Friday, March 2, 2007

Colt Designs Rocks the Male Cazh!

Citizen journalist Gauisus here (fergit even trying to pronounce it unless you've had at least two years of Latin class!). My old pal Stephanie promised sexual favors if I would slap together a review of my favorite men's clothing store, Colt Designs, in Ironjaw; so I'm slappin, dontcha know. Ooooooh.

First off, I obviously can't afford to sully my heretofore spotless rep by being connected with this shameless and obviously left-leaning fashionista-wannabe blog, so I'm out on assignment completely disguised. My own mother wouldn't be able to peg me as moi while I'm wearing this clever mask, a freebie from some long-ago-scarfed Camp Linden Goodies box: I'm so devious sometimes I frickin' scare myself. Here's me posed on a Colt Designs posestand. See what I mean?

Yeah, baybeeeeeee. Here's a SLurl to Colt Designs for ye. If the SLurl don't woik, tp yrslf over to Colt Designs, Ironjaw (13, 63, 84). Before taking off for my photo shoot at a few of my fave places inworld, I jumped into my Colt Designs Hotness Clothes Set, featuring a Silver Chubb Chain with Bling, Raven Shades Silver Frame sunglasses, a fake but convincingly Fake Rolex Watch, and a crisply rendered Torso Tattoo Set. Had to take off the included shades as they were just too much with the Groucho glasses over 'em, but you'll see 'em at the end. The Beige camo pants are as you see very nicely textured, probably from Colt's own RW clothes rack. This guy must have some closet at home. And shoes! He sells some of the best casual shoes inworld. Just look on the wall behind me!

I tp'd to the NASA-inspired International Spaceflight Museum dressed in another outfit of casual clothes. Though Colt does have some nice dressy stuff, his shoppe is really and truly my "go-to" one-stop-shop for casual wear. I don't like to wear a tie in RL; why should I sport one here?! Here' I'm (literally) hangin' out in front of the International Spaceflight Museum Spaceport Alpha, Spaceport Alpha (47, 82, 24) in my favorite skater-look garb, a Toy Machine Tee and ES PJ LADD Skate Shoes with my pair of Colt Black Fresh Pants, the ones a certain someone tells me are almost too sexy to bear--must be the loose laces up the thigh :)

One thing I like to do, almost as much as sail, is to snowboard. I happened upon ?? purely by accident, the way so many of my favorite things have happened inworld. There are so many cooooooold places here, snow falling all over the place, that I felt I needed a warm jacket. Those tatts just don't keep ya wawwam, you know. So where did I shop? Colt Designs, silly. And wearin' my ripped jeans since i don't have propah ski clothes. At Kanin Kanin Chairlift Top, Kanin (153, 138, 263) you pick up a board at the bottom of the lift and when you first rezz it it gives you boots. You wear the boots and ride the board and voila, yr' snowboarding...

(2nd) Life is Grand.

Next I visited Hardangerfjiord to hang out at my own modest little build, the Meditation Grotto Gauisus Meditation Grotto, Hardangerfjord (113, 18, 34). Always aware that the best publicity is good publicity, I struck a sexy lounging pose beside the grotto’s bathing pool, allowing the 7 chakra meditation spheres to rotate slowly above me. Wearing my Colt Mic Check Tee and Colt Dark Ripped Jeans along with those favorite ES Skate shows, I was completely comfortable.

I skoooted on over to the rental Paradise Blankie that the fine folks at KamRain Residences have put in place for their visitors Gauisus Paradise Blankie , Hardangerfjord (216, 147, 89), and I was hoping a pretty friend might stop by to join in for a half hour rental at the immensely affordable price of 100L per. I even ditched Mister Grouchonose just in case. No honey showed up, despite my pensive, pouting, imploring gaze whilst sitting on the blankie’s carton of wine and beer, decked out again in my Colt Hotness Clothes with camo pants, Torso Tattoo, blingie galore, and surprisingly lifelike Fake Rolex watch. Woo Woot!!!!!

Knowing that by now Swirly’ll be getting impatient to have this little foray over with, congenitally unable as she is to read more than 500 words without a bon-bon break (luv you, baybee!), I popped over for my last stop, my little shop, “Gauisus FineFantasyFurniture and more…” GauisusFFF, Hardangerfjord (149, 142, 81) In this pic you can get the full whammy that the Colt Hotness Clothes set makes, including the lovely Torso Tattoo set. And the kitty cousins Snuggles and Sweetie just wanted to be closer, but like many felines, they can't fly, ya'll. You can visit them there if you like kitties: They like pretty much everyone!

Head on over to Colt Designs Ironjaw (13, 63, 84) and shop around to your hearts’ delight. Colt Spearman, the owner, has a new store under construction and when it's up and running at speed I'm sure I can somehow bribe Stephanie to give it a plug (Maybe by giving her back the IOU for those aforementioned favors!). By the way, I own everything I model today. Paid for it with me own hard earned Lindens: Me, I’m congenitally unable to work a system for free goodies. Or money, for that matter. Is why Steph loves me. LOL, ROFL, and CU L8R, Jellybeanz!