Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's Clobber time, and a new lolly from Draconic Kiss!

Ahoy hoy!

Allow me to preface this review by stating how awkward I felt when a very good friend of mine wanted me to check out his new line of clothing. This guy is studying art in the waking world, and he is no slouch, but either way I was nervous about what he was going to show me. I mean after all, someone you spend a lot of time raiding, killing and just being plain horrible with, you get to be tight in the ways of online friendship. If it sucked what could I do? But boy howdy! I LOVE THIS SHIT! He figured I would, and I am more than pleased to show it off to ya right now.

The line is called Clobber (heh) and the first offering is the Vietnam Tiger Camo Trousers. They look sweet, and he just included these Tiger Camo Pockets and straps! And for all you undersized freaks like myself, he had the sheer gall to include a small set. Im wearing them with the Bloody Knit with blood and holes wifebeater, and the Rust Dirty Gloves.

Here I am looking fabulous with the the clean grey wifebeater....

the the green one....

Then the really nice one riddled with holes.

Sergei just started, so the offering while small, is still great looking and worth having. WTF he just passed me more crap, so he is a busy boy. His shop is currently located at the wonderful Missing Mile sim, owned by one of the most creative people in SL, Loch Newchurch. So go buy all of Sergei's shit then have a look around!

And looky here, some sweet new pants at Draconic Kiss called Cherry. They come with a sexy top but I'm not wearing it because that would be broadly offensive. I love the cherry applique. It makes me feel colorful!

And this would be her latest lolly, called Usagi. It comes in vast assortment of colors, but pink on me is just obscene. So you get to stare at me in the black version. Not suprisingly, it looks great with the full prim sleeves, and lots of pretty ribbons. Go visit her in Koreshan. The wig I am wearing is just wonderful. It's called Zoe and I nabbed it at Darkstar Designs

Ok, check out this wonderfully fucked up marionette accessory called Under the Influence. Pair it up with a wonderfully fucked up AO, pose next to bloated 70's Elvis in a crackhouse and it makes for magical picture taking. Get yours at Syndicate.

Ever wondered what happened to bingbangboom Bixby, Ayami's husband? He is now the Sofa King! He has talent so I can't mock. Go here and pee in a bed!

Ok, that's enough ass kissing for one week. Bye!