Sunday, March 30, 2008

Skintight is Alright Darlings

Hello darlings, Swirly here, with a special photo feature focusing on skintight fashions. Swirly does love a nice figure hugging outfit, and she certainly has the figure to carry it off. Swirly has noticed that there are way too many overly thin girls on the fashion feed who encase their skeletal frames with tight clothing, and it simply isn't right! Yes, Swirly means YOU Sofia, Mariya, Marni, Milla and........ the rest of you too. Get some meat on those emaciated bones because only a real woman can carry off looks like these darlings. Swirly will show you how it's done :)

Denim Cotton Jumpsuit [Pink] from Armidi
Oxford Leather Ankle Boot [Light Pink] from Armidi
Flamingo Earrings from artilleri
Edge Lashes from Detour
Natalia Hair in Dark Blonde - Light from TRUTH
Emma Skin Tan - Glamour Makeup Smoky from Redgrave

Gillian Pantsuit in Plum from MG Fashion
Slinky Stilettos - Fuchsia from Maitreya
Big Frame Sunglasses - Black/Purple from Nylon Outfitters
Natalia Hair in Dark Blonde - Light from TRUTH
Emma Skin Tan - Glamour Smoky from Redgrave

Axel in Gold from :bijou:
Tie Me Up (Black on Gold) Shoes from Stiletto Moody
Bashment Earrings Round Hoops from turnstyle
Pineapple Hair in Blonde from JUNWAVE
Edge Lashes from Detour
Emma Skin Tan - Glamour Gold from Redgrave

Blouse from Britney Set by Last Call
Free Hickory Pants (Low) from Mirrors
Snake Vixens - Skin 2 from TESLA
Annyka Hair - Light Blonde from Aden
Emma Skin Tan - Nitemakeup Smoky from Redgrave

Glamorous TDress from GiGi Couture
Stocking C - Gold from :bijou:
Roughup Hair in Blonde from JUNWAVE
Shiny Vixens - Gold Spirit from TESLA
Edge Lashes from Detour
Emma Skin Tan - Glamour Gold from Redgrave


Content Theft - A few thoughts on "raids" and protests

I've noted with concern some blog posts and in-world notices encouraging protests at stores that are distributing stolen content. While obviously well intentioned, I don't believe this kind of action is a valid first step in responding to content theft. Take a moment to read Sioxie Legend's perspective on this, and information about other ways you can help.

Please, if you find stolen content, contact the affected designers first, and give them a chance to file a DMCA. Alerting the content thief first by organising large scale protests at their store gives the thief a chance to move their store or start selling the stolen content under an alt, making it harder for the designers to track them down and take action.

While content theft justifiably creates a feeling of outrage within the community, ultimately it is the designers who are most affected. Please let them decide the appropriate course of action in response to the theft of their work.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Illusions - Fabulous Sculptie Hair!

Hello darlings, Swirly here! The delightful Siyu Suen of Illusions recently released the most fabulous sculptie hair and Swirly just had to show it to you. It is much, much better than anything made by lying scumbag Truth Hawks darlings.

Illusions hair features incredible scripted colour changing technology. Now you won't find anything like THAT at Truth dears. Each style is available in a variety of colour groups - Naturals, Jewels, Pastels, Crazies and Black Tips and White Tips. And when you click on the hair, you get even MORE colours to choose from! There are so many colours, Swirly completely broke her brain trying to count them all, and had to stop after reaching five.

Some of this hair could well be the tallest in SL! It's certainly almost as tall as Swirly, which is quite a feat. And Siyu hasn't just released hair for your heads darlings, she has also released some for your face. That's right, fabulous moustaches! Trust Swirly when she says that every girl needs at least one of these in her inventory for those special occasions. The moustaches are also colour changing. But even if they weren't, you wouldn't be able to find anything like these at Truth darlings.

The Bowl in Naturals - Platinum from Illusions
The Fawkes Stache in Naturals - Platinum from Illusions
Sable Short Dress Set in Green by Nicky Ree
Klee Dot Lashes from Detour
Deviant Skin from Wax Poetic

The Heart in Black Tippeds - Amethyst from Illusions
The Handlebar Stache in Naturals - Black from Illusions
"Rose Zircon" Spotted Rainbowa from caLLie cLine
Purple Paillette Earrings from Paper Couture
Spider Lashes from Detour
Funky Tan Skin in Purple and Peach from Fashionably Dead

The Swirly Cyclone in Crazies - Orange from Illusions
The Snidely Stache in Naturals - Black from Illusions
Frills Shirt in Orange from Royal Blue
Sequin Earrings in Orange from JUNK
Thorn Lashes from Detour
Fall Light Skin - Art Class from [miw]

There is more fabulous hair in store darlings, but what's the point of continuing this post now that you have all rushed off to buy The Swirly Cyclone hair? Just remember darlings, don't buy your hair from Truth.