Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Porn to Chill.

Ahoy hoy!

Today we are staring at Bens' Porn to Chill army helmet. Nicely sculpted with some great detailing, ace of spades card, chewing gum, unfiltered cigs (ja, that's right..unfiltered) and bullets and let's not forget to mention it's battered to shit. Ladies, be prepared to mod a wig for this one. It's fun! I am also wearing his Army Star T shirt which for some strange reason he is hesitant to sell. (Ben, just sell the shirt). It's a bit hidden with the blood layers, but hey. Also by Ben is this really great Army Belt, which he sells with a pretty kickass backpack. Come check 'em out at the Works.

Also worn here are my really great military dog tags (with ballpeen chain!) from the Virus Co. My hand wraps, mud/blood layers and CamoJeans are from Homicide Designs. Wraps and layers being a part of my every day attire, as are my tags. Makes me so happy.

Welly well well! Sergei from Clobber has crawled out from underneath his virtual rock known as World of Warcraft to create this Commando Jumper (with armpatches). Unfortunately the rest of you will have to wait for yours, because Serg's video card took a major shit and now he has no Warcraft and no Photoshop to finish his ad. So, within a few days this will be available. My pants are his Vietnam Burnt Cammo Trousers. (Those you can get now, heh.)

A bunch of us headed over to the Kowloon sim to pick up the famous panda ride from their flea market. It's a beautifully constructed sim with so many places to explore, with some really great stuff for modest prices. (Not pictured my chef's hat.) While we were there, the second shop from the left as you enter sells some really great avatars. We all purchased the avatar here, the kowloon old woman or man. For just a mere 20 linden you will have plenty left over to properly acessorize your new av. Which we did. In SPADES! Rikka from Crimson and Clover was kind enough to make this marvelous wig just for her, and it's now for sale.

My outfit here was made by a buddy named Frenchbloke Vanmoer from the shitty deluxe collection. I first met Frenchie when I vomited blood on him while he was AFK. Who knew this guy would later go on to make such great fashion? My set includes the shitty vest, pants, socks and rope belt with buzzing flies. He has a shop now, and you can pick up this LOVELY outfit from Judi Denche's Fish and Chips shop along with his other weirdness. There you will also find some really great shapes and other bits by the talented Umbra Lunardi.

An lastly, my chair. Akasha Wachmann started it all by getting one first, and pimping it out oh so very nicely. I loved it so much, I had to go get one of my own. And when I was finished with mine the end result would have made Ed Gein crow with pure joy. Pick up your very own chair from twee and go fucking nuts. The body parts on my chair are from the Works .

This lovely outfit is aptly named dreaded sunny day (love the name) from silentsparrow. Love the skirt, love the pants with the belt layers. Love the entire outfit. Which brings us to...

A major sale! the silentsparrow sim is under major reconstruction so here is your chance for the new few weeks to grab a ton of hya's wonderful outfits for an insane price. Hurry!

While at the sale I met the delightful Violet and she creates accessories. Interesting ones! The one necklace I had to have she calls My Violent Heart and here it is. Its grotty metal with wheels and cogs, and I opted for the black version. Quelle surprise! Go check out her stuff at Violet Voltaire. My outfit was made by the always lovely Draconic Lioncourt and it's called the Annabel Lee.

All of the poses I used for this blog today were created by Dove Swanson and are for sale at her new shop, Long Awkward Pose (heee). They are really well done and she has a lot of fun ones and FFS they are really inexpensive. And new. So run on over and grab lots to stuff your pose stands with.

And looky here....FINALLY new boots from Beckenbach. The ladies set comes with a nice, shiny black leather outfit with fuzzy bits, as modeled here by the lovely Jinx Paz! The boots themselves are unisex, and sold without the outfit, too. These are some of the best looking boots he has ever made. Go check em out!

Ok, enough already.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! ( Okay, I'm a little late! ) I am so excited that it's that time again where we all can get a fresh start on life! I have made at least hundred new resolutions, and have broken only eighty so far. I'm very pleased with myself. But before I share with you some of my resolutions, I have to bring to your attention two maternity dresses that are perfect for that job interview. I went to Canimal which is another fine maternity store and was pleased to discover the new selection of conservative, classy dresses. They are perfect for executive meetings, and for any job interview. I highly recommend them to any mother to be.

Resolution number #81 is to spread my legs more and give more men a chance. ;)

Resolution #82 is to abort more. And to all you knocked up hookers who are fearful of visiting abortion clinics due to extremist who blow the centers up, please contact me as I know many ways to get rid of that burden for good without being blown up. :]

Remember, God loves you and your vagina.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Krazie 'bout Kenzie... Kool Kats Kick Kids... Kkkkkkkk

Sup bitches? Yes that means you. Sorry I have been away from da bloggin' for a while. I was getting a lil adjustment to da girls ;) Now I have bigger tits so people will love me more :D Anywho, you can't touch them... well maybe some of you can. But I want to get serious for a second here...


Okay, second done. I want to talk about a pimp store by a great designer, Kenzie. You know of her and have seen her stuff everywhere. Heck, she is a great and wonderful person... so she must be evil! Well, maybe not, but here are a few pictures of moi wearing some fabulous stuff. Sure, I think she intended me to wear pants... but fuck dat!

I am here to institute a no pants rule whenever I can. Heck, I rip pants off people when I can too. Sure, they may say "no" or "who are you?" or "put your hands up this is the police", but we all know they are playin' hard ta get.

But back to Kenzie, yummie ;)

The best thing about her shop is that it just blends well with the funky cool style we have seen with some shops in SL. I am not talking about the super high fashion overpriced garbage, I mean putting something on and feeling good about ya self. Pants or no pants, you feel good and a bit chilly in the no knickers.

Check her store out! NOW! She has a great selection that all feel very cool even though she does sell pants too. Laters everyone hope to smell ya soon!