Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Very Important Announcement Darlings

Hello darlings, Swirly here with very important news! Today is Swirly's second Rez Day, and you all know what that means - lots and lots of gifts for Swirly from her adoring fans! Send them now darlings, Swirly accepts both inventory offers of fabulous presents and gifts of linden dollars, she really isn't fussy. Swirly has you all unmuted ready for the onslaught of gifts :)

In less important news, dear little Saeya Nyanda of Kyoot Army fame has finally got up off her skinny backside and released new clothes. Swirly will reserve her praise for this release, as quite frankly it has been far too long coming, and Swirly doesn't like to reward such laziness. Here are some lovely pictures of Swirly wearing these long overdue outfits.

Kyoot's Electro Ballet can be worn as a dress or a body suit. Can you guess which Swirly is wearing?

Electro Ballet comes with lots of layer options. Here, Swirly has chosen to wear as few layers as possible to draw attention to her bosoms. Swirly is wearing the brand new Color Changing Oracle Sunglasses from Tesla. They are scripted to do many things - unfortunately, orbiting stalkers is not one of them. Also from Tesla are these fabulous Athena Open Toe Stiletto Boots. Swirly just loves the magical resize script that makes them fit perfectly!

Kyoot's New Money Dress and Hat can be worn many different ways. Here, Swirly has just clicked "add to outfit".

Swirly is also wearing the Crushed skin in Nutmeg from Chai Skins. Jewelry is from Viva la Glam and Junk, and hair is by Truth and Armidi. The unfortunate cow is from Sculptie Paradise.

Now send those presents to Swirly darlings!