it's expensive. Turn more tricks.

redgrave leash 2Yours truly in Redgrave Men's and Women's Fashions. Why am I leashed, crawling on the floor as a Neko? Like I said, we're here to talk about the fine clothing here, not about Stevie B.

Redgrave has been open for a couple of weeks now, and has caused quite a stir in the SL Fashion Community. There has been considerable debate over who first discovered the store after it opened. I myself heard about it the day it opened, courtesy of Roslin Petion: Classiest Broad in SL. Full disclaimer: Roslin also happens to be my (adopted) daughter. She's older than me, but hey, it works. Mostly. Sometimes she humps my leg. TMI, I know, I know.

Anyways, Ros and I plotted together to unleash Redgrave upon the SL fashion world. I bought the place out. I interviewed Emilia Redgrave. But in a tragic turn of events bearing an eerie similarity to the plot of a horrific Batman/Nightwing slashfic, Ros and I were defeated by the tag-team of Haver Cole and Kit Maitland. Haver, Kit, I hate both of you. I hope you both have nightmares about Stevie B. and Swirly being publicly intimate whilst wearing Blaze giraffe safari outfits. Haver, I am never, ever paying you to snort Shai's cocaine of your funbags again. EVAR. I'm officially declaring Blog War with both of you. Nobody out-scoops Stevie B. Nobody.

Because I wasn't the first to blog Redgrave, it caused some friction between me and my beloved daughter Roslin. No, not more leg humping. Conflict. Strife. Drama-uh.

[21:43] Roslin Petion: You BASTARD. You totally dropped the ball there. You don't get it. It's discovered. It's over. Passe. You ****ed up. Nice job, DAD.

But being the Classiest Broad in SL, she offered me a single chance at redemption:

[21:50] Roslin Petion rubs her chin
[21:50] Roslin Petion: you might be able to make it up to me *Only* if you manage to entertain me with the drama and mayhem that ensues. Dance for me my little monkey. Dance.

I can only hope that by, among other things in this post, inciting a Blog War and encouraging prostitution for fashion, I can win back the affection of my daughter.

Also, I found out that earliest known discovery of Redgrave (and thus predating even Haver) was by my evil twin, the incomparably metrosexual (ask me for the cowboy neko stripper cake pics) DayDreamer Langway.

So here it is, two weeks late but in all of it's glory, Stevie B.'s coverage of Redgrave.

Soldiers of fashion, TO WAR!

suit_009OC (Black Pearl) from Influence, Messy Pink Sweater and Plain White Pants from Redgrave, Styles (Lace White) from FNKY!

Stephanie Misfit: "Stephen Bentham ponders his lost masculinity."

Yes, I'm wearing a pink sweater, white pants, and white shoes. And liking it. Infer from that what you will. At least my balls aren't showing through in this pic, right Furi? 12 out of 10 on the Ghey Scale, she says. Guh-hey? Nah. Scandalously metrosexual on the likes of fashion-clueless Stevie B.? You bet your sweet, Nyoko's Body Oil-covered virtual ass it is. Rawwwwr.

Hmm...I guess there's a bit o' the ol' coin purse in this one. Eyes on the sweater, pervs. Check out the fine detail. Even the close up photo doesn't really do it justice. Redgrave undoubtedly has some of the best photo-sourced clothing in SL. The prices are quite high (300-450L for most separates), but Emilia puts immense detail and care into them, typically spending 6-8 hours in Photoshop for each piece.

suit_020OC (Black Pearl) from Influence, Black Striped Shirt and Grey Striped Pants from Redgrave, Belou Necklace and Flare Oxfords (Glitter Black) from Shiny Things, Plate Cuffs from FNKY!

One of my favorite outfits pulled together from Redgrave separates. I had to get the striped pants in blue and brown as well.

redgrave_021Desire (Mocha) from Influence, Brown Leather Jacket from Redgrave, Basic Black Jeans from Miau Haus, Belou Necklace from Shiny Things, Desert Avenger Boots from Desert Moon Clothiers, Plate Cuffs from FNKY!

Furiae Blackthorne: "GO AWAY HIPPY!"

The leather jackets are absolutely gorgeous. Priced a bit steep at 800L, but worth it in my opinion. Emilia's pricing is deliberately high to keep her clothing somewhat exclusive. She told me, "I don't want to see everyone wearing my clothes. I want them to remain unique".

suitOC (Black Pearl) from Influence, Black Striped Suit (Open shirt) from Redgrave, Styles (Black Leather) from FNKY!

Redgrave's first suit rivals anything from Blaze, the reigning king of men's formal wear. Also priced at 800L, but absolutely worth it.

redgrave_005Deviance (Black Pearl) from Influence, Black Sweater and Scarf from Redgrave, Brat Camo Pants (Steel) from Last Call, Flare Oxfords (Black) from Shiny Things, Plate Cuff Watch from FNKY!

This black sweater is probably my single favorite Redgrave item thusfar. I wore it to an SL Relay for Life team meeting on the day I purchased it, and people were scrambling over themselves to find out where it came from and see what else was available.

The detail on this sweater is amazing. Again, photos don't do it justice, you have to see it to really appreciate it.

grey sweaterUntamed (Black Pearl) from Influence, Grey Sweater (Short Sleeve with Black Belt), Black Pants, Silver Medallion Necklace and Brown Croco-Leather Shoes, all from Redgrave

Emilia recently introduced shoes and necklaces, along with a new batch of excellent men's separates. The grey sweater seen here comes with short sleeves, long sleeves, and two belt options. The shoes, while not quite rivaling the likes of Shiny Things or FNKY, are very nicely textured, and affordable at only 200L. I found myself purchasing several necklaces (100L) as well.

blue sweaterUntamed (Black Pearl) from Influence, Long Sleeve Baby Blue Sweater, Blue Jeans, Silver Coin Necklace and Black Leather Shoes, all from Redgrave

It's...another classy sweater! This one is available in blue, green, and brown. Goes great with the Redgrave blue jeans and black leather shoes.

cardiganTamed (Black Pearl) from Influence, Green Cardigan and Beige Cargo Pants from Redgrave, Styles (Buckle Brown) from FNKY!, Lumox Octavio plushie from Chicanery

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. Just Stevie looking scandalously metrosexual again in yet another fine sweater...OMG WHAT IS THAT?

purple jacket 2Desire (Raven Sunset) from Influence, Dark Violet Satin Jacket + White Open Shirt from Redgrave, Hawaiian Boxer Briefs (Hibiscus) from Catharsis, Henkei Tattoo 01 from FORM, TK6 Aviator 2 Sunglasses from D2TK, Nyoko's
Body Oil for Men, Silver Dragon Necklace and Black Sandals, also from

OMG. I look...absolutely fantabulosous in the Dark Violet Satin Jacket.

There you have it, Redgrave Men's and Women's Fashion. Go there. Now. And tell Emilia that Stevie B. sent you. She'll laugh about how many Lindens I spent there. It was worth it. Redgrave is, IMHO, the best new source of high-end men's clothing in a long time.

Fashionistas take note: Redgrave has also released a hotly-anticipated new line of clothing for women. ...But the men's stuff on the main floor is so good you'll be tempted to cross dress. Totallyseriously.

Word to your mother,

-Stevie B.