Sunday, January 6, 2008

Krazie 'bout Kenzie... Kool Kats Kick Kids... Kkkkkkkk

Sup bitches? Yes that means you. Sorry I have been away from da bloggin' for a while. I was getting a lil adjustment to da girls ;) Now I have bigger tits so people will love me more :D Anywho, you can't touch them... well maybe some of you can. But I want to get serious for a second here...


Okay, second done. I want to talk about a pimp store by a great designer, Kenzie. You know of her and have seen her stuff everywhere. Heck, she is a great and wonderful person... so she must be evil! Well, maybe not, but here are a few pictures of moi wearing some fabulous stuff. Sure, I think she intended me to wear pants... but fuck dat!

I am here to institute a no pants rule whenever I can. Heck, I rip pants off people when I can too. Sure, they may say "no" or "who are you?" or "put your hands up this is the police", but we all know they are playin' hard ta get.

But back to Kenzie, yummie ;)

The best thing about her shop is that it just blends well with the funky cool style we have seen with some shops in SL. I am not talking about the super high fashion overpriced garbage, I mean putting something on and feeling good about ya self. Pants or no pants, you feel good and a bit chilly in the no knickers.

Check her store out! NOW! She has a great selection that all feel very cool even though she does sell pants too. Laters everyone hope to smell ya soon!