Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Freedom & Fashionably Dead

So it seems my beloved husband is off away on a "work-related business trip." So for the next three days, I have the entire house all to myself! I was very excited and decided to take this alone time to clean the house of course. What else would I do? I'm not Cinnamon Coffee! I wouldn't go watch dyke porn and pleasure myself with a corn on the cob. I am a loving and respetable wife and the only thing enterning my sacredness is the love stick belonging to my hubby wubby or the mail man.

Anyways, after hours of cleaning, I soon realized it was almost time to cook dinner, but....then it hit me! That good for nothing bastard ( aka the hubby wubby ) was away! I didn't have to make any pot roast tonight or for the next two nights! So I did the only logical thing I could do...I went to the bank, withdrew tons of my Bing's linden, and went shopping!

The store I decided to waste all Bing's linden at was Fashionably Dead at Tableau! That store is just fantastic and far from fugtastic. Great, and hip maternity wear for all you knocked up hookers. So I wasted quite a few of Bing's Linden on clothes there. I hope he doesn't beat me AGAIN like last time he found out I wasted all his linden on clothes I'll just wear once. Well, it's time I let a little Cinnamon into my life. Night folks. ;]