Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Swirly is NOT happy darlings!

Well darlings, as you would all be aware Swirly requested applications from people who were interested in joining the wonderful and talented team of writers here at Fashion Victim. With menial tasks being beneath her station, Swirly left it up to Stephanie and Ayami to filter the applications and select the best writers. BIG mistake darlings. Swirly was expecting to find that all sorts of fabulous people like ZsaZsa Withnail and Celebrity Trollop had been chosen to write for her, but oh no, just look at what those two silly girls have dredged up.

'Kota Buck, who isn't even bothering to use her real name here, is a KNOWN criminal. Swirly has photographic proof darlings, thanks to the mugshot below which was kindly provided by the Imogen Police. And Swirly thought Imogen was such a nice sim. 'Kota's illegal activities include running a speakeasy called Buckie's House of Hooch which is home to all sorts of unsavoury characters. Swirly was also shown some photographs of Dakota which were semi-pornographic and highly offensive, and which certainly will not be published here.

As if things couldn't get any worse, next they bring in Lizardbeth Lulu, who is a green lizard. Swirly will tolerate furries to a certain extent as long as they are cute and cuddly, but LIZARDS?? Disgusting darlings. Now please cover your eyes and try not to look at the following photo lest it scar you for life.

Next we have the appalling Karl Kleiber, a psychopathic militant revolutionary whose unsavoury activities include trying to spread the communist word in Gor. Karl is pictured here during a brutal and unprovoked attack on poor innocent alien mutant furries. Swirly can only hope that Karl never posts here, his dress sense is terrible.

But Swirly has saved the worst for last. Furiae Blackthorne is a child. A DEAD child. I am sorry darlings but there is just no place for this kind of thing on Fashion Victim, or anywhere else for that matter. Swirly does not want her publication to become some kind of breeding ground for necrophiliac age players. And Swirly doesn't care that Furiae is wearing Simone in this photo; fine, the child may have at least some fashion sense but will you just LOOK at her?

And please nobody, NOBODY, even mention the homeless person to Swirly......... ever.


Cherries + Cinnamon = Yummy!

Hey whores, its me here with another wonderful review of some designer shit. This time its a recently new shop called [CIVVIES] by Posy Trudeau, best known for her other shop Miau Haus. Unlike her other shop, this place is Neko free which means it doesn't smell like rancid cat piss. Yay! Best of all, I got it for free and it makes my ass look so freakin' hawt. I mean LOOK at it!

[CIVVIES] is a guy and girl shop but tends to focus on more grunge look aka not glamorous. Sorry Swirly, its not for you. But for moi, it fits purrfectly. There are your standard t-shirts, jeans and what not, all very good in a cool design. I mean, your floating in the air so its like a skybox just less moaning and laggy sex balls. Plus I mean, they sell arm socks... ARM SOCKS!!!

Don't forget that they have this cute lil hat. Makes me want to drink b
eer and hunt deer or something. Too bad the only thing I hunt is pussy! Everything just seems to work well even the flexi scarf to make you warm. I mean you gotta keep warm when your wearing these booty shorts. I mean damn they are short, but again... my ass looks hawt.

Let's focus on my ass for a few minutes to an hour. Sure these things look like they were cut by a 6 year old with tourettes the jagged fringes but it just makes it look that much more dirty and naughty... like me. They are very cute and works well with the torn stockings. I should be better with my clothes but since these are already torn, I guess being on my knees seducing some cute bimbo won't be a problem.

The top is a classic cherry pattern but the old worn down tone of it makes it unqie. It has that off white needs to be washed look. Maybe I should take a bath after this? Do ya wanna watch? Posy really knows her stuff because just when you thought she was good at making my ass look great, she does the same with my tits. Perfect cut on them will make all the heads turn for my cherry pie. BTW, cherry pie is another term for vagina! :D

To compliment the look, I got some cool short hair from Gritty Kitty. The red streak really works well. To go with the cherry theme I busted out my earring and lunchbox set from Artilleri. Thats enough of my rambling, hope you enjoy girlies and keep in touch... one finger at a time. ;)


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

First Impressions: Another fantastic store catering to knocked up hookers!

As you all know, the majority of second life designers are prejudice against poor pregnant woman so they hardly ever think of them when designing their clothes. Luckily for me I have found several stores that cater to woman who are walking around with a burden in them. One of these stores that clearly showed no prejudice against knocked up hookers was First Impressions. Very nice and sophisticated clothing for pregnant woman such as myself. As you can tell from the photograph on the um...right...yeah, the right....this outfit makes me look like I'm ready for the work place EVEN THOUGH I do not work because you all know that I am a domesticated housewife that is only good for spreading legs, becoming knocked up, and making my man some pot roast. And if that outfit is too sophisticated for you First Impressions also offers simple but styling cute outfits. And a simple outfit is just what I needed when I went out shopping for a bedroom set for my future burden. If my burden pops up and has a vagina like her mother and her mothers secret lover then she will definitely get this set for her bedroom. I will only teach my daughters to be great housewives and fun stuff like that. Well, I just really recommend First Impressions to any expecting hookers. It gives you class and sophistication, and if you're a knocked up hooker....I think you need that. And the wonderful designer, Pukk Abel, is just such a lovely woman! Very nice, and talented. Thank you Pukk for not letting us pregnant woman down! =)

I'm sure your husband is at work, so go visit these stores, but make sure you're back home soon enough to make his dinner and clean the house, okay!?

Hair from Kin
Glasses from Nylon Outfitters
Boots & Shoes from Shiny Things
Clothes from the wonderful First Impressions

Monday, February 26, 2007

Exciting News Darlings!

Hello dears, Swirly here with a completely non-fashion related update. Swirly is thrilled to let all her adoring fans know that work has commenced on the Fashion Victim Headquarters! Everything is all very hush hush so far, but Swirly has decided to reveal top secret building blueprints and behind the scenes construction photographs just for YOU.

Here is the confidential blueprint designed by Fashion Victim blogger and skilled architect Ayami Reisman, which reveals the layout of the Headquarters. If you look closely at the detailed diagram you will see that there is a building to house the Fashion Victim offices, plus some other buildings which will house.... well that's hardly important now is it darlings?

And here is Swirly hard at work on the construction of the Headquarters main building. As you can see, work is coming along nicely! Swirly is taking all necessary safety precautions whilst building, avoiding those nasty prim fumes by wearing her Skanks R Us gas mask.

The location of the Headquarters is classified, but Swirly can tell you that the land is owned by Stephanie Misfit, who was forced to hand it over to Swirly and continue paying the tier in order to secure her future here as a writer at Fashion Victim.

In other less exciting news, we are hopeful that some new writers will be joining us soon. No, not the two new ones on the list to the right silly! Swirly can almost promise you that Celebrity Trollop, Canimal Zephyr, Sabrina Doolittle, Willow Zander and Garbage Prototype will be joining the Fashion Victim team soon. Just as soon as they get those applications in..........


*Fashion Mode Adventure* Girlie & Relax

Hey my bitchs, it's me Cinna here with a double dose of wild adventure and fun. Well not really, just two shops for the price of one. God, I feel like I'm on the freakin' dollar menu at Mickie D's. Girlie and Relax are the next two shops on the Fashion Mode Adventure and just happen to be right next to one another.

First up from Girlie is the "She's Crafty" outfit, to which matches me purrrfectly. Because I am so crafty! I make birdhouses out of popsicles. But they melt so quick so that sucks. I figured that I should bring out my idol to model with me... Mr. Darth fuckin' Vader. Yes the Sith Lord. Isn't he just adorable? Just forget about him destroying and wiping out thousands upon thousands of innocent people. Like you wouldn't have done it yourself. Funny cause my force power just tends to be removing panties off innocent bi-curious newbies.

Next up is this wonderful Sunset Bikini! Great for getting all those heads to turn at the beach. We can only hope I don't steal your cabana girl away from their wonderful mistresses. It may be a lil cold now but you can always take a vacation to show this sweet number off. Cold or not, you could use that excuse to cover for your nipples! One thing very nice is its not a typical color for a bikini, using more fall colors. Still looks smokin' hawt in the dead of winter.
Relax is the next shop but it is mainly a dude's store. But I figure why not and give it a shot. I mean, whats so bad about being a guy for a day? Don't know if I will be able to do that. This simple "Salt Air" white shirt and khaki set proves I look damn hawt in anything I choose to wear. I mean I decided to do what every girl wants to do if they were a guy... piss standing up. Didn't exactly work out how I had planned, good thing these pants are washable safe. It was just too weird being a guy, I just scratched myself and for some reason was hitting on more lesbians than normal. I know, so freaky cause I'm such a pussy magnet! Anyway, hope you enjoyed and if not... kiss my ass!


Want to join the Fashion Victim team?

Hello darlings, Swirly here! Fashion Victim is looking for writers. You may have noticed that the other writers here
don't pull their weight and Swirly is left to do most of the work. Sigh...... Swirly is looking for writers who take fashion just as seriously as she does. Previous experience writing for blogs is desirable, as nobody here has any, but this is not essential. Writing for Fashion Victim offers a number of benefits, although Swirly can't think of what those might be just now.

Ayami and Stephanie have asked Swirly to mention that writers should not join the team expecting to receive free items from designers, and it isn't a general practice here to ask designers for review copies. Swirly knows that Cinnamon Coffee does do this, but you only need to read Cinnamon's posts to get an idea of how immoral that girl is. Sometimes the writers here are given items to review, and while Swirly expects this, YOU shouldn't. Swirly likes to think of Fashion Victim as a showcase for all the fabulous things in Second Life, and of course not everything fabulous is brand new darlings, in fact most of it should already be in your inventory!

Potential writers should contact Stephanie Misfit or Ayami Reisman in world, as Swirly just can't be bothered dealing with administrative nonsense, and Cinnamon Coffee would probably offend any innocent girls who contact her by making inappropriate sexual advances. Cinnamon just doesn't need any more abuse reports made against her. Darlings, we are sorry but we will need to see a sample article prior to adding you to our team, so please have something prepared when you get in touch.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Recent Stuff from Hearts Desire

Here at Fashion Victim we are usually too lazy to bring you updates the minute they are released in SL. We like shopping, exploring, hanging out and taking fun pics, and we usually just get around to posting stuff here when we feel like it. So in that spirit of dedication, I bring you some recent stuff from Hearts Desire.

I was lucky enough to meet Joe Stravinsky and Heart Wishbringer whilst shopping in their store the other day during my lunch break (yes, a true SL junkie here, bugger food, give me Second Life!) And I cannot believe that people who are SO nice can bring us footwear as evil looking as the Kiss Me Deadly boots pictured below. I had seen a preview pic of these on the forums but was still completely in awe once I put them on. The prim work is amazingly detailed and the metal textures are so shiny. These spiky boots manage to look MEAN whilst still being damn sexy. Available for 350L with quite a few colours to choose from.

Having an irresistible compulsion to own any clothing or accessories in SL that are even vaguely military styled, I was excited to see that the Inquisitor's Boots are now available with camo textures for both girls and guys. Here's a pic of me flying above a disgusting sewer pipe whilst wearing them, don't ask me why, just thought it would look cool. Oh, the boots cost 250L.

Here are the new Willow boots which are available for both girls and guys. These have HUGE platform soles and again that great prim work on the metal sections. These have flexi straps which really draw attention to the boots when you walk, but of course I am sitting down in this pic which probably wasn't the best way to show them off. Hey, I did mention we are lazy here at Fashion Victim. Anyway, the boots cost 350L and there are a few colours to choose from.

On another note, I noticed that Hearts Desire have some free avatar packs available for new residents. These are GREAT, there are a number of packs to choose from for both girls and guys and they include a modifiable shape, skin, clothing, hair, eyes and a fully loaded AO. For ZERO linden. I already mentioned that Heart and Joe are REALLY nice didn't I? Anyway next time you are helping out a newbie make sure you take them to Hearts Desire.
Hearts Desire

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dumpster Diving with Swirly - Virtual Angels Yard Sale

Swirly's Dumpster Diving features are about fashion bargains in Second Life, but today Swirly brings you some very special bargains which are available for a limited time at the Virtual Angels Charity Fund Yard Sale. Special because not only can you help yourself to some of the finest fashions in Second Life for incredibly low prices, you can also know that in splurging on yourself to look FABULOUS you are actually helping other people. Many of you will remember the Ayeshe's Angels Charity Yard Sale that was organised a few months ago by Simone Stern and friends to assist SL designer Ayeshe Millions in obtaining vital medical treatment. Ayeshe's Angels is now known as Virtual Angels and you can read all about the wonderful work they are doing here.

Simone and her fellow Angels have organised yet another sim wide charity yard sale, with donations of fabulous clothing, hair, skins, shoes and furniture from a number of well known SL designers. And of course, this includes many many wonderful gowns and outfits from Simone for only 100L. Now Swirly is loathe to mention Simone in a post which contains the word "dumpster" in its heading, as anyone who knows Swirly will be aware that Simone is her all time favourite designer. But Simone gowns that usually retail for 800 or 900L for only 100L? Darling, bargains do not get any better than this! Especially when your husband has no payment info on file and in any case seems to have disappeared off the face of SL after only a few moments of marriage......

Swirly has not had to chance to look at everything on offer at the Virtual Angels Yard Sale yet, because as you can imagine an event this large draws in quite the crowd, and so many people trying on their new prim gowns and alpha textured hair all at once creates some unpleasant lag (darlings, try it all on when you get home please!) Swirly will share with you a few of the fabulous bargains she found, all for the incredibly low price of 100L. All photos were taken at the newly renovated
Tableau sim which Swirly just LOVES despite the fact that it resembles a dusty desert shanty town.

First we have the absolutely divine Simone Fallingwater Gown in pink. Swirly also found Calico Creations stunning alpha textured Ember IV hair which just looks SO glamorous.

Next we have Simone's adorable Little Princess dress in pink, which makes Swirly look like a petite and graceful ballerina. Swirly also found a very pretty skin by ShyOne Lehane at the sale, the makeup is perhaps a little muted for Swirly's liking but lovely all the same.

Swirly fell in love with Simone's very sexy Ring Mistress in Red, which definitely gave Swirly even more star quality than she already had!

There was lingerie galore to be found at the sale, but none more spectacular than Simone's Bedroom Barbie in Pink. Swirly is definitely saving this one for her next honeymoon! Swirly is also wearing Calico Creations Rachael Hair which is very sexy.

Finally, we have Simone's Grace Wedding Gown, and Swirly is looking forward to many blissful weddings wearing this. It even has a sweet little hat and veil which sits very nicely on top of the Amy Hair from Calico Creations.
The Virtual Angels Yard Sale runs through until March 3rd, so hurry along now dears and make sure you don't miss out. But do try to go when Swirly isn't there, Swirly really doesn't need you adding to the lag.


Evil Fallingwater Holds Innocent Flowers Hostage

Most people know Fallingwater Cellardoor for the amazing shoes, jewelry and accessories she creates for her store Shiny Things. Meh. Bugger the shoes, give me her FLOWERS any day. Fallingwater Flowers is home to some of the most beautiful creations in Second Life, fantastical scripted prim flowers in every colour under the rainbow, gorgeous trees and sculptures and furniture. Creations which allow you to create amazing fantasy gardens, your own little slice of heaven right in SL. Creations which are so addictive, you will find yourself needing to buy more and more land to house them until your tier is up to $70 a month ........... OK well maybe not everyone is as obsessive as me but you get the idea.

When Fallingwater opened her new sim Shiny Falls I was straight there, confident that with a whole new sim to play with, Fallingwater would surely have created many more plants to fill it. I was excited to find a new tree in the garden section, then I spied a stunning new HUGE flower right outside the Shiny Things store. On closer examination, it was not for sale and was named simply "preview flower".

Well, I wasn't thrilled about that but figured that Fallingwater had been so busy building her new sim she hadn't had time to release the new flower. No problem, I am a patient girl.

I went inside the Shiny Things store and OMG the most AWESOME plant EVER was tucked away in the corner. It was called Petal Plant and I just HAD to have it!!!

WTF?? Not for sale? OK this was getting just a little too hard to deal with. I felt like Fallingwater, who had always SEEMED so nice, was deliberately taunting me with beautiful plants I couldn't have. But nah, that couldn't be right......

As the weeks went on, Fallingwater released new shoes and boots, lots of em. But NO flowers. Every time I went to Shiny Things, I was taunted by my coveted Petal Plant and inadequately named preview flower, still not set for sale. Frustrated beyond belief, I finally IMed Fallingwater to complain. Well, to cry and beg really. And I have to say I was quite appalled at her response. She hasn't yet gotten around to finishing the flowers. What?? She can make 2000 new pairs of shoes (OK well maybe I am exaggerating just a bit) but she can't finish making a couple of flowers that I NEED?? Fallingwater even went so far as to admit that she had been neglecting her plants and they would probably DIE. This is just not good enough, and I for one will be boycotting any new shoe releases from Shiny Things until Fallingwater finally releases her plants. Well, unless the new shoes are really cool of course....

Friday, February 23, 2007

*Fashion Mode Adventure* CKS Designs

Hey bitches, its moi again with another few steps in my journey through Fashion Mode. Today, CKS Designs is next which happens to be right next to the last shop I did. Wow, I feel like Frodo and Sam trying to get rid of that stupid ring. Just with less homo erotic tension. They do make a lovely couple but who is the bottom? Ewwww, anyway don't wanna think about midgets!

CKS Designs is full of great outfits and here are two great ones that show different styles. Lovesick is for that Hot Topic gothy chick inside all of us and I don't mean with a strap-on! The plaid really works with a lot of other punk outfits and shit. It comes in a few layers so you can pick and choose what to wear or not to wear. Great for showing off those tats or well your tits!

Next is the Secret Admirer, great little set that reminded me of my younger days in High School. This cute school girl set will guarantee you an A plus from all your teachers. Thats how I got my doctorate! Lets just say lil ol' Cinnamon was a teacher's pet. I mean a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Ya should have seen recess! And if ya know me I love pink in more ways than one. ;) So head on down to Fashion Mode again and check this and other great stores out. Go get your A+ and said Miss Coffee sent ya. Otherwise I'm putting you in the corner!


New from D3volution - Spetznaz Overcoats

D3volution has quickly become one of my favourite stores in SL. Located in an atmospheric and grungy build, you can find some of the most unique military influenced clothing including used Soviet bras and knickers (a MUST for any girls wardrobe), ripped skirts and stockings, and cuts, oil and grease stains to give your skin that grimy unwashed look. And of course Hat Mechanic is located just downstairs.

The recently released Soviet overcoat which is available in khaki and blue is a favourite item of mine so I was excited to see that D3volution has released the Spetznaz Overcoat in Charcoal. This coat can be worn a number of different ways, enough to warrant a notecard from the creator on how to wear it. The prim skirt is available in short and long lengths, there is a glitch skirt as well as pants and the cuffs come in small and large sizes. A male version of the coat is also available. 400L each.

Spetznaz Charcoal Overcoat, Raggy Ass Stockings & Belt with 8 Garters, Grab Bag of Used Panties and Grab Bag of Used Soviet Army Bras from D3volution
Hobo Hat from Hat Mechanic
Klunk Black Boots from FORM
Angel V Hair - Cool Tones Dark from Naughty
Vogue Skin - Champagne (Brown - Smoky)from Celestial Studio