Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fabulous Slutwear from Casa Del Shai

Hello darlings, Swirly here. Shai Delacroix of Casa del Shai is normally known for her high quality, classy clothing. Fashion for the sophisticated diva. But what of the poor working girl? The escort, the stripper? The hard working, depraved whore? Swirly knows that most of her beloved readers fall into this category, so is thrilled to see that Shai has released a range of slutwear just for YOU! With slutwear this good, your nightly takings could easily double, so this range is a very worthwhile investment darlings.

Shai's ads for the new Boudoir range leave a lot to be desired. While no-one can deny that Shai has a very pretty face, the ravages of her heavy cocaine use are evident on her emaciated frame. Shai dear, get help, and remember that nobody likes to look at a skinny, half naked girl. Because Swirly loves you, she has fixed your ads darling.

The Marquise Lingerie Set in Plum.

The Marquise Lingerie Set in Chocolat.

The Duchess Coat in White, shown without the Duchess Coat.