Monday, April 30, 2007

Ivalde! ... elegant like white socks..

Ivalde bringin some new looks to the SL scene. Although I don't usually prefer photosourced clothes, Neferia Abel has whipped me into submission with her original styles. Comparable to other retro-esk designers such as Antonia Marat- Artilleri, Dakota Buck-Savvy? and Shai Delacroix-Shai. So if you're a fan of them, you will be a fan to Ivalde.

Bea- (retro Bea brown Dress) A cute retro do-hicky composed of a brown and tan polka-dot top and a brown template styled skirt complimented with a dull-orange colored tiger to add that extra flare. Works beautifully with heels.

- (Alette black Victorian corset dress) Comes with a black corset, that covers enough to still be considered modest. You can either choose between a flared capri-styled set of pants or a fancy puffy skirt.
Anny- (anny dressydress) This dress is Fierce! A campbell soup print that just seems to work! Although it lacks any rad alpha ps tricks, it's still my favorite number. Sometimes less is more and this is definitely the case with this dress!

On the down-side it might be considered a bit pricey for the normal noob *tear*. Price range around 100L to 400L. But do not let the price ward you off because the quality is worth it!


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Chapeau tres Mignon - Tres Cute!

Megg Demina is a new designer who brings us some delightfully cute hats under the label "Chapeau tres Mignon". In English, that's "Very nice hat", which doesn't have quite the same ring to it. I met Megg by chance whilst shopping at Tableau and found out that she has been designing hats for a couple of months now, and already has quite an impressive collection on offer. These range from seriously stylish to just plain cute. Shown above is Gillian's Bunny Hat, which I fell in love with the minute I saw it. This is a classy fascinator with lacey ribbons and bows, perfect for a day at the races, topped off with a decapitated rabbit's head. Awwww! It's also available in white, maybe for weddings?

Shown below is the Skull Hat, which is just as quirky. Once again, the base of the hat shows traditional influences with the satin ribbons, but the use of colourful skull and rose patterned fabric and, um, a big skull departs from all conventional style and makes this quite a unique piece!
Chapeau tres Mignon has vendors at The Hawthouse and now also inside Savvy? at the Fashion Victim Headquarters, so go check out what else she has on offer. And Swirly is going to be SO jealous I found these first!

Swirly ate my baby.

Hello, hello. I've been on hiatus for quite awhile now, and I will tell you the reasons why. As you all know I was a very pregnant whore! Well, one day that burden of mine just popped out of nowhere and I was no longer pregnant. IT was a girl. I named her Stephanie after my former ex lover and hated wife, Stephanie Misfit. Little Stephanie was my pride, my life, my burden, my world.

Well Little Stephanie was taken away from me! My obese sister, Swirly, ate my baby. She thought it was a giant size hot dog thingy ma bob perfectly made for her. I was in shock and devastated.

A whole entire day passed and I was still depressed over this inevitable loss. But luckily for me, my husband Bing, came back from one of his "business" trips, and he planted another one of his seeds in me.

I soon found out I was pregnant again and boy was I happy. Upon hearing I was pregnant again I decided I was going to need some NEW maternity wear. So I went over to Artilleri, my favorite store that sells Maternity wear. I bought this cute, white hoochie mama top that shows of my *NEW* burden, and even some scandalous tattoos. Also I got these cute lil' black jeans. I just look adorable, I really do. And you CANNOT tell me wouldn't want to make me depressed and make me lose another baby, would you? ^_^ Love and peace for all!

Clothes from
Shoes from Shiny Things
Hair from ETD
Earrings from Paper Couture
Tats by Novi Gadsby

Friday, April 27, 2007

First Impressions Limited Edition Relay for Life Shirts

Pukk Abel from First Impressions has announced that she will be releasing new Limited Edition Relay for Life items or packs every Thursday. The first release is the V-Neck Garden Tops, a pack of 5 pretty v-neck tops with a floral theme. All 5 colours are shown below -Orchid, Lily, Hyacinth, Daffodil, and Rose - and these are available on both the shirt and jacket layers. The minimum donation for this set is only 150L, pretty damn good for 5 shirts, but there is the option to donate a larger amount to help out even further with the Relay for Life effort.
The V-Neck Garden Tops will be available until May 2nd, and then they will be gone forever, so make sure you drop by First Impressions soon and pick these up before they are gone. The limited editions are only available at Pukk's main store. Can't wait to see what she comes up with for her next Relay for Life release!

New from RFyre and other must haves!

Ok fellas, looky here. What we have have for you is this outfit called Regent from House of RFyre. This should be a freaking godsend to some of you socially inept goth wanna be's because all you need to do is just put this on and the world is yours! Would work for you too, Stephen Bentham! While personally I feel that this works best on lovely pale skinned people (we are far more interesting to look at), I suppose you tanned things could give it a shot. Currently in black or crimson, and more colors to come. And here it is!

And if that wasn't enough, there will soon be a ladies version as well!

And Friday, Raven is releasing another men's outfit that will look good on me, too! She calls this one Trammel, and it's absolutely stunning. The offering for this is in black and crimson, too! See these pictures? Today is a good day to be a boy at RFyre!

And Raven is getting wicked good with the lollies and here is her latest offering. This one is called Goth Doll II. Comes with two sets of stockings and leg ribbons! Raven Pennyfeather is another one of my favorite designers. I have the privilege of getting to sit with her sometimes when she works and heh, she is picky. And sweet. I LOVE her! So become a beautiful goth, it's so easy, go to RFyre! (Happy go luck-y).

Hmpf, and here we have another offering made for boys, but I wear it too! Check out this coat from ~ silent sparrow ~ . Hya felt it necessary for me to add some color into my life, so here we are in red. She is getting good with the prims too, this coat moves well and it looks freakin' fantastic. So I suppose I am reigning queen of greyscale AND crimson. Hell YES!

And here is another brand new dress from hya! It's called blutengel (bloodangel, NEAT). And don't be staring too long at hya in her undipants, you perverts! Haha! Isn't it lovely? Of course it is, hya made it, haven't you all been paying attention?

Keishii Roo over at Goth1c0 has been busy, check me out in this lolita called Beautiful Lie! Haha, it IS beautiful and I got one! Check me out. Hat included!

Kei also if offering up a (pink!) lolly for Relay for Life called Innocent Dream. I avoid pink, it's like poison, but it's a lovely lolly for a lovely cause, so get one! Here it is. (Swirly you need this)!

And here is a sweet little number from Nocturnal Threads by kaia Ennui. kaia calls it Bad Gretel, I'm not sure why cause it looks pretty good to me. See? Haha, you need this! (Thank you kaia for making your prims delightfully shrinky)!

Next up and this is very exciting, is this SWEET samurai armor by my very own daddy, Feri! Yuh, this is impressive. I got to keep him company while he put this together, and I have to say it's some of the nicest work he has ever done. He must like it too, because he refuses to take it off. That is called dedication, people! Its a full armor set, includes chest and skirt pieces, with full helm, gauntlets and boots. Pictures don't do it justice, the full display is in his shop here: Beckenbauer Productions & Friends. Don't be a dumbass, get one NOW!

Also at Beckenbauer Productions in the kids section, my new friend Christabel North has this kickass comic book with poses. Here I am reading Sandman! My absolute favorite comic of all time! It comes with standing, sitting and lying poses! Read without a poseball, people!

Ok, this is more than enough from me. See you!

Look, Chica! <3

Introducing.. Miss Lucid

Lucid, Diabolical Volos -a face yet to be discovered. Although Volos has been around as long, if not longer than most of the Sl designer divas, she's yet to gain recognition. For as long as I've known her she's been incognito and it's really shameful no one has reviewed her before because this girl is FIERCE.

It just goes to show you, there's always a fresh face to be discovered.
(Left- Ad for Fixation one of the newest releases

What? You don't believe me that she's as fierce as tyra banks if not more? okay here's why:

1) Punkbitch- Quite a name right? Well the outfit sure lives up to it. It comes 7 different color tops and pants to match. I absolutely love this outfit, the detail is impressive (has little baby safety pins awwwness ♥)

2) Fixation- Absolute Newest release and so far the most rawker for your money. 500L for all you see in the ad. Very skimpy but in a classy scene-slut way that all the rawka chicks in SL dress. Therefore =Fierce

3) Nancy- This outfit by far my favorite, the top is a slender form-fitting tanktop with a cute tramp-stamp in the middle of the bosoms. Perfect for the SG-esk tattooed girls in SL. Besides the top, it comes with a double-belted set of pants with zippers on the thigh,very detailed.

Now seeing as that you've never met my dear ol' friend Diabolical, I interviewed her JUST FOR YOU! WOW aren't you rad!?

bout the business..

Dot: how would you describe your clothing?
Volos: all into anything different... and makin trendy things look more unique;its a lil of everything
Dot:What other SL designers do you find inspirational?
Volos: amby and lost of course
Volos: starley[celestial studios], you[Satine],kaejo desilva,asri falcone...not mistress but the other girl
Dot: lol

Satine Dot: why do you make the things you make? what inspires you?
Volos: i like making art in done graffiti in rl for 15 years,anything that i have to teach myself, i make the things in sl i make, because i think i add stuff thats not to typical and I love when i see a random person wearing it or using my animations

Dot: how would you say your pricing is? fair average high low? could the average noob afford it?
Volos: some is high for sure, most noobs can afford some of the older stuff, but i put alot into making it original and quality so i charge what id pay for somehting of that quality its all between 200 and 500 at this point
Dot nods
Volos: depends on how much i put into the outfit shading i do it ALL from scratch usually so its always a lotta hours usually


Dot: What do you prefer hand-drawn or photosourced and explain why
Volos: hand drawn to me if its done right it looks more real than anything else and its one of a kind,unique
Dot: b) so do you believe they should charge more than someone that photosources?
Volos: yeah definatley if its done well not carelessly
Dot: Favorite Band?
Volos: wow, that's hard, i'm into a lotaa of music
Dot: one band that you feel defines you
Volos: deftones....for sure


Dot: what advice do you have to upcoming designers?
Volos: noooway, lol well I never wanted to annoy anyone so i never asked designers, i read A LOT of titorials and then became friends with some well known designers. They saw i was somewhat skilled so
they helped if I need questions answered usally
Satine Dot: So no advice for new meat? :]
Volos: read tutoriasl
Dot: Thank you :D
Volos: and its a LOTTA trial and error
Dot: Sweetness
Volos: specially with poser, lol
Volos: tell them if they ever have any questions I'm nice, ill usually explain as well as i can, but they ahve to have at least the mimimal ps knowledge, like i can't teach someone ps
Volos: lol
Dot:lol okay

Dunt you love her? Here's where to find her stuff Lucid

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bright Delights from Swirly

Hello dears, the few of you who aren't accustomed to adorning your anorexic bodies in skimpy slutwear all year round are probably looking forward to the opportunity to throw off those winter clothes and stock up on some delightful spring and summer fashions. So Swirly brings you a selection of her favourite bright and colourful sunny weather outfits, just to brighten your day!

The Skipper Bikini is a new release from that goddess of retro style, Antonia Marat. Swirly loves you Antonia, don't forget the review copies next time dear! Shown here in the very nautical blue shade, you can pick it up at artilleri, go NOW darlings! Of course, nothing would match this outfit better than the new Fancy hair from GuRL 6, Swirly picked up the Delicate Pack and just LOVES it! The divine Jackie O glasses which are such a favourite of Swirly's are of course available at Nylon Outfitters, the Wilma Pearl Necklace is from Kitty's Rampage and the fabulous T-Strap Shoes are from Shiny Things.

There's nothing like a dash of pink combined with numerous other clashing colours to show that you are a style queen. This casual yet stylish outfit is guaranteed to turn heads. The bright and cheerful Petal Top - Stars from Soda will draw attention to your best assets whilst screaming "Aren't I just the cutest thing you have ever seen?" Team it with the shorts from the Rosemary Set from Savvy? and you are on to a definite winner darlings! Lucas Lameth from Earthtones Boutique is just the most adorable "payment info on file" man that Swirly has ever met, and she would love to have his children. But he also makes rather pretty jewelry, and Swirly LOVES the Mr.Mesmerize earrings and necklace that he gave her as a sign of his affection. Swirly is waiting for you Lucas darling! The Patent Mary Janes are from boing fromage, Swirly's hair is Caitlin from
artilleri, and she is wearing the gorgeous new Zoe skin from Naughty - wouldn't you SWEAR that Amby made this just for Swirly, she looks so good in it!

Swirly is SUCH a huge fan of Indie Rainbow, his skins in particular are just divine. But he makes the most adorable clothes as well. Swirly is wearing Indie's Polka Dot Dress in Green, which is just so cute, but the best thing is it comes in a pack of five colours! Five darlings!! Swirly has teamed this outfit with the Funky Town Earrings in Lime from Funk-O-Rama and the must-have Feather Necklace from Yummy. And aren't these Jelly Jelly Shoes from The Violet Tree just delicious? Swirly doesn't recommend that you eat them after you wear them though darlings, because that would be most unhygienic. Swirly was over the moon to see that the new Chrissy hair from
artilleri comes with a scripted colour and pattern changing bandana - too fabulous! Swirly's skin is FruitLoops in Sweet Tarte from [miw]; isn't the make-up just SO Swirly??

Any self-respecting Fashion Victim reader would be aware that Swirly is Ginny's BIGGEST fan. Ginny actually passed on her entire Girl Next Door collection to Swirly when it was released, but Swirly could not be bothered blogging any of it until now. Swirly doesn't like to rush these things darlings, laziness IS a virtue after all. So here at last, we have Jessica from
Last Call, which is comprised of the cutest plaid shorts and a lovely puffed sleeve ruffled blouse. It looks marvelous when worn with the free Signature Sandals from Lassitude and Ennui; even you "no payment info on file" hobo types can afford these! Swirly's hair is the very pretty Curly Top in Blond from Adam N Eve, and of course she is wearing that "made-just-for-Swirly" Zoe skin from Naughty.

Here we have the Ariana Denim Set from GLAM which comes with a number of pieces. But why would you want to cover up with a jacket when you can show off a little midriff darlings? Don't forget that GLAM is having a fabulous half price sale right now, so rush on over and pick yourself up some bargains! Swirly is wearing her all time favourite Retro Bug Sunglasses from CAKE, along with the
Funky Town Earrings and Zebralicious Bangles from that irritating child Lexi Burks at Funk-O-Rama. These very smart BoHo White Sandals are from She's So Unusual Shoes, and Swirly found her Delightful Rubina Geometric Hair at Marlys.

Also from
GLAM is the Breezey Romper in Pink; doesn't Swirly just look just too cute in this? It goes perfectly with the Newsboy Cap in Pink from Lo Lo. Swirly is wearing the Tiny Hearts Hoop Earrings and the Kickin Candy Set from Funk-O-Rama, which Swirly was disappointed to learn is not made from real candy. The oh-so-sexy Jen shoes in Pucci are from X3D. Swirly's hair is the very cute and retro Short Crop in Chiffon from Aveda. Swirly is wearing the Shiny Light Skin in Brown and Pink from Fashionably Dead, but it looks like this fabulous skin is no longer available darlings.


FABULOUS One-of-a-Kind Gown for Relay for Life

Hello darlings, Swirly here with an important announcement, so pay attention please. Ginny Talamasca of Last Call has created L'Unique, a very special, one-of-a-kind gown which will be auctioned off to benefit Relay for Life. The auction will commence on Monday the 23rd and Ginny will be accepting bids by notecard; just include your name and the amount you would like to bid. The winning bidder will receive the gown on May 7th. This is a fabulous opportunity to do your bit to raise funds for cancer research, and who knows, you may end up being the lucky owner of the beautiful gown pictured above. Swirly can guarantee that the winner of the auction will be the ONLY person in SL to own L'Unique, as Ginny has refused to send Swirly a review copy despite numerous requests and bribes. Looks like Swirly will have to work overtime to find a husband with payment info on file to bid on her behalf. There is more information about the auction and about how you can do your bit for Relay for Life on the Dazzle Haute Couture blog.


New from Muse - Elle Orchid Collection

To celebrate the opening of the new Muse boutique, Caliah Lyon has released the Elle Orchid Collection, an intricate mix of silver petals, pearls and beads. Available in 5 subtle hues - Ivory, Champagne, Lilac, Rose and Sky - the necklace can be worn with any of the 3 different styles of orchid earrings, or with bead earrings in colours to match. While the prim work is fine and delicate, the pieces are large enough to be noticed and commented on - I fail to see the point of jewelry that is so small no-one can see you are wearing it. The Elle Orchid Necklace is 350L, the 3 pack of Elle Orchid Earrings is 300L and the Elle Bead Earrings are 50L a pair. A fat pack with all colours is available for 2000L. I don't buy a lot of jewelry in SL, but this is prim artwork, as the close up pictures below demonstrate.

Close up of the Elle Orchid Necklace in Sky

Elle Orchid Dangle Earring

Monday, April 16, 2007


Haha, yea I am back so soon! I am very excited because silentsparrow has it's very own sim and some incredible new releases! So let's see them now, look!

Here I am posing with hyasynth the creator of all these beautiful clothes, I am wearing a not so new outfit called Moppet (hehe)! and she is wearing the incredible flaneuse! Just look at the detail on this blouse. Yuh, and you know you are loving those prim sleeves.

And here is my hya wearing raies, and me in flaneuse. Switcheroo! And doesn't it just piss you off when a 5 year old undead kid dresses better than you? Go ahead and show me up and get it for yourself, silly things!

Raies comes with many varations including pants. (grin)

For those that know me well, I am a huge fan of silentsparrow clothing. They are perfect. Almost 100 percent hand drawn, seams are practically flawless and the styles are just classic.
As a bonus she always throws in lots of extra bits so you never need to scramble for hose or gloves, sometimes even pantaloonies! (Furiae the fangirl, that's me, yush).

And please do check out the new sim, it's amazing! I was lucky enough to get the grand tour but don't be lazy go look for yourselves, and while you are inside the shop, yes yes DO look in the basement. Jessica has some really nifty things down there, like an embalming table. (giggle). Also some great art work for sale, too. And a mausoleum for nappy times. It has ducks and ravens and daisies and well...just go to ~ silent sparrow ~.

And my auntie Poe Tatum finally got off her butt and is releasing the wonderous choker and earrings that I am wearing. Magnifico! Go pick these up here, but know that I had them FIRST. The cool people of SL already have the LM for Poe's shop, for the rest of you click Sweet Skanks, to go to Skanks-R-Us & SweetEdge Jewelry Headquarters (and friends).

And shame on Swirly, she left out -my- favorite wig from the hair fair, but you can still get it at Celestial Studios. It's called Annie May, it comes in two versions and I got both because sometimes I'm a dumbass. What do you want from me anyways?! I'm short and never saw the other version!

Haha, Pukk Abel goes Goth for at least one release! That's right, LOOK.

Pretty nifty, huh? It's pretty much like 3 outfits in one. Too bad I can't wear it but these ladies look pretty damn good. Very chic. Good lord, who made that wig, Pukk? You never told me. Hmpf. Pick it up at Gothique IndustriElle-First Impressions!

Let's see. Yuh, that pretty much covers it for me. For now. Lucky you, haha!

Furiae Blackthorne

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fashion Victim's Best of Hair Fair 2007

Hello dears, Swirly here with some of the most fabulous styles from the best designers at Hair Fair this year. Dakota and Stephanie will also give you their opinions on what's hot, but you just listen to Swirly, wouldn't want you making a serious fashion faux pas darlings! Of course there were many more marvelous designers featured at the Hair Fair than Swirly could possibly show you here, but she couldn't buy everything darlings, she doesn't have a husband with payment info on file!

Swirly LOVES Dolly in French Vanilla from Allure. This style has it all darlings, a gorgeous ribbon with pretty flowers attached, side swept bangs and those lovely fluffy alpha textures. Just divine!

A new hair designer premiering at Hair Fair this year is Armidi, brought to us by those clever people at Elephant Outfitters. There's some lovely hair for the boys, but alas, only one style for the girls so far. But what a style it is! The Bombshell lives up to its name, and Swirly just knows she will have men with payment info on file falling at her feet when she wears this hair.

Stephanie Misfit looks quite smart in the Mariya hair from artilleri. It would have looked much nicer on Swirly though.

Poor Dakota Buck looks like she is making a sad attempt to return to her childhood in the Dallas hair from artilleri. What next dear, school uniforms?

Aveda is a new range of realistic hair brought to us by ETD for Aveda Institutes, and darlings, everyone is just raving about it! In the picture above, Stephanie is wearing Long Wavy in Amber, Short Crop in Coffee, and Long Flip in Champagne. That's from left to right darlings, not all at once, that would be silly!
Of course, Stephanie is overshadowed by Swirly wearing the daring Short Bob in Champagne. Only a woman of substantial beauty like Swirly can get away with a style as blunt and edgy as this, which is why Swirly recommends that YOU don't even try.

Swirly loves the sleek, shiny and very sexy Gala II from Curio. Very shiny textures and super flexi darlings! Not a look every girl can pull off, but Swirly manages it effortlessly.

Dakota is wearing Joan in Auburn from Curl Up and Dye Salon. She almost looks pretty!

Also from Curl Up and Dye is Lucy in Red. Doesn't Swirly look adorable in this?

Swirly is wearing LadyGlam in Honey from Glamorous Ladies. Swirly hadn't come across this designer before and was delighted to see that someone is finally bringing some true style and glamour to Second Life!

Stephanie is wearing Kaoru in Brown from Kin Keiko. This style is slightly reminiscent of the movie There's Something About Mary, though Swirly can't put her finger on exactly what it is that reminds her of it.

Swirly just oozes class in Imaginary by the delectably divine Lost Thereian. This style is both playful and sophisticated, isn't Lost marvelous? And ohhhh so handsome too!

Of course, Stephanie had to try to outdo Swirly by buying Pierce, a special design by Lost, with 100% of proceeds going to Locks of Love. You get 48 gorgeous colours for only 2000L, and the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from helping others. Isn't Lost just the BEST for giving all the proceeds from the sale of Pierce to poor little children who have no hair? And Stephanie dear, just because you purchased a special charity hairstyle doesn't mean you CARE, don't think we can't see right through you darling!

Dakota is wearing Repressed Inner Child from Nylon Outfitters. Dakota dear, just because you have a bizarre obsession with connecting with your "inner child", it does NOT give you permission to pick your nose during fashion shoots! Swirly doesn't know if this kind of thing is considered acceptable on other blogs, but it certainly won't be tolerated on Fashion Victim.
Dakota is in our faces yet again, this time wearing the rather oddly named YO GINA hair from Nylon. Really darlings, you would think Dakota could have at least bothered to run a brush through this hair before modelling it here.

Dakota is modelling Yuppie in Brown by Old Gravy. Yes darlings, only Dakota Buck could make a glamorous hairstyle like Yuppie look somewhat, well, trashy. Once again, something that would look much better on Swirly. Why these girls even bother is a mystery.........

This is Jem from Sinsation . Swirly just loves this soft, fluffy and modern style in the Mocha Highlights shade, it makes her look like a soccer mom who just slid out of bed after a hot night between the sheets.