Saturday, October 27, 2007

Simply Divine Custom Jewels from Elexor Matador Jewelry

Hello darlings, Swirly here to boast about the latest acquisition to her inventory. As you would all be aware, Swirly just LOVES to blog the things that you can't have. It's so much more fun that way darlings!

Elexor Matador has released the most fabulous new necklace and earring set - just for Swirly! Knowing of her frequent cravings for hot dogs, and no doubt in a futile attempt to win her heart, Elexor made this very special hot dog jewelry set for Swirly. Swirly is very generously sharing it with all her fans - well, the pictures that is :)

Swirly knows that diamond hot dogs don't taste as good as the real thing, but trust Swirly when she says you will not find these being sold by a grotty person on a seedy street corner!

Elexor provided a bling option just for Swirly. This bling is so good, it's blinding! Swirly will need lots of Xanax and champagne to recover from the headache this jewelry induced, but darlings, it's worth it!

Close up of the FABULOUS necklace and realistic hot dog shape.

The earrings just look so tasty, Swirly wants to pop them in her mouth!

The only thing that Swirly found odd about this set was that Elexor named it "Swirly's Gold & Diamond Cock Set". Elexor darling, a cock is a BIRD and has absolutely nothing to do with hot dogs! Silly man!

For those of you who have to know everything, Swirly also wears the Nadia skin in Steamy Natural from Skin Within, and The SuperPony Hair in Golden Sand from Armidi.