Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On the road...with Fedor McNally!

Ahoy hoy!

This is my friend Fedor. He is a little person. Unlike myself who is an ancient, bitter forever child. Fedor and I decided to have a full blown adventure, starting with a Western town where even though they had damage on, we were unable to kill each other. After our initial disappointment we still managed to get into the spirit of our surroundings, so we opted for a fun game of cowboys and Indians. Fedor played the mighty Chief and I was Black Bart. Even though I was equipped with my trusty .38 Special, Fedor still managed to give me quite the fright as evidenced here:

You try looking at this and not make a face. Impossible! Fedor is FIERCE!

We then decided to go exploring for some peyote. I believe this was the main reason we came here, as he had only mentioned it like, oh five times. Fedor said there was peyote under this bulbous cactus, I had to take his word for it 'cause I couldn't see shit from underneath this cow skull.

After consuming his peyote and vomiting for thirty, the good feelings must have kicked in cause he danced for another thirty. Must have been some pretty weak peyote, 'cause I'm pretty sure it's supposed to last longer than thirty.

The super nifty and realistic Pow Wow Kit comes with the FANTASTIC headdress, cow skull headpiece, scripted spear, knife and tomahawk! My Black Bart outfit is called Chapparal and comes with several clothing options, prim cuffs and that kickass cowboy hat made by Calico.

We had left the Western sim and decided to check into a Motel before our big trip to Vegas. I don't require much so I was able to stuff it all into my Back Sack with scripted color change options, which is completely lost on me because black is the BEST color.

Here we are playing vandals with our Domestic Disturbance PLATES. (No, NOT the shitty movie with John Travolta.) They make a a nice smashy smash noise and shatter into like eleventy billion bits. Fedor is so hardcore he was jumping on the bed while throwing his plates. Look how he is wrinkling the sheets!

Not being able to resist making a mess, I threw a couple. Here is an exellent shot of my handiwork, haha!

We got chased out of the Motel for making a mess so we decided to leave for Vegas a bit early. Here is Fedor sporting his Fear and Loathing glasses. Since I detest yellow I went just for the fear lenses. You get three pair in the set, so I really couldn't complain too much. Fedor wears them because he says full sized chicks really dig little men in sunglasses and loud clothing.

Fedor stopped and picked up a hitch-hiker. This little 301st Spartan is on his way to Vegas to participate in mad orgies with lots of midgetsechs.

To be continued.....

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Serpenti from Adam n Eve

Hello darlings, Swirly here. Did you know that Adam n Eve sells shoes? That's right, SHOES darlings, FABULOUS ones. Dear little Damen Gorilla is quite clever with the sculptures, and was kind enough to share some lovely shoes with Swirly. Swirly does love gifts despite her strict no review copies policy. These shoes are called Serpenti, presumably because they are made from 100% serpent skins and innards. Swirly just adores anything made from dead animals, and these shoes are no exception. These delightful shoes are elegant and sophisticated, so naturally Swirly just had to model them at Straylight. Smooches Kriss darling!

The Serpenti shoes in Honeycomb match Swirly's bosoms perfectly!

The Cashmere shoes still manage to dazzle, despite being overshadowed by Swirly's beauty.

The Bluepool shoes are best worn by Swirly near a pool of blue water.

Swirly is wearing the Vivant Boudoir Skin 2 in Blush from Tete a Pied, Eva~ The Lyselle Edition Hair in Blonde from Bewitched, and nothing else.