Friday, June 29, 2007

Because you guys just can't enough of me! :)

Howdy ya'll! Your favorite knocked up hooker is just a few days. Only because that whore of an ex-wife, Stephanie Misfit, forces me to blog and stuff. I do not like that woman, and I still can't figure out why I allowed myself to be married to such a whore. She and her brother are into each other if you know what I mean. Check Stephen Bentham's flickr account if you want proof of that. Ew.OK, moving on. KENZIE <3 I found this store by accident when walking around in some shopping mall and I am very glad I found it! Very cute clothes and honestly I think this store is going to become very popular soon. It just has the cutest things...and you all should decide to trust me and head down to KENZIE right this minute. I promise you will not be disappointed. :) Well, I won't talk much because I need to go find some more cute little stores catering to us poor women with burdens in our tummies.

I know what you're thinking! Why am I so cute!?
Look at those tatas.
They are the only perk for letting a guy plant his demon seed in you.

Honest to gawwd truth.
That's my sexy look above. It gets the guys going every time.
Skins: Lovey's Boutique

Sand Shack Surf Co.


Kimberly Casanova Designs

Tops and dress from: KENZIE

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

An assortment of new (and not so new!) releases

Just a few things that have caught my eye lately, some brand new, and others not so new. OK, so I'm a slack blogger, blame it on the fact that I'm a much too laid-back Aussie! The latest SL update is certainly making things fun here - textures that won't rez properly, attachments rezzing in my nether regions and refusing to detach until I relog. Ah well, just another day in SL, bring on the clothes.
First up is a new release from First Impressions, the Pleated Trench Coat. Believe me when I say that you MUST have this - it's free! Yay for Pukk!

I couldn't pass up this new dress from Amaretto, mainly because the design is so simple, it's such a classic look. Jersey Girl features elegant lines, and I love the fitted system skirt and the cute flexi waist tie. All of Lux Yao's designs are completely hand drawn too.

SecondWave Apparel has released a range of lace trimmed camis, these come in a great selection of patterns and colours including the leopard and zebra prints shown above. They are available on 3 layers, and at 35L each are well worth a look.

Not quite so new, but definitely a must have, is the bem querer dress from Bossa Nova. Released at the Second Convention Fashion Show, this dress is available in several colours and features a delicate flower pattern, tulle underskirt and matching modifiable corsage. Moire's releases just keep getting better and better, and I love the retro yet glamourous feel of this dress.

Here's some Relay for Life items from CKS Designs which I can't believe I haven't blogged before since not only are they totally cute, the proceeds from sales go to charity. Kit has released these tops in 2 sets, the Tropical Tube Baby Dolls (example shown in the middle) and Tropical Tube Halter Baby Dolls. Each set comes with six tops in a variety of patterns, with colours ranging from bright to muted, and there's a bangle to match each top. Pretty much a summer essential!

Finally, some releases from new shoe designer Zayante Hegel of ZayZay. Shown from left to right are Rose's Gift, Corkies in White and Everyday Sandals in Black. I was impressed with the design of the Rose's Gift shoes, these have a sweet little bow and ribbons on the toe, and a pearl clasp and entwined ribbon at the heel . Eye catching, but not over the top. Zayante seems like a shoe designer with promise.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Glorious Gowns from Blaze

Hello darlings, Swirly here. As anyone who knows Swirly would be aware, Blaze Columbia is Swirly's all time favourite designer. Swirly was heartbroken that she never got to wear her Blaze Unforgettable wedding gown after being callously and cruelly dumped without explanation by her former fiance Stephen Bentham. But Swirly is fine now, because Blaze has released a fabulous new gown called Elegance 2, and sent it to Swirly to review after she begged to have it! Stephen darling, you can burn in hell, and don't even think about asking Swirly to give that gown back!

Elegance 2 is a remake of an older Blaze gown, Elegance. Or is that Elegance 1? Never mind darlings. This classic gown comes in thirty different colours, yes, THIRTY! Swirly's favourite is orange, which she is graciously modelling for you in the picture below. Doesn't Swirly look stunning?
Asian Gold / White Rose Diamond Hairpin from Prim Seduction, Faedra's Emblem Necklace and Earrings in Multi / Gold from EARTHTONES Boutique, White Leather Mules from Insolence, Viscaria Hair in Blonde from Calla, Lacie 02 skin from =RaC=

Elegance 2 features a divinely sheer flexi skirt, as well as a keyhole back (which you cannot see in any of these pictures). Blaze has even included body glitter with this gown, and Swirly just loves the way it draws attention to her bosoms! Swirly is wearing Elegance 2 in Rose in the picture below, which is a NEW colour darlings! Run to Blaze now and grab yourself one, or thirty, of these gorgeous gowns. YOU could look as pretty as Swirly!
Claire Ballet Slipper Necklace in Rose and Claire Diamond Earrings from Muse, Spring Enchantress Hair in Light Blonde from Celestial Studios (no longer available), Lacie 02 skin from =RaC=


Monday, June 25, 2007

Boho Wood Jewelry from EARTHTONES Boutique

Lucas Lameth is one seriously talented guy, as this latest release from EARTHTONES Boutique shows. Lucas has designed 3 sets of bohemian / gypsy style wooden jewelry which you can mix and match. I watched Lucas work on these in his studio and couldn't wait for them to be released, the prim work and texturing is superb as you would expect from EARTHTONES jewelry. All items are sold separately and are very reasonably priced at 179L for the necklaces and 69L for the earrings.

My favourite piece from the collection is the Boho Gypsy Necklace in Mixed Cherry Woods. Lucas describes it as "messy and very random". I love the contrasting shapes and textures; wear it with something low cut and this is one very eye catching necklace! Also shown here are the Boho Big Loop Earrings in Cherry Woods; I LOVE the size of these.

The Boho Triple Layer Wood Beads Necklace is a simpler piece comprised of 3 interwoven strands which would look great with casual or beach wear. I would love to see this made for guys as well. The sculpted shape of the Boho Figured Wood Earrings is very delicate and pretty.

Lucas has gone all out with the Boho Extra Long Necklace in Mixed Woods, this is really something quite different and impressive! The Boho Earrings Wood Wave in Mixed Woods are textured similarly the Boho Big Loop earrings with contrasting wood tones, but are carved to wave out.

Clothes: Aphrodite from Last Call
Hair: Crave in Mocha from Naughty
Skin: Alina Vintage Singles Fair "Dangerous Eyelashes 1" from Naughty

Knocked up Beach BABE!

If that picture doesn't give you naughty thoughts then I honestly don't know what will. That is pretty freaking hot! Anyways, it's summer time, which means time to to wear less and less. And if you don't know, know this: I am no conservative knocked up hooker. Hell, I'd walk around naked if it weren't for those jealous bitches trying to get me banned because I'm all hotter than them and their boy toys can't stop looking at me. Yeah, burden and all, I'm hot, and I wear hot clothes. Now it being summer time a lot of designers are coming out with all these bathing suits and summer clothes, but my favorite place to go for my summer gear would have to be:

Sand S
hack Surf Co.

Emma Gilmour, the creator behind Sand Shack, is probably the nicest designer I have ever met and she's almost just as cute and fun as me. Her shops are extra cute like my future burden will be. ( And if my burden isn't cute, I'll give IT up for adoption, obviously! ) Anyways, I'm just happy another great designer is out there designing with the knocked up hooker in mind.

It seems to be a growing trend! :D

Look at those boobies *Wink, wink* Call me? Don't let my burden stop you ;)

Though I've been told to quit smoking because it's not good for my burden, I just can't seem to kick the habit. It's just like whores can't keep their legs closed for more than five seconds, ya know?

Emma created these pants with the "semi" prude in mind who doesn't like to show off their ass. Though these pants are a must have, I suggest not wearing them if you're looking for the perfect sugar daddy.

Hair, Clothes, Sandals, and glasses: Sand Shack Surf Co.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Limited Edition Relay for Life Release from First Impressions

The latest Limited Edition Relay for Life Release from First Impressions is here. Birdy is a cute brown and cream skirt and top set, which has a retro yet classic feel. The skirt is flexi and features a stitched waist and a delicate bird pattern on the hem. It's only available from June 21 to June 27, when it will be replaced by a new limited edition, so grab it before it's gone. Did I mention it only costs 100L and is for charity, so there's no excuse?

Divine Hats from Illusions

Hello darlings, Swirly here. As you would all be aware, Swirly's style is as subtle and demure as Swirly is herself. Never one to draw attention to herself, she avoids larger accessories and chooses smaller, less dramatic pieces to accentuate her look, always adhering to the old adage "less is more". That's why Swirly was thrilled to visit Illusions and discover the range of hats and masks available from talented designer Siyu Suen. These delicate and understated pieces are quite simply works of art, and were just made for Swirly!

Siyu has released a new version of her Eliza's Ascot Hat. You can see the previous version reviewed on Linden Lifestyles, but Swirly can tell you that this version is better because it's made from sculpties! Swirly isn't quite sure what sculpties are but can tell you this - they're new, so they must be good! This hat features lovely roses, ostrich feathers, bows and a lace veil - just divine darlings!

This is the Captains Hat and yes, it's a pirate hat for all you swashbuckling types out there! The brim and feathers are tintable too!

Swirly's favourite hat is the Sabrina Top Hat, named after that fabulous fashionista Sabrina Doolittle. It features the most adorable dead little bird, and tintable band. It's also available in white. Look out for a Swirly hat from Illusions soon!

Siyu also makes the most fabulous masks and has a bargain section with a selection of masks which all cost less than 50L! Believe it or not, Swirly had never worn a mask before, fearing it would conceal her natural beauty. But at those prices, she couldn't resist, and as you can see, she looks as radiant as ever. Shown below are the Lucky Pheonix Mask, The Enigmatic Mask of Sake Rahja and the Grand Peacock Mask.
You can see more of Siyu's work on her blog, and do make sure to visit Illusions to pick up a lovely hat or mask for yourself!


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Filipino Elegance at the Casa del Shai

The lovely Miss Shai Delacroix has truly outdone herself with her latest release, the Filipiniana Collection. A series of gowns that embodies traditional Filipino style with old-world elegance and flair, these are works of art in themselves. All in attendance were quite impressed with these designs when they debuted at the Second Convention Fashion Show, with good cause.

The care and painstaking attention to detail lavished on these gowns is evident in the lace of the bell sleeves and bodices, especially in one of my favourites, the Traje de Mestiza Terno. The panuelo (shawl) and bell sleeves are exquisite, as are the floral details on the skirt - which gives just the right impression of luxuriant weight and volume with deep, well-shaded folds in the fabric.

Casa del Shai Traje de Mestiza Terno.

I'd admired the deceptively simple silhouette of the Imelda Terno dress when I first saw it in the original Verdant, and had suggested a version in cream or ivory, so I was thrilled when Shai dropped me her most recent variant of the Imelda Terno. Sleek and sophisticated, this dress is far more subtle in its charms than others in the collection, but no less stylish. The draped silk of the bodice is meticulously shaded, as is the "ink-dipped" hem of the slim column skirt.

Casa del Shai Imelda Terno in Ivory.

There is a wealth of history behind these gowns that one should be acquainted with to properly appreciate them. Shai's posts on her blog detail the inspiration behind each of her designs, and should serve as inspiration, too, to other designers who wish to recreate their national costumes in SL. I'm hoping this will pave the way for more ethnic dress (especially of Asian origin - I have to admit being biased in that respect). As observed by many, there are myriad styles in which you can choose to attire yourself, but few available quality choices when it comes to ethnic costume, so this is a step in the right direction. Shai's hand-painted texturing and vibrant use of colour is nothing short of luxurious in these gowns, and her hard work and dedication in bringing us this collection has certainly paid off.

Shopping Information
Casa del Shai - Deco (112, 152, 30)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Swirly Shares Some of Her Favourite Gifts

Hello darlings, Swirly here. Some of you must wonder how Swirly copes with the pressures of fame - the endless stream of fan mail, being mobbed by crazed fans whilst shopping, and of course, the stalkers. It IS difficult darlings, but fortunately there is some compensation for the inconvenience of being THE most adored fashionista in SL - gifts! Swirly is inundated with gifts from her admirers; lovely clothes, shoes, jewelry and hairstyles. No strings attached, it's just because people adore her (as they should). Swirly has decided to share a few of these gifts with her public right here on Fashion Victim. No, not the gifts themselves silly, just pictures of them. After all, Swirly has never been known for her generosity!

Marni Grut is clearly a fan of Swirly, which is why she just couldn't help but send Swirly fabulous gifts from her new store Royal Blue the minute it opened! Marni says that her fashions are "nu rav" and take influence from historical British design; of course Swirly has NO idea what Marni is on about but she certainly knows how to make a pretty frock! Shown here is the Tarten Neon Dress worn with Marni's Frills Shirt - Swirly just LOVES the collar. Roslin Petion of Tete a Pied is another admirer of Swirly, despite the incident when Swirly paid Furiae Blackthorne to blow up Roslin's house. That's why Roslin gave Swirly this gorgeous colour changing Heiress Handbag, and parted with this pretty Trendy Indigo Skin in Rose Medium with some persuasion.

Sioxie Legend of Second Wave Apparel clearly knew of Swirly's love of all things purple (and pink, and orange, and yellow) when she sent her this Bikini Short Set in Lavender. This adorable set also comes with bikini bottoms, but Swirly loved the shorts so much she decided her readers would have to do without a gratuitous tush shot here. This outfit was clearly designed to be worn with the GroundPig SnackPack from Hat Mechanic, which apparently predicts the weather, a very considerate gift from Fade Dana. Swirly is also wearing the PeekToe Purple Hibiscus Espadriles from She's So Unusual Shoes.

Popfuzz Bamboo of PopFuzz showed her love for Swirly by sending her this super sexy sheer Orange Fantasy On Ice outfit. It's a rather daring and revealing number which features lacy trims. If you look closely, you can almost see Swirly's nipples! Swirly thought this would be a nice outfit for skating, which is why she is modelling it on top of a burning plane wreck for you. Leetah Moxie from Curl Up and Dye Salon gave Swirly her sweet and subtle Amidala hair some time ago, but believe it or not, Swirly just couldn't find a thing to wear it with until now!

Marijane Greene has just opened a new store called Addictions so of course she celebrated by sending Swirly this incredibly sexy 1950's Latex Dress complete with hat, gloves and heels! The dress has a very nicely cinched waist complete with latex ruffle. Very shiny darlings! Swirly received her super fluffy and flexi Goldie French Vanilla Hair from Sparkle Skye, who is another adoring fan. Smooches Sparkle!

Here is a lovely gift given to Swirly by Rhiannon Rossini of Marla, an absolutely divine gown called Vamp. Swirly loves the rich satin texture and super flexi skirt. As Swirly jumps up and down on this burnt out truck, you can see that the skirt is lined with a gorgeous shiny sequin texture. Swirly is wearing EARTHTONES Boutique's Faedra's Emblem Jewelry Set in Reverie/Gold, which was given to her by Lucas Lameth as a sign of his undying love for her. Leetah Moxie from Curl Up and Dye Salon sent Swirly this lovely hair, which is Farieanne in Auburn and isn't it just oh-so-sophisticated!

While Swirly isn't a fan of Dakota Buck from Savvy?, Dakota can certainly throw together a pretty frock or two and always makes sure to share with Swirly! Shown here is Dakota's latest release "Robyn" in Gold and Blue. Swirly was disappointed with the lack of a system skirt in this release, but other than that it's quite an adequate outfit if you like that sort of thing. Swirly's hair is the very cute Jaiden in Brown from obsessed fan Leetah Moxie of Curl Up and Dye Salon.

Doting fan Kit Maitland from CKS Designs clearly loves watching Swirly show off a little flesh, which is why she sent her this delightful Addison Swimsuit. The innocent checkered blue pattern and cute little bows almost prevent you from looking like a tramp as you show off your butt to the entire world. The sexy Gold Circle Strap Heels are from Rowan Carroll of She's So Unusual Shoes. And the Infected Wounds on Swirly's legs were a gift from Saeya Nyanda of kyoot army, who clearly has a thing or two to learn about gift giving.


Friday, June 15, 2007

-Veschi- *Great Maternity Wear by Alla Ruff*

Hello my knocked up hookers. How are you guys? Hopefully you guys are doing good despite the fact that you know, your life is ruined because you're knocked up. Sigh. Anyways, let's not think about that now. Let's think about great maternity wear. -Veschi- is a store created by a friend, Alla Ruff. Very, very cute clothes and accessories designed with the knocked up hooker in mind. Now I'm not going to keep on rambling, but do take a look at the pictures below...and if you like what you see, get your fat ass down to -Veschi-! :D
A perfect top to show off your burden.
( Bangles and Earrings I'm wearing above are also by Alla Ruff )

I'm just the most adorable knocked up hooker, ever.

Being knocked up doesn't mean you can't get your sexy on. :D

I am like some totally hot 80s girl in this dress that should of kept her legs closed. :O


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