Monday, January 26, 2009

Swirly's Blogger Homage

Hello darlings, Swirly here! Swirly saw the most fabulous blogger challenge on Winter Jefferson's blog In Cold Blood (dreadfully violent name dear). A week to acknowledge those bloggers you respect, and who have inspired you. Well, to be frank darlings, none of you overly inspire Swirly and she has no respect for any of you. But she does quite enjoy reading some of your little blogs, with their pretty pictures and what not. And it seems only right that Swirly participate in this challenge after Winter's lovely homage to her. So without further ado, here is a small tribute to some of you dear little bloggers.

Swirly always enjoys reading Gogo's posts at JuicyBomb for their healthy use of the colour pink. So many fabulous hair and skin reviews too, Gogo is quite the prolific blogger! Here is a lovely picture of Swirly inspired by Gogo. Now isn't that much nicer than an SL Secret darlings?

Another prolific blogger is Ana Lutetia. She does take a lovely picture and is always quick to share the latest fashion news with her readers. Ana can be seen updating her blog up to 30 times some days! One thing that Swirly loves about Ana is that the dear girl isn't afraid to eat, and you can see proof of this in some of her more recent blog posts. Although Ana's style is much more casual than Swirly's, she certainly shares her love of food. Here is Swirly's homage to Ana.

Photographing SL is a blog with lovely pictures and lots of bosoms. Swirly knows she will always find an outfit or two to buy as she peruses Photographing SL, even if only half of it is shown in the picture. Elysium Eilde is certainly very clever with the Photoshop. Swirly had to make do with MS Paint to create her homage to the bosoms of this fabulous blog.

There are so many more of you Swirly would love to have recognised in this blog post. But you know Swirly darlings, it's really just too much of a bother.