Monday, February 26, 2007

Exciting News Darlings!

Hello dears, Swirly here with a completely non-fashion related update. Swirly is thrilled to let all her adoring fans know that work has commenced on the Fashion Victim Headquarters! Everything is all very hush hush so far, but Swirly has decided to reveal top secret building blueprints and behind the scenes construction photographs just for YOU.

Here is the confidential blueprint designed by Fashion Victim blogger and skilled architect Ayami Reisman, which reveals the layout of the Headquarters. If you look closely at the detailed diagram you will see that there is a building to house the Fashion Victim offices, plus some other buildings which will house.... well that's hardly important now is it darlings?

And here is Swirly hard at work on the construction of the Headquarters main building. As you can see, work is coming along nicely! Swirly is taking all necessary safety precautions whilst building, avoiding those nasty prim fumes by wearing her Skanks R Us gas mask.

The location of the Headquarters is classified, but Swirly can tell you that the land is owned by Stephanie Misfit, who was forced to hand it over to Swirly and continue paying the tier in order to secure her future here as a writer at Fashion Victim.

In other less exciting news, we are hopeful that some new writers will be joining us soon. No, not the two new ones on the list to the right silly! Swirly can almost promise you that Celebrity Trollop, Canimal Zephyr, Sabrina Doolittle, Willow Zander and Garbage Prototype will be joining the Fashion Victim team soon. Just as soon as they get those applications in..........