Monday, March 5, 2007

Crazi in Love with Canimal!

Howdy whores, it's me Cinna to da Min here with a peek at da new shit from the lovely Canimal. Grrrrrowl ;) Now thats a woman for moi! I mean she is so hawt and she makes clothes and shit. What can a girl ask for more of? I mean tits and clothes. Seems like a jackpot! Canimal continues to be one of the gold standards of SL designing meaning she makes some nice stuff that makes my ass look great.

Canimal asked me to show off some of her latest creations so first up is Absinthe. Purfect for that semi goth girl on the go. Pure and simple lil black number that is great for tatted girls. Mmmm, tat girls are hawt and always wanna show some skin. It also shows off some breast too with a simple black bra. A nice skulled texture flexi skirt matches Canimal's skull arm warmers. Match it up with a couple cool accessories to complete your look. Now your ready to go out and seduce a popular fashion designer or two!

The next thing that I was lucky to wear was Canimal's Elka sweater outfit. Oh is this funky hawt and warm, just like being smuthered by Canimal's breast. Comes in a few different colors to match your mood, almost a standard with most of Cannie's items. A great little item for when you wanna feel a little warm in the winter. Ya know instead of cuddling with some confused straight girl. She may be confused after I am done with her... but lets just say she ain't that straight when she has had a taste of Cinnamon. ;)

Next amazing outfit up is Fallen, a very cute but sexy flexi dress. While not as slutty as some of the other things I love to wear, I happen to still make it very sexy. Most of the colors are darker earth tones which is just wonderful if you plan on getting down and dirty with a designer you admire aka wanna rip her clothes off. The flexi works wonderful and will have everyone's girlfriend turning their heads to catch a glimpse of you. It really shows off the variety that Canimal offers. From punk'd out to subdued to just fuckin' sexy! She does it all... man she is something special.
Just as I was saying how the boobtastic Canimal goes from one extreme to the other, we have the Lulu Sugerpie. A totally great gothy outfit for you to sink your teeth into those hawt vamp chicks. Nothing seems to draw them in other than wearing red and black. Don't know whats with that, maybe they are just HUGE White Stripes fans!!! This great little number is flexi as well and includes a sash. Yes! A Sash, I mean since when have you seen one of those and now its exclusivly in this outfit. Now I wouldn't mind crawling into bed with Miss Canimal and turning her into a creature of the night... morning... well just time. Lets just say that "brunch" has a totally different meaning to moi.

Finally we have something that seems totally retro and fun with Neon Ballerina. I mean if the name alone doesn't put the thought of dozens of gogo girls prancing around doing splits, I don't know what does. Coming in a number of colors to match your mood, this c00t party dress is flexi too. With all the colors and style it is great for adding a ton of accessories from bracelets, boots, purses or whatever you manage to get for sexual favors. Hmmm... imagine all the pretty things I can get if I bring a smile to Canimal's face?

I think I should just confess something and as you
would say... come out of the closet. I LOVE CANIMAL!!! Yes dear, its true. Now I am using this fashion blog viewed by random people scattered through out Second Life so that thousands know how I feel. Canimal, you mean so much to me. With each new clothing release my heart goes pitter patter. You complete me. You also empty out my bank account. So I am hoping you like ta share! Canimal... will you marry me? Pwwwlease? Hey, I figured it was worth the shot!