Friday, February 9, 2007

Linden Lifestyles SUX!

Apprently some people are JEALOUS of our popularity and just plain hawtness of our writers. This certain someone is Sabrina Doolittle, a lil ol' hag that thinks she can hang with the big dawgs. She writes for Linden Lifestyle another fashion blog that is just ughhhhhhly as the ladies that write for it. They are just all cokewhores! Here is our fight word for word.

[5:50] Cinnamon Coffee: wanna start a blog war?
[5:51] Sabrina Doolittle: Sure! I'll start, you catch up!
[5:52] Cinnamon Coffee: your vagina smells like Cheeze Whiz!
[5:52] Cinnamon Coffee: like post a comment on one of my post or something
[5:52] Cinnamon Coffee: lol
[5:52] Cinnamon Coffee: a fake war
[5:55] Sabrina Doolittle: My vagina smells of ROSES AND KITTENS dammit
[5:56] Cinnamon Coffee: ewww
[5:56] Cinnamon Coffee: what are you stuffin' down there>?
[5:57] Sabrina Doolittle: well, roses and kittens, obviously
[5:58] Cinnamon Coffee: its not a storage locker
[6:07] Sabrina Doolittle: really? because ikeep all kinds of things in there. have I been doing it wrong?
[6:11] Cinnamon Coffee: well, try your anus too... im sure they don't call you a fudge packer for nuthin'
[6:12] Sabrina Doolittle: strawberries. i keep my starberries up my arse.
[6:16] Cinnamon Coffee: ewww and you make like grape jelly from it... false advertising

So go there and tell her how much she sucks donkey asshole!

Linden Lifestyles