Wednesday, August 22, 2007

artilleri does it again for knocked up hookers ;]

Hello, hello to all my knocked up hookers. I seriously just cannot get enough of Artilleri! As a knocked up woman who has the unfortunate task of carrying this burden, I'm glad there is at least decent clothing for us. Antonia Marat has once again gone out of her way to make the best Maternity Wear in all of Second Life. I don't understand why when I go to the bar to drink a couple of beers ( for my burden and I ) there is always some knocked up whore at the other end of the bar, wearing fugtastic clothes. Not cute maternity clothes from Artilleri, but fugtastic clothes from stores that need not be named. Anyways, Antonia has released a bunch of new stuff for us poor souls who have to deal with these little things some people call babies. Enjoy! :D
These adorable Dice Earrings and Necklace are scripted and come in several yummy colors ;]
The outfit I'm wearing above is called Jen and it's absolutely perfect for showing off that burden. Also I'm wearing delicious cherry earrings and necklace that come in gold as well as the silver above. NOTE: This outfit is not intended for the teenage girl that wishes to hide her burden, give birth to IT, then leave it in front of a church where it will be raised and later sexually abused.Look at those boo- EARRINGS! They are called Glitter Love earrings and come in enough colors to satisfy you picky hookers. I personally love the 1984 color themed ones! ( Which I'm wearing :P )This jacket I'm wearing is called Roxie and it's sporty and fun. It comes in eight colors! It's a perfect top to wear with nothing underneath because then you can see my boobies! Just ignore that burden and we can have lots of fun ;)

Finally we have another perfect maternity dress called Beatha. You just gotta have this dress! Well my hookers, I am done for now. Which means you should be heading to artilleri, right? RIGHT? Right. :)