Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Swirly Stalks Ginny

Darlings, those who know and love me would already be aware that Ginny Talamasca is Swirly's all time favourite SL designer. My adoring fans will be THRILLED to know that Swirly has managed to obtain TOP SECRET photos of Ginny's new venture Last Call, as well as an exclusive interview. Swirly did not need to resort to using any of her influential contacts in the fashion world to obtain this exclusive for you, she just relied on good old fashioned stalking and blatant invasion of other people's privacy. Swirly went undercover into the depths of Celestial City to obtain this sneak peak for you, and I can tell you now, you won't see such in depth coverage of Last Call ANYWHERE else! Yes, Swirly used high tech CAMMING skills to break into Ginny's new store and steal these pictures just for YOU.

Swirly managed to take a super confidential photo of the front of Ginny's store, hold onto your seats dears, here it is!

Swirly also snagged a pic of Ginny herself, who was looking FABULOUS and talking with Elika Tiramisu from ETD at the time. WHY is Elika allowed into Ginny's sim?? Seems like Ginny is being altogether TOO neighbourly there dears!

And now for the bit you have all been waiting for, Swirly's EXCLUSIVE interview with Ginny herself! The unneccesary comments from the nearby riff raff have been left in to preserve the authenticity of the interview:

[23:16] You shout: LOVE YOU GINNY DARLING!
[23:16] bingbangboom Bixby: lol
[23:16] Ayami Reisman: lmao
[23:16] bingbangboom Bixby: gin here?
[23:16] Ginny Talamasca shouts: YAY SWIRLY!!!!