Tuesday, February 6, 2007

New from HDesign - Darkness Mask

Hevan Lament from HDesign is perhaps best known for her superbly detailed and deliciously primmy gothic / punk boots and jewelry. And I am known for my compulsion to spend WAY too many lindens on anything with a cyberpunk or military theme, so was over the moon when I saw Hevan's latest release, the extremely detailed and beautifully textured Darkness Mask.

This is quite possibly the most skillfully crafted mask I have seen in SL, due in no small part to the prim count - it weighs in at a hefty 237 prims! Hevan said that she now plans to return to working on new boots - YAY! But hopefully this won't be the last mask we see from HDesign. You can pick up the Darkness Mask for 300L at HDesign

Darkness Mask, BloodCross Necklace V2 and Blade Boots from HDesign
Heavy Rubber and Leather Catsuit from Naughty Sisters Little Shop
Weapons from Operations in Los Altos
Skin - Medium Tone in Red Charcoal from Curious Kitties
Shae Hair in Black from Kin Keiko