Friday, August 31, 2007

Danse Macabre

The picture says it all.

And look who finally decided to make something new...It's about damn time, Chicanery. The names are so cheerful!

I'll take sprain! Get yours at.....Chicanery

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's Clobber time, and a new lolly from Draconic Kiss!

Ahoy hoy!

Allow me to preface this review by stating how awkward I felt when a very good friend of mine wanted me to check out his new line of clothing. This guy is studying art in the waking world, and he is no slouch, but either way I was nervous about what he was going to show me. I mean after all, someone you spend a lot of time raiding, killing and just being plain horrible with, you get to be tight in the ways of online friendship. If it sucked what could I do? But boy howdy! I LOVE THIS SHIT! He figured I would, and I am more than pleased to show it off to ya right now.

The line is called Clobber (heh) and the first offering is the Vietnam Tiger Camo Trousers. They look sweet, and he just included these Tiger Camo Pockets and straps! And for all you undersized freaks like myself, he had the sheer gall to include a small set. Im wearing them with the Bloody Knit with blood and holes wifebeater, and the Rust Dirty Gloves.

Here I am looking fabulous with the the clean grey wifebeater....

the the green one....

Then the really nice one riddled with holes.

Sergei just started, so the offering while small, is still great looking and worth having. WTF he just passed me more crap, so he is a busy boy. His shop is currently located at the wonderful Missing Mile sim, owned by one of the most creative people in SL, Loch Newchurch. So go buy all of Sergei's shit then have a look around!

And looky here, some sweet new pants at Draconic Kiss called Cherry. They come with a sexy top but I'm not wearing it because that would be broadly offensive. I love the cherry applique. It makes me feel colorful!

And this would be her latest lolly, called Usagi. It comes in vast assortment of colors, but pink on me is just obscene. So you get to stare at me in the black version. Not suprisingly, it looks great with the full prim sleeves, and lots of pretty ribbons. Go visit her in Koreshan. The wig I am wearing is just wonderful. It's called Zoe and I nabbed it at Darkstar Designs

Ok, check out this wonderfully fucked up marionette accessory called Under the Influence. Pair it up with a wonderfully fucked up AO, pose next to bloated 70's Elvis in a crackhouse and it makes for magical picture taking. Get yours at Syndicate.

Ever wondered what happened to bingbangboom Bixby, Ayami's husband? He is now the Sofa King! He has talent so I can't mock. Go here and pee in a bed!

Ok, that's enough ass kissing for one week. Bye!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Review Copies Policy

After discussion with the other bloggers, we have decided to implement a "no review copies" policy on Fashion Victim.

There are several reasons for this. With so many new fashion blogs appearing on the scene, those of you who follow the feed on Fashion World of SL may have noticed that MANY blogs are featuring the same content. This doesn't make for interesting reading, and I personally don't believe that saturation level promotion of new items actually benefits designers. Sure, you want people to see your stuff, but is it really beneficial to your business to have your new design featured so heavily on every single fashion blog that people get sick of the sight of it? I know I am not alone in thinking that the fashion blogging scene has become a little boring lately - and in saying that I do not mean to disparage any of the bloggers who work so hard to keep their readers updated on new fashions.

There are some well established blogs that are dedicated to providing updates on new releases, and these blogs combined with the New Products section of the official forums do a more than adequate job of keeping shoppers informed about most new products. Fashion Victim was never intended to be solely a new release blog, and our aim was never to compete with the blogs who already do this job so well.

Review copies place an enormous amount of pressure on bloggers to feature items. We haven't been blogging items if they are already featured on other blogs, and due to busy real life schedules there is a lot of other stuff we just haven't had time to review. This then leads to a feeling of guilt because the designer has taken the time to send their items, but we never feature them here. I worry that feelings may be hurt, or that designers may think we are taking advantage of our role as bloggers just to get free items. Swirly Cyclone in particular has received MANY review copies, but with her preference for "special feature" type posts, she finds it difficult to review a lot of what she receives. That, and she is notoriously lazy....... Other bloggers here post so infrequently that I have almost forgotten their names.

So, thank you to all of you who have shown such an interest in our blog that you have sent us items to review. We do apologise if you feel we have let you down by not featuring your stuff here. No doubt Swirly will continue to feature review copies she already has in her inventory in future posts here. We will continue the occasional practice of requesting review copies, but only if we have a commitment to blog them in a prompt manner, and cannot afford to purchase the items at the time. But generally speaking, if we love your stuff and want to wear it, there is no reason why we shouldn't buy it.

Latest Hair Releases from Shop Seu

Hair releases from Shop Seu just keep getting better and better. These four new styles, which were featured at the Style Asia Fashion Show for SLCC, are THE definition of cute. They are only available in the brunette shades shown below, but hey, who cares with hair this good? Each style is 160L.
My personal favourite, the bosabosa hair. Love the way it frames the face.

The ikemen hair is edgy and sexy.

The mitsuami hair features untidy bangs and loose braided pig tails.

Slightly reminiscent of Nylon's style, the short mofumofu hair.

Garbage Skin in Medium from Karamia, Dangly Pearl Earrings from {JUNK}.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

>>PANDeMIC<< - Diabolical Accessories

A little change of pace here today, accessories to unleash your inner demon from PANDeMIC by Elizabeth Ivory. A relatively new designer, Elizabeth's store is home to a small range of products which are big on originality and quality. These range from demon horns, tails and hooves, to warrior helmets, pony tails and, er....... butt plugs. Something for everyone.

As tempted as I was to blog about butt plugs, I've decided to preserve my modesty and focus on the demon accessories in this post. While these are specialty items that may at first glance seem designed solely for those looking to enhance their demon avatar, I believe the creativity and uniqueness of Elizabeth's designs lends these to a much broader audience - think demonic aesthetics with a twist of mythological and cyberpunk influence.

The Logokron War Horns V.IIX [darkened] feature glossy entwined bones wrapped with steel rings and flexible fabric, which has a nice worn texture.

The design of the Logokron tail V.I is incredible. Organic curves and spikes accented with metal rings and fabric wraps. I would love to see a scripted version of this. The tail comes with 2 versions for stomach and pelvis attachment points, which is pretty convenient.

The Logokron Hooves V.V are just one of several designs available. These are mod so you can tint them to match the rest of your avatar (or outfit). Notice the metallic details and spikes at the base.

The price of some of these items is the only thing that might put the casual buyer off purchasing them - the horns are 560L and hooves 800L. But the high quality and originality of the designs is to be commended, and with these items catering to a niche market at least you know you won't see every second avatar you meet wearing them.

Picture credits: Snake Charmer Top and Skirt from Kyoot, Cuts Oil & Grease Stains from D3volution, Facial Piercings from Bitter Thorns, RaGe Gloves from SiniStyle, Beck Hair in Midnight and Jessica Skin Pale SP Decay 200 from Cake.

Naturals from Caroline's Jewelry

Caroline's Jewelry recently released the Natural Collection, and this is quite possibly the most delicious use of sculpties in jewelry that I have seen so far. Luminous tones and organic shapes - the design is simple but the prim work is perfect. The fluid lines of the necklace definitely give this set a real life feel. This particular set is available in three colours - I couldn't go past the warm natural tones of the brown set, but ended up going back for the brighter green and blue sets as well. You can check out the rest of the pieces on Caroline's blog. If you drop by the store now you can also pick up a matching ring for free, which is a limited time offer.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fabulous Sculptures from TESLA

Hello darlings, Swirly here. Dear little Tesla Miles is a miller of some reknown in Second Life. For those of you who lack a little something in the vocabulary department, a miller is someone who makes hats. Look it up darlings, learn something for a change. Tesla has a modest store which she has creatively named TESLA. All of Tesla's hats are made from sculpted prims - yes my lovelies, they are created with CLAY, not that horrid plywood. Her fabulous hat sculptures have been featured on Fashion Victim before, but the blogger concerned hardly did them justice. Really darlings, these things should be left to Swirly.

This divine leopard skin hat is inexplicably called "Sammy". Despite being sculpted entirely from clay and lovingly baked in a kiln, it's light as a feather! And just look at those fabulous shoes darlings. LOOK AT THEM! Those are Tesla's new Jane shoes which are available in a multitude of colours, but Swirly chose leopard because it's her favourite colour, and she didn't have enough lindens to buy the other colours. These have adjustable ankle straps, which is very fortunate because Swirly has tankles. Tankles are sexy curvaceous ankles in case you didn't know dears. The clay shoes and hat look marvelous when teamed with the Miss Gregorio set from artilleri. And doesn't Swirly look SO much better than all those other fashionistas in the new Tete a Pied Vivant skin? That's Kyoko 1 in Almond for those of you who want to try to emulate Swirly's unique style and fail miserably.

The Tesla Rose Cocktail Hat is slightly reminiscent of some kind of flower. Swirly was AMAZED that she could pole dance while wearing it and it didn't fall off her head - a true testament to Tesla's talent. Swirly is also wearing the Adrianne Set from artilleri and Maitreya's very sexy Enchant shoes in the colour "Squiggle" which are sculptures too! Her jewelry is the Love and Lipstick Set by future husband Lucas Lameth of EARTHTONES Boutique and that utterly divine skin is Rita - Flapper from Gala Skins.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

artilleri does it again for knocked up hookers ;]

Hello, hello to all my knocked up hookers. I seriously just cannot get enough of Artilleri! As a knocked up woman who has the unfortunate task of carrying this burden, I'm glad there is at least decent clothing for us. Antonia Marat has once again gone out of her way to make the best Maternity Wear in all of Second Life. I don't understand why when I go to the bar to drink a couple of beers ( for my burden and I ) there is always some knocked up whore at the other end of the bar, wearing fugtastic clothes. Not cute maternity clothes from Artilleri, but fugtastic clothes from stores that need not be named. Anyways, Antonia has released a bunch of new stuff for us poor souls who have to deal with these little things some people call babies. Enjoy! :D
These adorable Dice Earrings and Necklace are scripted and come in several yummy colors ;]
The outfit I'm wearing above is called Jen and it's absolutely perfect for showing off that burden. Also I'm wearing delicious cherry earrings and necklace that come in gold as well as the silver above. NOTE: This outfit is not intended for the teenage girl that wishes to hide her burden, give birth to IT, then leave it in front of a church where it will be raised and later sexually abused.Look at those boo- EARRINGS! They are called Glitter Love earrings and come in enough colors to satisfy you picky hookers. I personally love the 1984 color themed ones! ( Which I'm wearing :P )This jacket I'm wearing is called Roxie and it's sporty and fun. It comes in eight colors! It's a perfect top to wear with nothing underneath because then you can see my boobies! Just ignore that burden and we can have lots of fun ;)

Finally we have another perfect maternity dress called Beatha. You just gotta have this dress! Well my hookers, I am done for now. Which means you should be heading to artilleri, right? RIGHT? Right. :)


Saturday, August 18, 2007

A perfect Maternity Dress!

Hello! It's been awhile and I know you knocked up hookers feel I've abandoned you and left you to dress horribly. I'm almost sorry! Well, unfortunately, I am on a budget so instead of purchasing all the new maternity wear from artilleri, I could only afford to buy the most perfect maternity dress my hooker eyes have seen. ( My hubby is mad at me because I refuse to get down on all fours like some dog so he's not giving me any money! I have to work for myself! Can you actually believe that!? ) Anyways, this dress is just perfect for me, and may look decent on you as well.

Just look how I glow in it!

Sorry this is so short. As I said above, I actually have to work for myself until I find a real sugar daddy or until my hubby stops being mean and demanding such things.

Go to the best Maternity store in Second Life:


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Taking a Fresh Look at Bare Rose

Bare Rose was one of my favourite haunts as a newbie - the clothes were affordable and if you spent a little time in the store you were almost guaranteed to win a free outfit from the raffle ball. I've always associated the store with particular clothing genres - predominantly gothic, cosplay, fetish and Japanese styles - so it had been a little while since I dropped by. Until I saw this blog post with an absolutely amazing jacket I just HAD to have........ and I must admit I was surprised to see it came from Bare Rose. I knew that Bare Rose had a couture range for formal wear, but arriving at the main store I saw that June Dion has branched out into a broader range of styles there too, which is excellent news given the extreme affordability of her products. There isn't much there that will set you back more than around 130L, which is pretty rare for clothing of this quality.

The Maia outfit includes this jacket in white, brown and black. The outfit includes shorts and stockings, but I've teamed the black jacket with the pants from the Jersey Girl outfit from Veschi and the Enchant Shoes in Black from Maitreya.

Detail of the white Maia jacket featuring sculpted collar and cuffs.

The Angela outfit features the most gorgeous Victorian style blouse with flexi lace ruffles and bows. The blouse has a delicate lace inset and there are several colour options for the lace. The blouse is shown here with the Milena skirt from Last Call and Bloom Boots in Black from Maitreya.

Detail of the Angela blouse with brown lace inset, shown with the matching leather pants.

The Blenda Dress comes with 4 colour options and features a flexi skirt with sash. But it's worth buying for the blouse alone - delicate sheer fabric with a soft sheen, highlighted by a very realistic looking sculpted collar and cuffs; this will look great with anything. It's shown here with the Frisky Sculpted Wedges in Salmon from Maitreya.

Close up of the Blenda blouse in pale blue.

Total cost for this shopping trip was less than 400L. Hair is Mary in Ash Burnt from ETD, Dangly Pearl Earrings are from {JUNK} and skin is Ashlin in Chai from Lovey's Boutique.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

lilolOops, Furiae wears some COLOR!

Well, just a little color. Ahoy hoy!

Look at my ears! Earmuffs! Kitty ones. I'm feeling pretty good that these weren't real kitties once upon a time, but they look realllllllllllly good! They come with a stupid easy to use HUD, just wear it. I mean, I tried attaching it different HUD spots, but it never showed up. Lilo tells me to just wear it. I really need to learn to listen. You have several color choices , my preferred being black. Quelle suprise!

Then there is red. I don't recall ever having been so colorful before. Of course you have more choices, but please! I take really horrible pictures, so let me assure you these are as cute as can be!

Here is my favorite. Kitty backpack! Same color changing HUD, the pack is mod too so I could play with the straps. I love it in black best. Why do I even say it. We ALL know I love black best!

The red shows off the detail better. Nifty, huh?

Ok, this might be confusing to many, myself especially. I really like this dress. I know it shows of my arms and I'm not swathed in layers if ruffles, but it's still a really cute and well made dress.

Here are her silk pants in metal. I love the jagged bottoms, and the mary janes look cute with em, too! Im not wearing the prim belt and cuffs that come with them, because I'm the size of a gnat. So I guess you need to go to her store and check em out for the full effect. Heh!

Here they are in Fire with the red mary janes!

You can pick up all thise nifty stuff here at lilolOops mainstore. Lilo was working very hard on her new shop when last I saw her. She has quite a variety of different types of clothing, shoes and accessories. Alas, she made some terrific wellies, but for little ones they just weren't meant to be.