Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fabulous New Prosthetic Feet from Stiletto Moody!

Hello darlings, Swirly here! Did you know that Stiletto Moody was the FIRST person to introduce sculptie shoes to Second Life? Swirly didn't, and thought it was someone else entirely, until Stiletto herself set the record straight on that. Phew!

Now onto the review. Swirly was VERY excited about this new release from Stiletto that has not only been hailed as the greatest advancement in technology to ever hit the SL grid, but is also very reminiscent of Swirly's all time favourite television show!

Ahh Dexter! Luckily for those who have suffered similar fates to that pictured above, Stiletto Moody has come to the rescue with a range of divine prosthetic feet that even include shoes! Fortunately, Swirly has never suffered a mishap that has resulted in the loss of a precious foot, but she still couldn't resist purchasing one of these prosthetics for herself. Just look at them darlings!

These marvelous replacement feet and shoes look even better close up. Now bear in mind that you will need to adjust them yourself, but thanks to the technologically advanced menu system, it shouldn't take you more than a few hours to get a close approximation of your skin tone. After seven hours of blood, sweat and tears , Swirly decided that close enough was good enough. And here is the result, fabulous wouldn't you agree darlings?

Swirly noticed a slight gap at the ankle but has been assured that this is just an "invisiprim" issue and is nothing to worry about, her foot hasn't actually been severed. It's certainly not something that would put you off paying 1899L for a pair of these!

Swirly's favourite part of these fabulous feet is the succulent toes, such delicate little sausages. Swirly isn't sure if they are edible but will be sure to find out later when she procures the appropriate condiments. They certainly look tasty from here!

All in all, Swirly would have to agree that these new prosthetics are THE greatest thing to hit the SL grid, if not the world. As with all Stiletto Moody releases, they include bling AND that fabulous horse clomping sound to really set you apart from the crowd. Swirly highly recommends that you buy them, even if you aren't an amputee.



Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Public Service Announcement from Swirly

Hello darlings, Swirly here! Complaints have been received about some of Swirly's old posts dominating the various feeds. Swirly really wishes she could take responsibility for this but alas, this is only a Blogger glitch that is causing feeds to pick up numerous old posts from blogs hosted on Blogspot. The more intelligent amongst you may have observed that unfortunately this has happened with a number of lesser blogs, not just Swirly's.

So what is the solution to this dreadful problem? How can it be fixed so that Swirly's old posts dominate the feeds every single day, allowing you to enjoy a 100% Swirly fashion feed 24 / 7? Swirly is pleased to announce that she is currently in negotiations with Carissa Crimson to ensure that the Fashion Feed of SL only contains posts by Swirly. All blogs other than Fashion Victim will be removed from that feed in the near future. This will ensure that readers are only exposed to quality content i.e. beautiful pictures of Swirly. Negotiations will also occur with Tao to ensure that the Fashion World of SL feed is 100% Swirly. Swirly knows that you will all be very excited about these major changes to your favourite feeds, and looks forward to her continuing domination of the SL fashion scene.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Swirly Introduces New "Pay Per Post" Review System at Fashion Victim

Hello darlings, Swirly here! Swirly is thrilled to announce the arrival of a new review system here at Fashion Victim - "Pay Per Post". Designed to meet the needs of discerning designers, "Pay Per Post" allows you to purchase Swirly's valuable time and talent to promote YOUR mediocre little store. Just check out Swirly's competitive rates and unparalleled service options and contact Swirly to purchase a quality, unbiased review of your store.

Base rate - 10 000L. Because Swirly won't get out of bed for less darlings ;)

You can then choose from the following affordable options for your review -

Negative review with unflattering pictures of your items - 5000L
Fawning review with pictures of Swirly looking stunning in your things - 10 000L
Name of designer and store spelled correctly - 5000L
SLURL to your store - 5000L
Timely review (within 1 month of request) - 25 000L
Nudity - 75 000L

All the big names are already signing up for this fabulous deal, so don't delay! Contact Swirly NOW to arrange your very own "Pay Per Post" review!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fabulous Fabulous Hair!

Hello darlings, Swirly here! Swirly has found THE most fabulous hair, and simply had to share it with you all.

Look at that thick, lush, luxurious mop of hair! Isn't it simply marvelous? Swirly knows you can't tear your eyes away darlings. Zoom in for a closer look, you know you want to!

Model Hair 01 by ::69::
Hummingbird Sparkle & Fade Tank by Boing Fromage
Peek-A-Boo Undies by SD Wears (previous Starlust Motel hunt gift)
Defiantly 01 Colorful Skin by Minajunk


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Swirly Babysits

Hello darlings, Swirly here! Swirly was contacted by Posy Trudeau, who was desperately seeking a babysitter for her 8 illegitimate children. Swirly was only too happy to oblige, for a handsome payment of course :) Because Posy has had so many unwanted children out of wedlock, she is offering YOU the chance to adopt them. Just drop by *Love Child* Adoptions and pick up a baby or two of your own darlings. Babies are THE accessory of the moment, just ask Angelina!

Attending to baby's physical and emotional needs is of prime importance. Here is Swirly sharing a tender moment with White Kitten Baby whilst roasting over a blazing fire.

*Love Child* babies are so versatile, you can hold them or watch their big blinking eyes lovingly as they sit or sleep. Swirly has chosen to throw little Emo Baby for this picture.

Development of social skills is crucial for young babies. As an experienced babysitter, Swirly is only too aware of this. Here she is at a drunken party with several *Love Child* babies.

There's nothing like a little physical activity to help baby grow up big and strong. Panda Bear baby couldn't agree more!

The Fashion Darlings:

Picture 1 -

:bijou: - FoxySweatsuit[yellow]
:bijou: - Hair [Cindy]/Creamyblond
Maitreya - Slinky Stilettos - Lime Green
plus - *Plastic Earrings* Green
Detour - Widow Lashes
minajunk - Defiantly01 Colorful Skin
Lunardia Eyes - Lunardia Grey

Picture 2 -

:bijou: - Linda [green set]
Storm Schmooz Shoes - Rubba 1
Truth - Shirley 2 Hair - Barley (yes darlings, it's a bogan mullet!)
Curious Kitties - Cats Eye Beads Pink
+plus - *Plastic Earrings* Red
Detour - Widow Lashes
minajunk - Exotic Red skin

Picture 3 -

:bijou: - Focus[scull]
Juicy - Classic Pump - Green Pea
Pudge - The Birthday Girl Hair (Barbie Blonde)
+plus - *Plastic Earrings* Green
minajunk - Exotic Yellow Skin

Picture 4 -
:bijou: - Sniper [Orange]
Maitreya - ChiChi Pumps - Orange
Crimson + Clover - The Baby Construct Hair - Dirty
Detour - Widow Lashes
minajunk - Exotic Yellow Skin

Monday, August 11, 2008

It's Coming

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Swirly Does Cyber

Hello darlings, Swirly here. Swirly has been in SL for two years now and is ashamed to admit that in all that time she has never cybered! Seereina Geiger from MekaNoiZe Labs has changed Swirly's ways with her fabulous range of futuristic clothing that is just perfect for you cybering types. Swirly can honestly say that with clothes as fabulous as these, she'll be cybering non stop from now on!

Swirly looks fabulous in MekaNoiZe Labs Invader in Silver, as she holds Stephanie Misfit's still- beating heart in her hand. Stephanie is wearing MekaNoiZe Labs Monokrom in Black, which is a very nice outfit that would look much better on Swirly.

If you purchase the Invader outfit, you also get the fabulous Invader Cyberlox Hair that Swirly is wearing here! And a pair of goggles! Swirly isn't wearing those though, she wanted you all to be able to see her pretty eyes.

MekaNoiZe Labs also makes frocks! Swirly would model the De/konstrukt Ghost corset and skirt for you if she had it, but she doesn't, so you'll just have to make do with Stephanie Misfit. The skirt is made from sculpties AND it glows! Since when did things start glowing in Second Life darlings?

All of these outfits are available in black and silver, and Swirly is hopeful that pink will be available soon. If you are feeling miserly, there is also the option to buy pieces from each outfit separately. Swirly was feeling particularly miserly and didn't buy anything at all, her outfit was a rez day gift from Seereina :) Speaking of rez day gifts, it's not too late to send one to Swirly darlings!

Swirly is also wearing WRONG's Buckle Boots and LF Chai's Midnight Skin in Ginger. Stephanie is wearing Philotic Energy's Shelby Hair in Black, Goth Mutation Boots from Skanks R Us, and Gala Phoenix's Classic Perse Skin.

The poses are from the Payne and Despair Couples Set by 5ifth Order, just perfect for cybering darlings!


Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Very Important Announcement Darlings

Hello darlings, Swirly here with very important news! Today is Swirly's second Rez Day, and you all know what that means - lots and lots of gifts for Swirly from her adoring fans! Send them now darlings, Swirly accepts both inventory offers of fabulous presents and gifts of linden dollars, she really isn't fussy. Swirly has you all unmuted ready for the onslaught of gifts :)

In less important news, dear little Saeya Nyanda of Kyoot Army fame has finally got up off her skinny backside and released new clothes. Swirly will reserve her praise for this release, as quite frankly it has been far too long coming, and Swirly doesn't like to reward such laziness. Here are some lovely pictures of Swirly wearing these long overdue outfits.

Kyoot's Electro Ballet can be worn as a dress or a body suit. Can you guess which Swirly is wearing?

Electro Ballet comes with lots of layer options. Here, Swirly has chosen to wear as few layers as possible to draw attention to her bosoms. Swirly is wearing the brand new Color Changing Oracle Sunglasses from Tesla. They are scripted to do many things - unfortunately, orbiting stalkers is not one of them. Also from Tesla are these fabulous Athena Open Toe Stiletto Boots. Swirly just loves the magical resize script that makes them fit perfectly!

Kyoot's New Money Dress and Hat can be worn many different ways. Here, Swirly has just clicked "add to outfit".

Swirly is also wearing the Crushed skin in Nutmeg from Chai Skins. Jewelry is from Viva la Glam and Junk, and hair is by Truth and Armidi. The unfortunate cow is from Sculptie Paradise.

Now send those presents to Swirly darlings!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thank God for Maternity Wear

While you're all busy photoshopping your pictures just to be praised on flickr, and pretending to be afk working hard on your latest AMAZING designs (We all know you're cybering, stop pretending that you and your dildo aren't BFF.), something tragic has happened! I have become knocked up again with yet another burden. Last time I was knocked up the heavens heard my prayers and made the abortion a success. Now, it may be a little too late to abort the burden, but I know plenty of cannibals (Swirly Cyclone) who are more than willing to rid me of such awful things; a baby and responsibility! Now in order to forget all my worries, I decided retail therapy would do the job. The only place I could think of was Artilleri because it's my favorite maternity wear store, ever! Antonia is good to us knocked up hookers.
A cute yellow shirt exposing those knockers and an easy access skirt for grown up time on the go.
The skirt is yellow like a banana. I love bananas! Especially when my close friends are borrowing my dildo or husband. :D
Oh, this is just a treat for all you married men out there not getting any satisfaction from your ugly wives. IM me and we'll discuss rates. ;)

Clothes: artilleri
Earrings: KCD
Hair: Armidi

Monday, April 14, 2008

Swirly - The Stalker's Guide

Hello darlings, Swirly here! A spate of disturbing incidents involving Julliette Westerburg aka Juju Armidi has prompted Swirly to raise the important issue of stalking. A high profile fashionista of Swirly's calibre can expect to encounter many stalkers, and Swirly has certainly had more than her fair share. You know how it is darlings, the adoring notecards they send, the visits to your private home to take photos of themselves in your garden, the instant messages declaring undying love. The mobs of obsessed fans converging upon you while you shop. These disturbed individuals will stop at nothing to be close to you, to gain just a brief moment of your time and attention. Yes my dears, you all know how it is.

There are good stalkers, and there are bad stalkers darlings. Julliette Westerburg falls firmly into the latter category. The relationship between stalker and stalkee can be mutually beneficial if the stalker is able to understand the needs of her prey. Yes, Swirly is talking about gifts. This is something that adoring fangirl Julliette has failed to recognise. Swirly has a heart of stone, cold black stone. Do you really think that fawning notecards and uninvited TPs can penetrate that cold chamber my dear? Do you seriously think that photos like THIS one, disturbingly named "Hunting you down, my love" will win Swirly's heart?

And upon receiving a restraining order from Swirly's lawyer, do you really think that getting Marcelle DeCuir (probably also a stalker) to send obsessive notecards and photos on your behalf will help? Especially when the restraining order clearly states that contact is only to be made via gifts of value, preferably the entire inventory of Tres Blah and Armidi? How many sledgehammer-subtle hints must Swirly give you before you send her GIFTS??

Fortunately, there are stalkers who understand Swirly. Well, one stalker actually darlings. Swirly is of course referring to Saeya Nyanda, an obsessed fan who has turned stalking Swirly into something of an art form. Saeya has worked tirelessly to win Swirly over, to the extent that Swirly now almost tolerates the girl. Swirly would even go so far to say that she sometimes misses Saeya, when it has been some time since she sent Swirly a gift that is. So for Julliette, and others contemplating stalking Swirly, here is a best practice guide based on stalking methods used by Saeya.

1) Send Swirly everything you make. EVERYTHING. You know she loves gifts.

2) Name your releases after Swirly. Swirly isn't purely a materialistic creature, never underestimate the power of appealing to her vanity.

3) Create custom recolours of your work for Swirly. No, don't wait for her to ask you to make a particular outfit in pink. Anticipate that she NEEDS it, and send it her way immediately.

4) Build a lavish shrine to Swirly on your popular sim. Decorate it to Swirly's tastes, not your own, and fill it with all the Swirly memorabilia you have tirelessly collected during the course of your obsession with her. Create fake photos of Swirly standing with Elvis and The Beatles, Photoshop her into album covers and movie posters. Add a disco ball and music for ambiance, and ensure that the bodies of Swirly's dead husbands are all buried nearby. Nothing will appeal to Swirly's ego more than an elaborate shrine my darlings, so never underestimate its power.

Swirly wearing the Swirly Cyclone Dress from Kyoot Army at the Swirly Shrine in Silent.

Obviously, many many people have named their releases after Swirly, and still more religiously send her gifts, even custom ones. But how many people have created extravagant shrines and anticipated Swirly's needs so completely? This is why Saeya Nyanda will always be Swirly's number one stalker, and there is no-one else who could match her disturbingly obsessive devotion.

Swirly heard through the grapevine that Saeya spent some time with Julliette to offer her tips on appropriate stalking. Of course, this came with grave warnings that Saeya will always be number one, and that any attempts to remove her from that position would come with dire consequences. Now that, my darlings, is true devotion.

Julliette, do heed this advice. Swirly is so looking forward to seeing a Swirly shrine on the Armidi sim dear, and an entire store at Armidi with items named after her.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Skintight is Alright Darlings

Hello darlings, Swirly here, with a special photo feature focusing on skintight fashions. Swirly does love a nice figure hugging outfit, and she certainly has the figure to carry it off. Swirly has noticed that there are way too many overly thin girls on the fashion feed who encase their skeletal frames with tight clothing, and it simply isn't right! Yes, Swirly means YOU Sofia, Mariya, Marni, Milla and........ the rest of you too. Get some meat on those emaciated bones because only a real woman can carry off looks like these darlings. Swirly will show you how it's done :)

Denim Cotton Jumpsuit [Pink] from Armidi
Oxford Leather Ankle Boot [Light Pink] from Armidi
Flamingo Earrings from artilleri
Edge Lashes from Detour
Natalia Hair in Dark Blonde - Light from TRUTH
Emma Skin Tan - Glamour Makeup Smoky from Redgrave

Gillian Pantsuit in Plum from MG Fashion
Slinky Stilettos - Fuchsia from Maitreya
Big Frame Sunglasses - Black/Purple from Nylon Outfitters
Natalia Hair in Dark Blonde - Light from TRUTH
Emma Skin Tan - Glamour Smoky from Redgrave

Axel in Gold from :bijou:
Tie Me Up (Black on Gold) Shoes from Stiletto Moody
Bashment Earrings Round Hoops from turnstyle
Pineapple Hair in Blonde from JUNWAVE
Edge Lashes from Detour
Emma Skin Tan - Glamour Gold from Redgrave

Blouse from Britney Set by Last Call
Free Hickory Pants (Low) from Mirrors
Snake Vixens - Skin 2 from TESLA
Annyka Hair - Light Blonde from Aden
Emma Skin Tan - Nitemakeup Smoky from Redgrave

Glamorous TDress from GiGi Couture
Stocking C - Gold from :bijou:
Roughup Hair in Blonde from JUNWAVE
Shiny Vixens - Gold Spirit from TESLA
Edge Lashes from Detour
Emma Skin Tan - Glamour Gold from Redgrave


Content Theft - A few thoughts on "raids" and protests

I've noted with concern some blog posts and in-world notices encouraging protests at stores that are distributing stolen content. While obviously well intentioned, I don't believe this kind of action is a valid first step in responding to content theft. Take a moment to read Sioxie Legend's perspective on this, and information about other ways you can help.

Please, if you find stolen content, contact the affected designers first, and give them a chance to file a DMCA. Alerting the content thief first by organising large scale protests at their store gives the thief a chance to move their store or start selling the stolen content under an alt, making it harder for the designers to track them down and take action.

While content theft justifiably creates a feeling of outrage within the community, ultimately it is the designers who are most affected. Please let them decide the appropriate course of action in response to the theft of their work.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Illusions - Fabulous Sculptie Hair!

Hello darlings, Swirly here! The delightful Siyu Suen of Illusions recently released the most fabulous sculptie hair and Swirly just had to show it to you. It is much, much better than anything made by lying scumbag Truth Hawks darlings.

Illusions hair features incredible scripted colour changing technology. Now you won't find anything like THAT at Truth dears. Each style is available in a variety of colour groups - Naturals, Jewels, Pastels, Crazies and Black Tips and White Tips. And when you click on the hair, you get even MORE colours to choose from! There are so many colours, Swirly completely broke her brain trying to count them all, and had to stop after reaching five.

Some of this hair could well be the tallest in SL! It's certainly almost as tall as Swirly, which is quite a feat. And Siyu hasn't just released hair for your heads darlings, she has also released some for your face. That's right, fabulous moustaches! Trust Swirly when she says that every girl needs at least one of these in her inventory for those special occasions. The moustaches are also colour changing. But even if they weren't, you wouldn't be able to find anything like these at Truth darlings.

The Bowl in Naturals - Platinum from Illusions
The Fawkes Stache in Naturals - Platinum from Illusions
Sable Short Dress Set in Green by Nicky Ree
Klee Dot Lashes from Detour
Deviant Skin from Wax Poetic

The Heart in Black Tippeds - Amethyst from Illusions
The Handlebar Stache in Naturals - Black from Illusions
"Rose Zircon" Spotted Rainbowa from caLLie cLine
Purple Paillette Earrings from Paper Couture
Spider Lashes from Detour
Funky Tan Skin in Purple and Peach from Fashionably Dead

The Swirly Cyclone in Crazies - Orange from Illusions
The Snidely Stache in Naturals - Black from Illusions
Frills Shirt in Orange from Royal Blue
Sequin Earrings in Orange from JUNK
Thorn Lashes from Detour
Fall Light Skin - Art Class from [miw]

There is more fabulous hair in store darlings, but what's the point of continuing this post now that you have all rushed off to buy The Swirly Cyclone hair? Just remember darlings, don't buy your hair from Truth.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Curio What?

Hello darlings, Swirly here. Yes, it has been far too long, but Swirly has had much more fabulous things to do than share style tips with her adoring fans. Live with it.

The marvelous Siyu Suen of Illusions fame told Swirly some time ago that she simply must visit Curio Obscura as they have the BIGGEST hats in Second Life. Of course, with Swirly off doing so many important and fabulous things, it took her quite some time to heed Siyu's advice. Swirly had the opportunity to chat ever so briefly with the designer behind Curio Obscura, a delightful young lady by the name of Pandora Wrigglesworth, who has a rather odd obsession with clocks and witches. As Swirly spoke with Pandora only long enough to procure some fabulous gifts, she really can't tell you much more about the dear girl. But that hardly matters, as this post is about Swirly.

Curio Obscura's Sausage Curls Galore hair is a delightfully bouncy, flexi style that magically changes colour when you touch it. Swirly is wearing it with the Mini Hat with Rose in Rose Pink, which clearly is not the biggest hat in Second Life, but is still rather marvelous.

This is the Clockwork Edwardian Dress and Hat in Pink. Believe it or not, the hat is included with the dress darlings! And what a hat it is, Swirly had to zoom right out with the camera thingy to be able to fit it in the photo. The dress is rather fabulous too, with puffy sleeves and a huge bustle that draws attention to Swirly's bottom beautifully. You can stop staring now dears. The dress is also available in Black, Blue, Copper, Red, Silver and White.

Now believe Swirly when she tells you, The Clockwork Brain is THE next big thing in high fashion. Forget Cachet, forget Paper Couture (well, actually don't forget PC darlings), you NEED a brain. Swirly found it quite a relief to not have to think for herself, as this marvelous moving, smoking clockwork brain took over all of the work for her. Swirly is actually naked in the picture above, yes, NAKED as the day she was born. The Clockwork Automaton Lady skin (shown here in pink of course darlings) saves you the bother of choosing clothes in the morning, as you don't actually look naked when you wear it. How clever!

Another fabulously huge hat at Curio Obscura is The Witchonista Hat. Swirly is wearing it in black but like all of the hats from Curio Obscura, it comes in a range of other delightful colours, including pink! Swirly is wearing it with the Frills Shirt in Sky White from Royal Blue, which has the most delightful collar.

There are many more treasures to be found at Curio Obscura, far more than Swirly could ever be bothered to show you in a blog post. Do drop by if you like clocks and witches darlings!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Porn to Chill.

Ahoy hoy!

Today we are staring at Bens' Porn to Chill army helmet. Nicely sculpted with some great detailing, ace of spades card, chewing gum, unfiltered cigs (ja, that's right..unfiltered) and bullets and let's not forget to mention it's battered to shit. Ladies, be prepared to mod a wig for this one. It's fun! I am also wearing his Army Star T shirt which for some strange reason he is hesitant to sell. (Ben, just sell the shirt). It's a bit hidden with the blood layers, but hey. Also by Ben is this really great Army Belt, which he sells with a pretty kickass backpack. Come check 'em out at the Works.

Also worn here are my really great military dog tags (with ballpeen chain!) from the Virus Co. My hand wraps, mud/blood layers and CamoJeans are from Homicide Designs. Wraps and layers being a part of my every day attire, as are my tags. Makes me so happy.

Welly well well! Sergei from Clobber has crawled out from underneath his virtual rock known as World of Warcraft to create this Commando Jumper (with armpatches). Unfortunately the rest of you will have to wait for yours, because Serg's video card took a major shit and now he has no Warcraft and no Photoshop to finish his ad. So, within a few days this will be available. My pants are his Vietnam Burnt Cammo Trousers. (Those you can get now, heh.)

A bunch of us headed over to the Kowloon sim to pick up the famous panda ride from their flea market. It's a beautifully constructed sim with so many places to explore, with some really great stuff for modest prices. (Not pictured my chef's hat.) While we were there, the second shop from the left as you enter sells some really great avatars. We all purchased the avatar here, the kowloon old woman or man. For just a mere 20 linden you will have plenty left over to properly acessorize your new av. Which we did. In SPADES! Rikka from Crimson and Clover was kind enough to make this marvelous wig just for her, and it's now for sale.

My outfit here was made by a buddy named Frenchbloke Vanmoer from the shitty deluxe collection. I first met Frenchie when I vomited blood on him while he was AFK. Who knew this guy would later go on to make such great fashion? My set includes the shitty vest, pants, socks and rope belt with buzzing flies. He has a shop now, and you can pick up this LOVELY outfit from Judi Denche's Fish and Chips shop along with his other weirdness. There you will also find some really great shapes and other bits by the talented Umbra Lunardi.

An lastly, my chair. Akasha Wachmann started it all by getting one first, and pimping it out oh so very nicely. I loved it so much, I had to go get one of my own. And when I was finished with mine the end result would have made Ed Gein crow with pure joy. Pick up your very own chair from twee and go fucking nuts. The body parts on my chair are from the Works .

This lovely outfit is aptly named dreaded sunny day (love the name) from silentsparrow. Love the skirt, love the pants with the belt layers. Love the entire outfit. Which brings us to...

A major sale! the silentsparrow sim is under major reconstruction so here is your chance for the new few weeks to grab a ton of hya's wonderful outfits for an insane price. Hurry!

While at the sale I met the delightful Violet and she creates accessories. Interesting ones! The one necklace I had to have she calls My Violent Heart and here it is. Its grotty metal with wheels and cogs, and I opted for the black version. Quelle surprise! Go check out her stuff at Violet Voltaire. My outfit was made by the always lovely Draconic Lioncourt and it's called the Annabel Lee.

All of the poses I used for this blog today were created by Dove Swanson and are for sale at her new shop, Long Awkward Pose (heee). They are really well done and she has a lot of fun ones and FFS they are really inexpensive. And new. So run on over and grab lots to stuff your pose stands with.

And looky here....FINALLY new boots from Beckenbach. The ladies set comes with a nice, shiny black leather outfit with fuzzy bits, as modeled here by the lovely Jinx Paz! The boots themselves are unisex, and sold without the outfit, too. These are some of the best looking boots he has ever made. Go check em out!

Ok, enough already.