Friday, August 24, 2007

Fabulous Sculptures from TESLA

Hello darlings, Swirly here. Dear little Tesla Miles is a miller of some reknown in Second Life. For those of you who lack a little something in the vocabulary department, a miller is someone who makes hats. Look it up darlings, learn something for a change. Tesla has a modest store which she has creatively named TESLA. All of Tesla's hats are made from sculpted prims - yes my lovelies, they are created with CLAY, not that horrid plywood. Her fabulous hat sculptures have been featured on Fashion Victim before, but the blogger concerned hardly did them justice. Really darlings, these things should be left to Swirly.

This divine leopard skin hat is inexplicably called "Sammy". Despite being sculpted entirely from clay and lovingly baked in a kiln, it's light as a feather! And just look at those fabulous shoes darlings. LOOK AT THEM! Those are Tesla's new Jane shoes which are available in a multitude of colours, but Swirly chose leopard because it's her favourite colour, and she didn't have enough lindens to buy the other colours. These have adjustable ankle straps, which is very fortunate because Swirly has tankles. Tankles are sexy curvaceous ankles in case you didn't know dears. The clay shoes and hat look marvelous when teamed with the Miss Gregorio set from artilleri. And doesn't Swirly look SO much better than all those other fashionistas in the new Tete a Pied Vivant skin? That's Kyoko 1 in Almond for those of you who want to try to emulate Swirly's unique style and fail miserably.

The Tesla Rose Cocktail Hat is slightly reminiscent of some kind of flower. Swirly was AMAZED that she could pole dance while wearing it and it didn't fall off her head - a true testament to Tesla's talent. Swirly is also wearing the Adrianne Set from artilleri and Maitreya's very sexy Enchant shoes in the colour "Squiggle" which are sculptures too! Her jewelry is the Love and Lipstick Set by future husband Lucas Lameth of EARTHTONES Boutique and that utterly divine skin is Rita - Flapper from Gala Skins.