Sunday, June 3, 2007

Full of Philotic Energy!

Now I know I haven't been out of my trailer in a while, but I have come across something worth stepping over my wife's empty beer cans for. Designer and all-round babe, Aemilia Case, has just opened a new store - Philotic Energy. Aems's other retail endeavors include Brickz pre-fab urban store-fronts and co-ownership of Lemon – Shapes That Won't Leave You Sour! Along with several other projects.

Philotic Energy stocks Aemilia's prim accessories – belts and bags textured with a stunning attention to detail. She has clearly worked very hard on the textures for this Leather Portfolio Bag (shown here in brown but also available in black) and the tiny stitches, perfect zipper and realistic wear marks are the result. Pictured also are the stylishly simple Bar Belt and Dirty Legwarmers.

The Whippet Walkabout is a very cute back-pack with more of Aems's pretty, hand-drawn textures, multiple pockets and flexi accents. I found all of the belts at Philotic Energy to be much easier to fit than most other belts that I've tried. The Canvas Belt comes in several colours and is simple and classic – wear it just lazing by the wading pool or dress it up for your partner's next court appearance.

The 3 Buckle Belt and the Compass Belt are both very cute, quirky belts that resize exceptionally well considering their irregular shapes. It's so nice to find a multi-buckle belt that can be resized without too much distortion.

OK, I have to go turn Stephanie before she swallows her own tongue.

Hair: Dare in Drift Wood by Naughty Designs.
Skin: Lily (sunkiss) in Fire Fau by artilleri. *Not yet available*
Top: FraG-Kini by SiniStyle
Pants: AnimalLover in leopard by dirtChild
Tatts: Milkyway by Culture Vulture (formerly Novix) *No longer available*
Shoes: Freebie Cheetah Flip-Flops from Mixers Boutique