Friday, May 25, 2007

The Eyes Have It Darlings!

As promised, ZsaZsa Withnail has released her fabulous eyelashes at ZsaZsa's House of Beauty. Yes, Swirly knows she has only just featured ZsaZsa's divine creations here on Fashion Victim, but she just HAD to make sure that her readers knew these must have accessories are available right now! There are many more versions available than Swirly could ever be bothered showing you here, but these pictures speak for themselves, now run along and grab them all up darlings!


"Daddy Long Legs" - They're colourable darlings! Worn with ZsaZsa's Deee-Lite Wig

"Black Feathers"

"Space Cadet"

"Stars" - Colourable! Worn with ZsaZsa's fabulous Candy Dreams Wig