Monday, March 19, 2007

Insolence - Lingerie with Class

Hello darlings, Swirly here. The lovely camilla Yosuke gave Swirly a review pack of her lingerie line "Insolence", and Swirly just HAD to blog it, knowing of course that camilla's future success as a designer depends on her being featured here on Fashion Victim. Insolence lingerie is described in camilla's ads as "fine lingerie for her only", so you can rest easy darlings, hubby won't be borrowing THESE for a spot of secretive cross-dressing.
Shown above is Alice in white. This sophisticated set is perfect for luxuriating in front of an open fire. Swirly did not have an open fire to luxuriate in front of for this shot, so made do with a flaming bag of dog poo in a filthy alley. Swirly's jewelry is the very pretty Angelica Aqua set from 7 Deadly Prims. Unfortunately, it wasn't a gift from a secret admirer.

Here is Clara in Bordeaux. Swirly isn't sure if that is an actual colour but it's very nice anyway. For some reason, Swirly is wearing stockings from LoveLace Lingerie instead of Insolence stockings. The shoes however ARE from Insolence and are called Sarah. They look more like a Kimberley to Swirly but never mind. Swirly is wearing the Cream Hearts and Pearls jewelry from 7 Deadly Prims which features hearts and pearls.

Swirly is wearing Leia in Misty Rose, which almost makes her look naked. When combined with the Danielle Turtle Shell glasses and Sarah shoes in Cornsilk also from Insolence, Swirly looks just like a school teacher!

Nipple alert! The daringly sheer Salome set shown above will have your man drooling at Swirly's feet, which are encased in the softly blinging Pearl Heels in Black Diamond.

Finally, we have a very moody little number called Sulkie. Perfect for those sad nights all alone, consoling yourself with a tub of icecream and a dozen donuts in front of the television, wishing that you could finally find a husband with payment info on file to shower you with money and gifts. Swirly feels your pain darlings, really she does. Swirly is also wearing the Kiss Me Seamed Stockings in black, which actually do come from Insolence.

Oh! The fabulous Polaroid Brushes which were used to create the frames for the photos above were made by somebody called princess-RxY. Swirly thought she better give credit in case she got someone in trouble.