Saturday, March 10, 2007

Talisman Designs - Fabulously Flexi!

Hello darlings, Swirly here! Flexi prims are second only to bling as the most crucial development in Second Life fashion history. While Swirly would rather not see too much flex in hair (what ever happened to hairspray darlings?) she just can't get enough of it in her dresses!

Swirly was rolling around on the floor after one too many cocktails at one of Lilibeth Andree's soirées, when she noticed
an overly thin but otherwise attractive woman wearing the most beautiful dress she had ever seen. Of course, Swirly just had to make it her own so she dropped into Talisman Designs and was fortunate enough to meet the designer, Hazel Kyrgyz. No dears, Swirly can't pronounce it either.

Talisman Designs is home of the 50L flexi dress, that's right darlings, everything is 50L! But these aren't just any old flexi dresses, these are flexi dresses with extra floof! Swirly's knowledge of boring, technical building terms is somewhat limited, so she asked Hazel exactly what this extra floof is. Hazel responded that "the dress basically eats you". Well dears, Swirly doesn't know about THAT, but she does know that when she wore one of these dresses to ETD it did try to eat several customers standing nearby. Darlings, this is flex that just doesn't stop. As well as being fabulously super flexi when you move, these dresses continue to flex even when you are standing still! And what better way to draw attention to yourself in a crowd?

Swirly has chosen to model
the more brightly coloured dresses for you here today but there are some more subtle styles for the boring amongst you. Go visit Talisman Designs now darlings, and pick up one or more of these fabulous 50L dresses! Just not the ones Swirly is modelling, please. That would be blatant copying.