Thursday, February 8, 2007


My poor lover Bing is out at work, most likely missing me...which is going to cause him much depression and stress! So I figured why not get into a sexy outfit to surprise him when he returns home to me and our future un born burden! Not like we could really do anything, but...that's besides the point! He could screw that blowup doll I bought him with the picture of me on it...right!?

Let me get on track and start talking about the sexy outfit before I start giving you details on all the fun poor Bing has had with that blowup doll.

So like today I was out shopping and Bing teleported me to a store called Casa del Shai. I've never heard of it before so I figured it would be some typical, shitty, noob store, was FAR from that! It was actually a quite decent store and I got a few cute things from there.

As you can see from the pictures I got a nice jacket to keep me and my burden warm, some cute hot pink socks, and the best leg warmers in town from Casa del Shai! The fabulous hair came from O&E! AND those fabulous, fabulous, FABULOUS shoes came from Shiny Things. Duh! Who else makes shoes as sexy as that purdy lady, Fallingwater Cellardoor? Yeah, exactly..

OH MY GOD! Looks like the pot roast is done! I need to go finish preparing dinner for my Bing! If I don't have the table set by the time he gets home he'll probably take out a gun and attempt to shoot my baby...again!! :(

Take care, and rub those bellies once in awhile you easy knocked up hookers! I love you all lots and...I think I found my wedding dress! And yes you all needed to know that vital information. Though...I'm still not knocking the idea of wearing a prim box for my special day...