Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat with Swirly

Hello darlings, Swirly here! Furiae Blackthorne has been working hard to cover Halloween costumes here on Fashion Victim, but Swirly must say she has been less than impressed with her finds. Death, decay and misery are perfectly suited to a small child who is, after all, deceased; but for a red blooded, devastatingly gorgeous woman like Swirly, it just won't do darlings! So Swirly has decided to show her readers how dressing up for Halloween SHOULD be done.

The Naughty Nurse costume from Celestial Studios and Last Call epitomises the spirit of Halloween. After all, the sight of Swirly dressed up as a naughty nurse is the ultimate fantasy of every handsome single man with payment info used. Just don't expect her to empty your bedpan dear. If that's your idea of fun, you need to seek urgent psychiatric help.

Naughty boys will not be able to resist Swirly in this very sexy SLPD costume from Rebel Hope Designs. Particularly generous gentlemen may even find themselves hand-cuffed to a chair while Swirly pops out for a spot of shopping with their credit card. Never say that Swirly doesn't know how to show a man a good time.

The Christy Creme costume from Digital Knickers may not be your fantasy darlings, but it certainly is Swirly's! Mmmmm.......... an unlimited supply of donuts!

What man wouldn't dream of watching Swirly bump and grind in this Moulin Rouge Paris costume from Rebel Hope Designs?

Swirly must really draw the line here though darlings. If the Mary Had A Little Lamb costume from Digital Knickers is YOUR ultimate fantasy, you must be a New Zealander. Sheep are only for eating darlings, when will you poor Kiwis learn??

All of these gorgeous pictures were taken at The Crack Den. A lovely spot full of brightly coloured pink and blue balls, and surely the next big fashion mecca darlings!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I visited Annette Voight's store Decoy for the first time today after seeing an announcement for the Elisa dress on the Fashion World of SL feed. The store has only a very small inventory of hand-drawn clothing and according to Annette's blog has only been open since September. What is available so far so greatly impressed me that I ended up leaving the creator one of those fangirl-ish "OMG YOUR STUFF IS AMAZING" type IMs. The apparel at Decoy combines obvious technical ability with classic style and attention to detail.

Elisa is the dress that got me in the door, so-to-speak. Between the unusual stone inlays on the neck, the rouching on the bust and the sleek cut of the skirt I fell in love. I'm wearing the dress in Brown/Teal, Brown/Creme and (my favourite) Wine/Tangerine. The deep wine accented with a rich burnt orange looks puts me in mind of arriving to a gala event feeling rich and important.

Hair: Slow Jamz 2007 - Dark Brown from Hiccup. Skin: Sierra Skin - Pearl Set 2 - 100 from Cake. Eyes: Fantastic Realism Collection - Holly from Miriel. Shoes: (main) BOOTS Smoke-Leather from Redgrave (inset) Vidalia Pump - Noir Croc from Armidi Gisaci.

The Just Peachy Cardigan (shown here in red but available in several colours) is an excellent separate for the cooler months. My fellow button-addicts will be impressed by the perfect hand-drawn button that pulls the cardigan closed under the bust.

Hair: Veronica I - Chocolate from Celestial Studios. Skin: S3 pale ~ Sunset from Tuli. Eyes: Fantastic Realism Collection - Holly from Miriel.

There is more great button detail on the Hooded Blazer, along with little pockets. I'm sure that in the coming weeks this jacket will become a staple in my wardrobe. The hood of the jacket is sculpted and I adore the slightly boyish cut and of course the colour. I chose Navy (it's nice to have a signature colour) but another thing that stood out to me in Decoy was the colour pallet that Annette uses. I'm always drawn to slightly muted colours because they tend to read better in a CGI. The designs at Decoy are coloured with perfect slightly muted tones without slipping into being dull or greyish.

Hair: Ashley - Chocolate from ETD. Skin: S3 pale ~ halo aqua from Tuli. Eyes: Fantastic Realism Collection - Holly from Miriel. Shoes: SNEAKERS Nacre-White from Redgrave. Shorts: Rolled Docker shorts - White & Navy from Elephant Outfitters.

I teamed the Hot Addiction Dress (great name, even better dress) with the Serendipity Shirt (shown in Golden Tan, Light Green and Orange) to give the fun little dress a little more skin-coverage. I was very pleased to see that at least two layer options are available with Decoy apparel and in the case of the Serendipity Shirt - all three. The texturing on this dress is beautiful and I was particularly impressed by the virtually invisible seam between upper and lower layers which is often a problem spot. I found the prim easy to fit and it blends very well with the pants layer.

Hair: The Soho - Harvest Gold from Armidi. Skin: Vivant Buff Sultry 1 from Tete a Pied. Eyes: Fantastic Realism Collection - Holly from Miriel.

*Larger versions of the images can be found in my flickr stream.

'Kota Buck.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Simply Divine Custom Jewels from Elexor Matador Jewelry

Hello darlings, Swirly here to boast about the latest acquisition to her inventory. As you would all be aware, Swirly just LOVES to blog the things that you can't have. It's so much more fun that way darlings!

Elexor Matador has released the most fabulous new necklace and earring set - just for Swirly! Knowing of her frequent cravings for hot dogs, and no doubt in a futile attempt to win her heart, Elexor made this very special hot dog jewelry set for Swirly. Swirly is very generously sharing it with all her fans - well, the pictures that is :)

Swirly knows that diamond hot dogs don't taste as good as the real thing, but trust Swirly when she says you will not find these being sold by a grotty person on a seedy street corner!

Elexor provided a bling option just for Swirly. This bling is so good, it's blinding! Swirly will need lots of Xanax and champagne to recover from the headache this jewelry induced, but darlings, it's worth it!

Close up of the FABULOUS necklace and realistic hot dog shape.

The earrings just look so tasty, Swirly wants to pop them in her mouth!

The only thing that Swirly found odd about this set was that Elexor named it "Swirly's Gold & Diamond Cock Set". Elexor darling, a cock is a BIRD and has absolutely nothing to do with hot dogs! Silly man!

For those of you who have to know everything, Swirly also wears the Nadia skin in Steamy Natural from Skin Within, and The SuperPony Hair in Golden Sand from Armidi.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Meet Stanley!

Ahoy hoy!

This is Stanley Bagley. I met him at the Hysteria sim and took pity on the poor bastard. He explained he had taken a beating after paid sex. He was robbed and stripped of all his clothing. The girls lent him a compact to cover the bruising on his face.

He seemed to appreciate Akasha and Kisten in their various states of undress, so I lent him my camera to take some pictures of the ladies. (He has yet to return it.)

Stanley took a liking to everbody there, so he wowed us all with a bit of Karaoke. He was really quite good! Poor Draven is about to swoon!

He then suprised us all when we discovered his love of pretty things. I have yet to meet a Kajira that could do silks justice like Stanley can! So you you happen across my new friend, be a sport and remove an article of clothing. I can guarantee we will be seeing more of Stanley soon. Haha!

The delightful Toast Bard has put some Halloween skins up for sale. I present to you Head Off. It comes with the skin, eyes, bloody jacket layers and this wonderful attachment that makes your head well, off! She has a great witch and a freezing skin, too! I got mine at (fd) at Cotton Candy. (Thanks Noam for my early rez day present!)

Lastly here I am wearing SPIRIT Heroes Claire Cheerleader Battle Bloodied Uniform. I do not watch the show Heroes, and I have absolutely NO idea who Claire is, however this outfit is torn, and has some blood on it. So it's just fine by me! This would make a fun Halloween costume, pick yours at the SPIRIT main store. My fun Mini Karaoke box came from Tableau but you will need to wait. I think an earthquake hit it!


Monday, October 22, 2007

Boing Fromage - Half Price Sale

Too good to miss! 50% off everything at Boing Fromage's Nakama location only. The sale runs until further notice, but it's a SALE so rush!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Swirly Introduces......... Husband Number 7

Hello darlings, Swirly here with FABULOUS news! You will all be thrilled to hear that Swirly has just wed for the seventh time! And with seven being a lucky number, Swirly is almost certain that THIS marriage will last days rather than hours. In fact, it could last an eternity!

Swirly has long been a huge fan of dear little Anna-Nicole Smith, even before she was dead. Swirly is humble enough to admit that she has learnt a thing or two from Anna-Nicole's tragic life. No darlings, not about the evils of drugs and alcohol and medically unsound slimming products, but MARRIAGE. Anna-Nicole was a very clever girl when she met and wed J. Howard Marshall, an aging and ailing oil billionaire who died soon after they married, leaving her to stake a claim to his fortune. But as we all know, Anna-Nicole's attempts to nab the old dears fortune were ultimately unsuccessful. Which is why Swirly decided to learn from Anna-Nicole's mistakes, and avoid selecting a rich husband who was on the verge on death. She went one better, and chose one who was already dead.

Known only as "John Doe", Swirly's new husband has it all! Payment info used, good looks, and a definite lack of energy which should prevent him from making unsavoury requests in the bedroom. Because he is not much of a talker, Swirly can rest assured that SHE will remain in the spotlight during parties and other social events.

Swirly wed in a secret ceremony in a quiet garden location. Did you know that cemeteries have the most lovely gardens these days darlings? Swirly was quite surprised! Swirly delighted in wearing the gown she had planned to wear for her wedding to callous bastard Stephen Bentham. Read it and weep, you low-life scum!

Swirly hopes that you will enjoy these pictures of her special day; she knows that she will treasure the memories forever, or at least until Husband Number 8 comes along. In the meantime darlings, don't forget to send Swirly lots of expensive wedding presents!

Swirly wears: Unforgettable Gown in White from Blaze, Disco Goddess Hair from Coif, Antique Pearl Choker Set from Paper Couture, Deco Lashes from Cake and Vivant Blush Boudoir Skin 1 from Tete a Pied.

Swirly's husband wears: Cadaver-tar from Hat Mechanic (includes rideable autopsy table darlings!)

Delightful gold frames downloaded from deviantART.


New from Hiccup

Cupcake designer Tilly Tokyo branched out on her own about a month ago to open Hiccup, with a small but growing inventory of hair and hand drawn clothing. Her latest release is comprised of two super short styles, Amelieish and Ghost Boobs. Available in 8 colours, a pack of two will set you back 175L.

Amelieish in Light Blonde

Amelieish in Black

Ghost Boobs in Dark Brown

Ghost Boobs in Light Brown

Skin by Fashionably Dead, eyelashes from Cake

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Halloween again? Hell YES!

Ahoy hoy!

So much going on at Halloween, it required a part 2. Fun, huh?

My babysitter Methanne was kind enough to model this fantastic accessory called Blood IV. One would natrually assume that one such as myself would make the best use of a Blood IV, however I took pity upon this poor, pathetic obviously drug riddled creature and decided she would benefit from a bit of mine. This brilliant bit of prims was lovingly crafted by the wonderful Askasha Wachmann and available at Catnip. She and her friend Kisten Bailey created a fun shopping experience here at Hysteria.

Haha, Trick or Treat! This is what Methanne looked like AFTER eating everything from this delightful candy dispensing Fuck it! Bucket. It can be worn as evidenced by the picture below. And of course I just love the name. As quoted by the creator, this says it all: "When shit gets you down, just say 'Fuck It' and eat some motherfuckin' HALLOWEEN CANDY!" available at The Lonesome October Hallowe'en Shoppe along with GREAT Halloween avatars and other fun decorating items! Thanks, Nebulosus!

Here I am looking as PRECIOUS as ever in the Broken Dollie dress by Saur Holt at Passionate Neko Dreams, combined with her just released Skeleton Strings. The dress is a lovely tattered lolita style dress, with blood. That's THREE reasons to love this dress! Wonderfully detailed, I dig this dress a bunch.
Skeleton Strings is such a great buy, because not only do you have this kick ass skeleton based marionette controller, it comes with an AO, skeleton hands grip your wrists and ankles, and the strings move with each pose on the AO. The effect is pretty damn sweet. I suggest that you go check this shit out!

Just released, her now Skeleton Princess dress (formerly known as Pumpkin Princess, no pumpkins here at ALL). It's really fluffy, with some great details. IE: Lots of bones! Bone corset, bone wings, you get the idea. And its black and red. Niiiiiiiiice. The top is a bit daring, that's why I'm hovering like a spacecraft on this wicked looking FREE broom from Little Heaven, you get a folder with 10 of these brooms, each with a different pose. Love it!

Go to Passionate Neko Dreams, Saur's main store, and check out her great stuff, and especially those wicked Skeleton Strings! She also has an entire section dedicated to our favorite holiday, too!

Flea Bussy, my favorite raider and avatar creator, is selling this fantasic lab set. You get variations, like the loaded table here, or just the important bits. The drips and bunsen burner can be turned off an on. So here is a really great Halloween decoration for you, really freaking CHEAP!

She is also selling a set of cauldrons for 1 linden. WTF! You get like 5 of of these for a buck. You get blood, fog etc. the pots can be turned off and on.

There are so many avatars at Grendel's Children you will weep with frustration trying to choose. But luckily for you, so they are so damn inexpensive who needs to choose? Buy em all! Go to Grendel's Children, Grendel's Children, The Birdworx, and more!

I love Truth Hawks. If only for this outfit I have on here, called Hitman. You have to love opening a folder and seeing: HITMAN (ASSIGNED) HITMAN (DEED IS DONE). I didn't even bother with Assigned. I mean what's the point when Deed is Done is smeared with beautiful red, red krovvy?

I am the cutest assassin in all of SL.

The lovely wig I am wearing is new from CAKE (OK, not sure how new) called Wish. Looks great with this outfit. Pick up the wig at FNKY! & Cake. Pick up YOUR Hitman outfit here at TRUTH.

Looks like an angry mob finally got a hold of our lovely Stephanie Misfit, took her outside and hung her. But even swinging from the gallows she looks spectacular in this dress from House of Rfyre called Tangled. This would be the Halloween edition. We both love the sculpty hat with the dangling spider with the big googly eyes. Awwwe.

Here is the before photo. It was considerate of her to change the skirt before she left her shack to die. The outfit includes this delightful hat, the boots and two variations of the skirt and cuffs. Not too shabby!

Here our Stephanie has been reincarnated and looking decidedly Asian in this lovely outfit called Tessen. It also comes with a sexy version, but not in MY post. Comes with the fans and the boots. I love the detail on it, and you will too! This outfit also available from House of Rfyre.

Ok folks, that's all from me. Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sierra Skins from CAKE

Stumbelina Ophelia from Cake has wowed me in the past with her Jessica skins - those sultry eyes, strong lips and rosy cheeks make them some of the most stunning skins around at the moment. If Caliah Lyon refuses to take a skin off, you just know it's good. Luckily for us, Stumbelina has unleashed her skin making talent once again to bring us a new range of skins, Sierra. The look is waif / gamine inspired, with freckles on the face and shoulders. While these skins will definitely appeal to those who are already a fan of the Jessica range, their natural yet slightly imperfect prettiness will also be attractive to those who look for something a little different in a skin. These are skins with character.

I was particularly excited about the freckles on this skin. While there are a number of high quality freckled skins available, most of them are either designed solely for redheads, or have just a small sprinkling of freckles across the cheeks, almost as an afterthought. The freckles on Sierra though are one of the main features of the skin, they are completely natural looking and aren't just confined to the nose and cheeks. There is also a light smattering of freckles across the forehead and on the chest, back and arms of the Sierra skin.

Sierra is available in four skintones - Cream, Ivory, Pearl and Toast - which range from milky pale to a light golden tan, but the fact that they are modifiable allows for some flexibility in tone. There is quite a varied selection of makeup available for each skintone. Sierra is only available in packs of four, which will set you back 3000L, with a facelight and four bald bases thrown in. Do the math and that makes these skins very good value for money, because you get four completely different looks in each pack, not just slight variations between makeups. All four skintones are shown below.

Top Left: Cream Set 1 - 400
Top Right: Ivory Set 2 - 100
Bottom Left: Pearl Set 1 - 100
Bottom Right: Toast Set 1 - 400

The eyes are a definite focus of the face; the eyeliner and shape of the eyelids create a sultry, wide-eyed appearance. The brows are very natural looking and provide a strong frame for the face without being overpowering. I find the nose to be one of the best features of the face, it's apparent that a lot of work has gone into the detail of the tip and the nostrils to give a very sweet up-turned appearance. The lips aren't quite as wide as those on the Jessica skin, and have a very nice curved shape. This combined with the detailing on the cupid's bow gives a slightly pouty appearance.

Makeup choices range from natural, to sultry, to almost avant-garde. On these skins, I find the neutral makeups to be most appealing, as combined with the freckles they offer a very fresh and natural look not seen on many other skins. But there are also vibrant lips and eyeshadows on offer, and of course Stumbelina hasn't let us down with the rosy natural looking blush, which is a relief because that is one of the most attractive features of the Jessica skins.

The body on Sierra is soft and smooth, no harsh highlights or freakish musculature in evidence here. The shading is best demonstrated on the darkest tone, Toast, shown below. The body shading becomes a little less evident on the paler skin tones, which is to be expected.

The skin is seamless and smoothly shaded. The attention to detail is obvious in the realistic shading on the front and back of the knees, elbows, ankles and feet. The shading of the collar bone and shoulder blades gives just enough definition. The work on the stomach gives a lovely curved look, and the handful of freckles dappled across it adds to the realism of the skin.

The top of the breasts is lightly dusted with freckles. The breasts are well-defined with large, natural looking nipples and well placed highlights. The detailing on the genital area is realistic, but not pornographically so. I am particularly impressed with the shading and highlighting on the buttocks.

Makeup choices vary between skintones, which will make choosing a makeup pack difficult, but take the demos home and play around with the sliders before deciding, as you can make some adjustments to skin colour. There isn't a huge amount of difference between the Cream and Ivory skintones, so if you are looking for a nice milky toned skin you will definitely be happy with either of these. The Sierra shape that is shown in Stumbelina's ads is also available for 500L - it has a delicate, waifish face that complements these skins perfectly.

Bedroom Eyelashes from Cake, IdealEyes in White from EyeFidelity, The Soho Hair - Blonde Collection from Armidi

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Armidi - The SHOCKING Truth

Hello darlings, Swirly here with a special under-cover investigation. The grid has been abuzz with excitement about the much anticipated opening of Armidi. But rumours have been afloat as well - Swirly received literally thousands of IMs from fashion fans telling her that Armidi designers Nicole David and Lola Marquez are in fact alts of Ambyance2 Anubis and Lost Thereian of Naughty. Swirly found this a little hard to believe; after all, Nicole and Lola aren't exactly new to SL or to designing, and why on earth would the delectable Lost have a female alt called Lola??

Swirly decided to do a little investigating of her own, and what she found shocked her. You read it here first - Swirly CAN confirm that the Armidi team are in fact alts of Lost and Amby. Both Armidi and Naughty hairs use the same prims. Yes darlings, Swirly used her advanced building skills to closely examine hair from both stores and found that each design contained a TORUS. That's the prim that tastes like a donut, for you less informed folk. Anyway darlings, here is the photographic proof.

Naughty's Winsome I with trademark torus highlighted.

Armidi's The Glamorous II with torus - a DEAD giveaway.

What makes this deception even more shocking is that Armidi uses EXACTLY the same hair colours as Naughty. When Swirly went to the Armidi store she found hair in shades of blonde, brunette, red AND black. As you know darlings, these are the same colours that Naughty uses. Based on this evidence, Swirly is sure you will agree that Nicole and Lola = Amby and Lost. Absolutely shocking, but true.

Well that's all for now dears, Swirly is off to do more shopping at Armidi!