Saturday, March 31, 2007

Realistic Boxer Briefs from Reknown by Aitui

Reknown by Aitui brings us these awesome Realistic Boxer Briefs. And realistic they are. These boxers manage to look EXACTLY like.......... boxers! The shading and fabric creases are all carefully detailed, so that you cannot wear these without saying "Yes! These are boxer briefs!" Nice work by Jesseaitui Petion, I know I will be wearing these regularly. Available in 5 different colours at 45L a pair and 200L for the, um, fat pack.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

New from [CIVVIES] - Road Agent Coat

[CIVVIES] has just released the Road Agent Long Coat, available in black and brown for both guys and girls. The coat features weathered textures, great flexi panels, a buckled belt and cuffs, and a collar which partially covers the face. As Posy Trudeau says in her forum post, it's "Perfect for looking mysterious...dangerous...and oh-so-sexy..." Priced at 500L, its shown here with the Patched Worn-In Workboots also from [CIVVIES] and the new Homicidal Demise Jeans from SiniStyle - check out the forum post about them here.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fashion Victim HQ Now Open

Hello dears, Swirly here with FANTASTIC news! The Fashion Victim Headquarters is now open. Well truth be told darlings, it's actually been open for a little while now, but it just completely slipped Swirly's mind to tell you! And of course you know that we don't like to rush things here at Fashion Victim, laziness IS a virtue after all.

Above: Ayami and Stephanie celebrating the opening of the Fashion Victim HQ

The HQ houses the Fashion Victim office, where all the bloggers work hard to bring you sporadic posts of varying quality, if they are not distracted by Swirly tantalising them with her moves on the stripper pole. But darlings, there's so much more than that! Fashion Victim brings you........ designers!!! FABULOUS ones. Hey Joe, Indie Rainbow's Set It Off discount store, Funk-O-Rama, Veschi, HDesign, Lovey's Boutique, Savvy? and Tweet are all at Fashion Victim. And fingers crossed, Lemon and ZsaZsa's House of Beauty will open soon. Two of the stores house new designers; Alla Ruff with some very pretty hand drawn clothes and bright jewelry at Veschi, and our very own trashy little Dakota Buck who actually makes some quite stylish retro clothing at Savvy? Yes, with a question mark. Silly girl.

The Fashion Victim team hope to bring you a HUGE opening party to celebrate the opening of the HQ, and this should occur some time within the next 6 months if things go to plan. In the meantime, do drop by darlings! And don't forget to try the camping while you are there, trust Swirly when she tells you that it is an experience not to be missed.


Prettiest Skins in SL

I was helping a friend adjust his eyebrows when I found it. He'd just bought one of Canimal's Core Skins so naturally enough I had to grab a demo. I was blown away when I tried it on. UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE. After several minutes of staring in awe of my own beauty I TPed in my lovely new wife Stephanie. Steph and I have shared skin tips before and before we bought the Core skins I didn't think we could be more in love with each other. Canimal has proved me wrong.

I've enlisted the help of my love, Stephanie, to model the skins. She was kind enough to stay home from the pub tonight for the purpose... that and she's on a three day ban from our local for last night's run-in.

Fashion Victim cares: Even though I love Stephanie sometimes she can get a little careless when she's drunk. If you find yourself in a similar situation I recommend Flock hair by Launa Fauna. Here I'm wearing it in Ginger Brown. With the bangs swept so classily to the side it becomes easy to hide the swelling that blossoms around your eye.
Stephanie Misfit: Bubby, you know I only hit you when I'm drunk.
Dakota Buck: You're always drunk.

Australia Says No!

Ladies if you're looking for love then this is the skin to look in. Stephanie and I can't keep out eyes, or hands off each other. She surprised me by the bin with a little spontaneous make-out session - that could be you with your bum pressed against the cool plastic of a bin-lid, the allure of these skins are so strong.

The minimalist make-up lets your natural beauty glow through with the too-cool-to-care week old eyeliner smudged around your peepers for that sultry look. Canimal's skins are perfect for the fashion conscious as they feature the thicker - bushy, if you will - eyebrows that are so en vogue right now.

It may seem that I have nothing but high praise for these skins, but in all honesty, there are one or two faults that I really feel need to be addressed. The issues I have with this skin were only revealed when my lovely wife and I made a move to the bedroom. As breath-taking as her body always is, I was a little taken a-back at Steph's "happy trail" - the unsightly line of body-hair beginning at her belly-button and disappearing into the waist-band of her knickers. We also found the muscle definition on the belly to be most peculiar. This almost masculine stomach shading gives no consideration to womanly curves - it even seemed strange on my love's slender frame.

Unfortunately by the time I had gotten over my initial shock and was ready to over-look the skin's faults Steph had passed-out cold and despite my best efforts we were forced to postpone the friskiness until she sobered up.

Get Canimal's Core Skins - it's time to be beautiful, Second Life!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Beauty Essentials by Kriss Lehmann

Hello darlings, Swirly here. And what a treat she has for you today! Swirly is excited to be the first to tell you about an amazing new beauty product developed by renowned Second Life photographer Kriss Lehmann - Bling Bewbs™ Swirly Edition with Everglow™. That's right dears, it's bling for your bosoms! But darlings, this isn't just BLING, this is a complete particle technology beauty enhancement system which includes scripted inspirational quotes from Swirly herself to increase your overall attractiveness AND improve your sense of well-being. Just look at the fabulous photo above of Swirly wearing her Bling Bewbs™ if you need any further proof that this is THE beauty product of 2007.

Bling Bewbs™ features Everglow™ technology, as seen in the Everglow™ Beauty Light which was also developed by Kriss Lehmann. Yes darlings, the Everglow™ Beauty Light is a facial lighting system designed to enhance your natural beauty by giving your face a gentle, youthful glow. Swirly KNOWS there are other facial lighting systems available, but none produce results as dramatic as Everglow™, as the following untouched before and after shots will prove.
The absolutely essential
Bling Bewbs™ Swirly Edition with Everglow™ are available exclusively at Kriss Lehmann Gallery for the ridiculously low price of 10 lindens - Kriss is practically giving them away darlings which is a bit silly of her really given that this is a product most of you would happily pay thousands for. The Everglow Beauty Light is also available along with some lovely photos which were taken by Kriss herself, such a clever girl! And if you have the stomach for it, do explore the rather interesting build while you are there, it's like taking a trip into the bowels of hell. Literally darlings!


Friday, March 23, 2007

Second Dyke - Second Installment

Since I know for a FACT that people liked my first Second Dyke post, here's another, just for those two people. This will also give me a chance to post some pics of the new Paper Couture menswear I promised to blog about ages ago. It's not all menswear featured here today, but still definitely a bimbo free zone. In the next installment, skimpy lingerie and my boobs set to 100.
Colleen Bib Shorts from Savvy? (Opening soon, stay tuned)
Your Girlfriend is a Man T-shirt from LF Fashions
Nightstalker watch from SteinWerk
Leather Plate Wristband from ETD

Spring Ruffle Shirt and Jacket from Paper Couture
Bound Bolo from Last Call
Flare Oxfords in Black from Shiny Things

Stretch T in Faun from Iki
Khaki Shorts with Primsies from Indie

Boho Sandals and Stoned Choker and Bracelet in Citrine from
Shiny Things

European Stripes from
Paper Couture
Bound Bolo from Last Call
Leather Plate Wristband from ETD
Block Party Stitches Street Shoes from Renegade (Limited Edition)

Strict Jeans in Dark from
LF Fashions
Damascus Urbane Jacket in Khaki from
Last Call
Old Boots in Black from
Shiny Things

Hair in all pics is The Long II in Light Brown from the
ETD Couture Range, and skin is Kissed Evening in Medium from Maia

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Skanky Updates

Yay! Poe Tatum has made jeans, and yes, they are truly worthy of the Skanks R Us label. Ripped and worn, shredded and stained, they are perfect for all social occasions. These are available in light and dark denim, with detail shown below. On sale right now.

Not quite released are the Gothic Crossed Earrings and FlashTatum Crossed Collar. These appear to be a collaboration between Poe and her sweetheart sweethate Flasheart (say that real fast) of SweetEdge Jewelry...awwww. Poe says these should be out in a couple of days at Skanks R Us. Usual originality and high quality you would expect in jewelry from this pair, 'nuff said, just buy 'em!

The Most Important Post Ever

My friends, as you know by now I'm Karl Kleiber. Now my extensive education, training, and firsthand experience has given me a unique perspective that few on earth or well, any other planet can match. I'd like to take a few moments now to pass along that perspective to you.I'll begin with some observations on a subject that is both near and dear to my heart, leadership. Many talk of leadership, but what does it mean?
Merriam-Webster Online© defines it as:
Pronunciation: 'lE-d&r-"ship
Function: noun
1 : the office or position of a leader
2: capacity to lead
3 : the act or an instance of leading

Aside from that, leadership is more than just a fancy definition, leadership means dedication and hard work in organizing and planning the mission, a
nd in knowing your personnel. You

have to know their capabilities and wea
knesses, and assign their tasks accordingly, operating your group as a single entity with each member as an organ. Many people say leadership requires vision, such visions should be clear and simple, describe a situation preferred to the present, and look good enough to motivate the troops.
Emphasis is placed upon appealing to an emotional level.

If you'd like to own a coat like mine, I know you do, you can get one at "D3volution!" for only 400L$. It comes complete with several interchangeable parts to put together the coat type best fit for your av, and there are many other types and colours, mens and womens, clean and dirty. pants and shirt not included! -Karl Kleiber

Monday, March 19, 2007

Insolence - Lingerie with Class

Hello darlings, Swirly here. The lovely camilla Yosuke gave Swirly a review pack of her lingerie line "Insolence", and Swirly just HAD to blog it, knowing of course that camilla's future success as a designer depends on her being featured here on Fashion Victim. Insolence lingerie is described in camilla's ads as "fine lingerie for her only", so you can rest easy darlings, hubby won't be borrowing THESE for a spot of secretive cross-dressing.
Shown above is Alice in white. This sophisticated set is perfect for luxuriating in front of an open fire. Swirly did not have an open fire to luxuriate in front of for this shot, so made do with a flaming bag of dog poo in a filthy alley. Swirly's jewelry is the very pretty Angelica Aqua set from 7 Deadly Prims. Unfortunately, it wasn't a gift from a secret admirer.

Here is Clara in Bordeaux. Swirly isn't sure if that is an actual colour but it's very nice anyway. For some reason, Swirly is wearing stockings from LoveLace Lingerie instead of Insolence stockings. The shoes however ARE from Insolence and are called Sarah. They look more like a Kimberley to Swirly but never mind. Swirly is wearing the Cream Hearts and Pearls jewelry from 7 Deadly Prims which features hearts and pearls.

Swirly is wearing Leia in Misty Rose, which almost makes her look naked. When combined with the Danielle Turtle Shell glasses and Sarah shoes in Cornsilk also from Insolence, Swirly looks just like a school teacher!

Nipple alert! The daringly sheer Salome set shown above will have your man drooling at Swirly's feet, which are encased in the softly blinging Pearl Heels in Black Diamond.

Finally, we have a very moody little number called Sulkie. Perfect for those sad nights all alone, consoling yourself with a tub of icecream and a dozen donuts in front of the television, wishing that you could finally find a husband with payment info on file to shower you with money and gifts. Swirly feels your pain darlings, really she does. Swirly is also wearing the Kiss Me Seamed Stockings in black, which actually do come from Insolence.

Oh! The fabulous Polaroid Brushes which were used to create the frames for the photos above were made by somebody called princess-RxY. Swirly thought she better give credit in case she got someone in trouble.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Are you the Face of L'Oreal in Second Life?

Of course you aren't darling, that is a title that rightfully belongs to Swirly! But if you are deluded enough to think you have what it takes to be the face of L'Oreal in Second Life, do check out Celebrity Trollop's post about this fabulous contest at Second Style Fashionista. Swirly can't be bothered going into all the little details here. All the Fashion Victim team are entering this contest, as obviously we are in the best position to show L'Oreal just what it means to be beautiful in SL. Well, one of us is anyway dears.............. Each contestant was asked to submit a full length photo in one of the following themes: formal, classy casual or glamor bikini. Here are some of the entries from the Fashion Victim team.

The first entry is from the fabulous Swirly Cyclone in the "Glamor Bikini" category. It's pure glamor, AND it's a bikini - ladies, we have our winner!

Next we have the usually trashy Dakota Buck looking VERY glamorous in her little red polka dot bikini. Swirly is most impressed with Dakota's makeup, which was done by stylist Menno Ophelia using only L'Oreal products. Nice try Dakota!

Here is a disturbing entry from Lizardbeth Lulu. Swirly only has this to say - Lizardbeth, do you SERIOUSLY think that L'Oreal sell foundation to match that skin tone??

Here is Stephanie Misfit's entry in the "Classy Casual" category. While Swirly is glad to see that at least someone hasn't copied her by wearing a bikini, she can only wonder why Stephanie bothered with this entry? AK-47s, tattoos and mohawks aren't really Swirly's idea of class. But who knows, perhaps the L'Oreal judging panel will be full of hairy, unwashed butch lesbians who will find this look appealing.


Kalico... Kalico... KALICO!!!!!

Hey stupid people, yes it is your Queen of Vagina, Cinnamon here with a review of a lil shop called Kalico Kreations. Now this is a cool grungy store that has all the clothes and accesories your Pearl Jam fan inside of you needs. Mmmm, all those half naked plaid wearing Lilth Fair chicks know what I am talking about. Now you have a place to go!

here is all kinds of stuff here from bags to collars so its a great accessory store to get that little extra flare for your outfit. And we all know you people need as much help as you can, especially to distract everyone from that big zit on your forehead. Sure you say your Hindu now, but we all know the truth. Just pop it already!

KK has a ton of different things that will really make people notice and say "wtf is she wearing and where can I get it?". But we all know what people are saying when they see moi... THEY ALL WANT MY MILKSHAKE! Mmmhmm, here is me with a simple black hoodie with an additional flexi skirt addition, great for sneaking out of the Mayor's daughter's place in the middle of the night. Helmet is good to break your fall just incase you land on you coconut. I love that word... coconut!

I didn't forget to change my clocks the past weekend with my new fancy oldy watch. Sure sucks since I lost a hour of my beauty sleep, god knows Swirly should hibernate to catch up to me. Small but cute, pretty much goes with everything and a little must have.

Now im out to the ball game with my new top that barely covers my massive tits and a super cute BASEBALL BAT WITH A NAIL. Yes, I am ready for the upcoming end of the world where I will have to protect all my ladies from zombies. Only thing better than using a baseball bat to bash the brains of the undead is hitting a homerun on the Red Sox. Booooooo! RED SUX!!!

Next we got this cute set of Emo Shoes... yes they are sooo soo sad. I am
sure they are just craving attention with the black and white stripped look but not sure if it is a cutter. Another helmet to show off my battle worn skills from killing zombies. Had to change my shirt because you have no idea how hard it is to get flesh off your shirt! Thats why I use Tide, yes Tide. For all your laundry needs and great to get those stains out. MMmmm the fresh smell of Tide! Yummy... where is my fuckin' check?

And finally, I may be a huge lipstick lesbian but I love Wii... no not COCK! I mean the Nintendo Wii and now you can get a Wii to strap around your neck. Sounds more kinky than ya think. Hmmm... maybe not a bad idea. I'll have to patent that! Neck strap-ons! Woot! Come by Kalico Kreations for more great stuff like this.

Kalico Kreations

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

~broken~ OPEN at Temenos!

Hay guys! Just a quick note, Zoe from Boneflower has released a BUNCH of new stuffies in the ~broken~ line ( the lucifer outfit is part of the line). It is at Temenos Isle, under the lava. There is some nifty stuff down there, here is just some of what you can buy right now!

Pretty sweet, huh? It JUST opened, so go go go! And today I found out what a soul patch is. It's facial hair, noobs!

Furiae Blackthorne