Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cherries + Cinnamon = Yummy!

Hey whores, its me here with another wonderful review of some designer shit. This time its a recently new shop called [CIVVIES] by Posy Trudeau, best known for her other shop Miau Haus. Unlike her other shop, this place is Neko free which means it doesn't smell like rancid cat piss. Yay! Best of all, I got it for free and it makes my ass look so freakin' hawt. I mean LOOK at it!

[CIVVIES] is a guy and girl shop but tends to focus on more grunge look aka not glamorous. Sorry Swirly, its not for you. But for moi, it fits purrfectly. There are your standard t-shirts, jeans and what not, all very good in a cool design. I mean, your floating in the air so its like a skybox just less moaning and laggy sex balls. Plus I mean, they sell arm socks... ARM SOCKS!!!

Don't forget that they have this cute lil hat. Makes me want to drink b
eer and hunt deer or something. Too bad the only thing I hunt is pussy! Everything just seems to work well even the flexi scarf to make you warm. I mean you gotta keep warm when your wearing these booty shorts. I mean damn they are short, but again... my ass looks hawt.

Let's focus on my ass for a few minutes to an hour. Sure these things look like they were cut by a 6 year old with tourettes the jagged fringes but it just makes it look that much more dirty and naughty... like me. They are very cute and works well with the torn stockings. I should be better with my clothes but since these are already torn, I guess being on my knees seducing some cute bimbo won't be a problem.

The top is a classic cherry pattern but the old worn down tone of it makes it unqie. It has that off white needs to be washed look. Maybe I should take a bath after this? Do ya wanna watch? Posy really knows her stuff because just when you thought she was good at making my ass look great, she does the same with my tits. Perfect cut on them will make all the heads turn for my cherry pie. BTW, cherry pie is another term for vagina! :D

To compliment the look, I got some cool short hair from Gritty Kitty. The red streak really works well. To go with the cherry theme I busted out my earring and lunchbox set from Artilleri. Thats enough of my rambling, hope you enjoy girlies and keep in touch... one finger at a time. ;)