Saturday, August 4, 2007

Royal Blue - A right royal pain in the behind

Hello darlings, Swirly here. While there is no denying that Marni Grut of Royal Blue is a talented girl, her conduct leaves MUCH to be desired. Everyone knows that a review by the revered Swirly Cyclone means that you have reached the pinnacle of success as a designer, so obviously Swirly receives many hundreds of pleading IMs each day from desperate designers eager for Swirly to model their clothes. Swirly CAN make or break you darlings, never forget it. Desperation is fine, you all reek of it, but Marni Grut has taken it to new heights with her ruthless campaign to be featured here on Fashion Victim. Stalking, sending IMs to Swirly's "friends"....... the list of underhanded, sneaky tactics goes on. Swirly found that she was safe nowhere - whilst she was innocently shopping in Royal Blue, who should pop in but Marni Grut herself. If that isn't stalking, nothing is darlings! Nobody pushes Swirly Cyclone around, but unfortunately for her own safety and peace of mind, Swirly has decided that she WILL blog Royal Blue. Maybe this will finally get that disturbed and obsessed woman off Swirly's back.....

Royal Blue's Anti-Reactionary Dress features a "puffball" skirt which is far too slimming

Shazy's Congo Hair in Blonde from Marlys
Black and White Hoop Earrings and Black and White Chunky Necklace from Microphage
Jen Chains Shoes by X3D

Lashes Skin in Sunkiss by Deviant Kitties

Swirly looks positively swashbuckling in the Pirate Cove Jacket and Plastic Fantastic Glasses

Bubblegum Pearls from Lemonade
Viscaria Hair in Blonde by Calla
Jen Golden Age Shoes by X3D
Wilhelmina High Waisted Pants by Savvy?

The Super Puff Top in Black is very dramatic - do not let your hair or accessories overshadow it. It is best worn with a sleek and simple skirt, as shown above.

Flexi Dangling Diamond Earrings from Paper Couture
Raven Silver Necklace from Second Mirage
Tulle Gown Skirt from X3D

The Peacock Dress features at least two colours, one of which appears to be blue.
Royden's Romp Hair in Blonde from Marlys
Patent Leather Pumps from Tete a Pied (group gift)

All pictures were taken at Pleasantville, a very bleak and depressing build which Swirly suggests you avoid like the plague.