Saturday, June 9, 2007

It's summer.. time for the hotpants!

Bunch of new stuff I haven't seen reviewed yet, so i decided to declare myself Queen of Ze Universe and start blogging away. Yay shorts!

First off we have Karamia by Kara eagle
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The thing that really caught my attention was the shorts, they're so adorable and high-waisted. Reminds me of something Kota-Burr would be wearing around. I suspect they are hand-drawn but don't quote me on that. They come in every shade you could imagine denim to come in and only a 100L too! Then we have the top which doesn't have much flare to it but it very well made and comes with all the flamboyant colors your heart could ever desire.
Sailor Denim Shorts - 100L
Empress Top Set,200L
Karamia at The Random

Next we have Lixz Wear Designs by Kenzie Craven
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Which I haven't even heard of this brand I don't know if it's because I'm a little hermit or she just hasn't been reviewed yet. But anywho I found her today,I've met Kenzie before and she is just the sweetest thing and I didn't know she designed! I'm blown away seriously.
First she has the Poka Bikini, which is beautifully highlighted and leaves little to the imagination as possible without showing off your brazilian. But if you have a full body tat you just NEED to show off, I highly suggest it!
Then in the right-hand corner of the photo we have the seahorse shirt accompanied by Kenzie's patchwork shorts. Once again beautifully highlighted very much worth 100L. These shorts remind me of something the bro's around reno would wear, the kind that ALWAYS wear flip flops and talk about some bro-ho or keggar they went to. But luckily these shorts are too short for them to wear without being considered a fruit so yay! I love these shorts they come in array of colorful plaid, theyre 100L each or 450L for all. I suggest all cause they're so kick-ass bro
Last but not least we have the Lux Embroidered mexicana dress, all i have to say is this dress is so beautiful and detailed, defiantly up there for favorite dresses. You can tell this dress took a lot of time, even the prims match the shirt which is hard to find nowadays.

Poka Bikini- 130L
Patchwork Shorts, 450L for all, 100L each
Sea Horse- 100L
Lux Embroidered mexicana Dress,250L
Lixz Wear Designs by Kenzie Craven

Now we have one of my favorite designers Tres Blah-Julliette Westerburg
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GOD! Do i love Tres Blah! Julliette must be one of the most talented new designers out there! Here's why:
Uptop we have the Mod Outfit which is 125L for turtle neck in all layers, shorts and knee high socks. Something so simple I usually wouldn't like but Julliette pulled it off with beautiful shading and shorts that would make any floozy look classy! If you know me I wore this for like a week straight when i first bought it.

Then we have new shirts
Vintage Rose Tee- comes with the bib in different colors, 75L
Polka Dot Blouse- Normal high-collared polka dot shirt the goes down to the default template shirt line -90L
The Nerdy Vest- Worn over the Polka Dot Blouse (sold separately) can we matched with other cute undershirts in jacket and shirt layer available - 75L
Polka dot Sweater- Polka dot blouse except with a black belted over-shirt -100L
Denim short (charred)- Worn with all the shirts and back shown. VERY well done with fuzzy seams and everything, fully hand-drawn and only 75L!

Mod Outfit-125L
Vintage Rose Tee- 75L each color
Denim short (charred) -75L
Polka Dot blouse- 90L
The Nerdy Vest- 75L
Polka Dot Sweater-100L