Sunday, August 5, 2007

Yin of Life and Blood Lust Designs

Ahoy hoy! What stupid luck I've had this week. I was teleported by a friend to a completely unrelated shop, but luckily met Mr. Yin. For those of you who have never heard of this guy he has made and is in the process of making these avatars he calls lil' mistfits. These little avies are so amazingly well rendered and detailed, people. I did my best with the photos below, but they really don't justify his work. They are impossibly freakin' cute. The first one here he was wearing when I met him, and recall saying immediately after having seen it was I NEED THAT. Well, his name is Peanut and here he is:

Next up we have Nibbles. He is like a bunny that got lots of love and dropped in the dirt a few times. Makes me love him even more!

And finally we have Box Bot. Look at those eyes! 'Nuff said.

Mr. Yin has also created some pretty neat toys, like uh, Zombie Bunnies what eat your brain when you click em, voodoo doll plushie, other assorted weirdness which is pretty damn cool. Not to mention a ass TON of gestures, namley TOURETTES GUY! Shit, even the boxes they come in are worth a look. Well done, Mr. Yin! The shop is called Yin of Life, go have a look. You may visit all his madness here!

Before I move on to Blood Lust, I would like to show you my new favorite wig. I picked it up today at shop seu, I will add that she doesn't have a huge amount of items in her store right now, they are damn good. hya and I both picked up this wig, and I love it. It's called mofumofuhair. It's a long style, but shit the bed if it doesn't look and move natrually. And god bless her, it even hides my ginormous forehead. This is more of a school girl style, it's two ponytails so you Gorean types won't like it! It wouldn't kill you to have a peek, so go check her out. I got mine right here! Japanese LIFE SIM

Okay! My SL pop Feri had this gal shoot me over this here Zombie Killer Backpack, and it KICKS ASS! You get two sizes, one for you big, bloated things and a nice, small one for us little people. And it's scripted to make weird noises and shit when you click on it! Personally I love the zombie arm that sticks outta it. If that isn't just the greatest thing.

Then hya sends me these blood wings. I don't really care for wings, but I like these! They are black and have bloody bandages on them. How could I not like THAT!

Ok, so now I get off my ass and go check out her shop. It's not limited to just gore, which I would perfectly fine with. I picked up this army hat. It looks really nifty and has flexi bits hanging offa it, too. Oh, and it's black. She has green too, but WTF do I look like a druid or something?

The shop owners name is Cyia, and she is very cool. Yeah sure, her shop has been around for 6 months or so, but one of the best bits of SL is there is always something you haven't seen. Go check it out! ~Blood Lust Designs~