Monday, April 16, 2007


Haha, yea I am back so soon! I am very excited because silentsparrow has it's very own sim and some incredible new releases! So let's see them now, look!

Here I am posing with hyasynth the creator of all these beautiful clothes, I am wearing a not so new outfit called Moppet (hehe)! and she is wearing the incredible flaneuse! Just look at the detail on this blouse. Yuh, and you know you are loving those prim sleeves.

And here is my hya wearing raies, and me in flaneuse. Switcheroo! And doesn't it just piss you off when a 5 year old undead kid dresses better than you? Go ahead and show me up and get it for yourself, silly things!

Raies comes with many varations including pants. (grin)

For those that know me well, I am a huge fan of silentsparrow clothing. They are perfect. Almost 100 percent hand drawn, seams are practically flawless and the styles are just classic.
As a bonus she always throws in lots of extra bits so you never need to scramble for hose or gloves, sometimes even pantaloonies! (Furiae the fangirl, that's me, yush).

And please do check out the new sim, it's amazing! I was lucky enough to get the grand tour but don't be lazy go look for yourselves, and while you are inside the shop, yes yes DO look in the basement. Jessica has some really nifty things down there, like an embalming table. (giggle). Also some great art work for sale, too. And a mausoleum for nappy times. It has ducks and ravens and daisies and well...just go to ~ silent sparrow ~.

And my auntie Poe Tatum finally got off her butt and is releasing the wonderous choker and earrings that I am wearing. Magnifico! Go pick these up here, but know that I had them FIRST. The cool people of SL already have the LM for Poe's shop, for the rest of you click Sweet Skanks, to go to Skanks-R-Us & SweetEdge Jewelry Headquarters (and friends).

And shame on Swirly, she left out -my- favorite wig from the hair fair, but you can still get it at Celestial Studios. It's called Annie May, it comes in two versions and I got both because sometimes I'm a dumbass. What do you want from me anyways?! I'm short and never saw the other version!

Haha, Pukk Abel goes Goth for at least one release! That's right, LOOK.

Pretty nifty, huh? It's pretty much like 3 outfits in one. Too bad I can't wear it but these ladies look pretty damn good. Very chic. Good lord, who made that wig, Pukk? You never told me. Hmpf. Pick it up at Gothique IndustriElle-First Impressions!

Let's see. Yuh, that pretty much covers it for me. For now. Lucky you, haha!

Furiae Blackthorne