Sunday, June 3, 2007

Savvy? The next big thing in Maternity Wear!

The best thing that's happened for us knocked up hookers since abortions!

Dakota Buck! There are lots of things to say about Dakota Buck. One, she is married to my ex-wife, Stephanie Misfit, and two...she's the next big designer in Maternity Wear. I first looked at the clothes and thought, no, not maternity wear, but I tried them on and to my surprise they were the perfect maternity wear.

I have never been so happy
to have a burden inside me. Without that burden those clothes would not look so perfect on me. I really owe Dakota Buck a lot, and so do the rest of you knocked up hookers. It's not often a designer spends their time working so hard to perfect maternity wear, but fortunately for us, there is a Dakota Buck in our world. <3>

Why not spread your legs wide open and let that filthy man fill you with his seed?
Look how cute you can end up looking. :)
All Clothes from: Savvy?
Skins: Lovey's Boutique
Shoes: Shiny Things
Hair: Nylon Outfitters