Tuesday, August 7, 2007

On Parade with the Kyoot Army

We've seen a lot of exciting things from Saeya Nyanda in the past; but now, the incredibly creative inventor of the Photosphere, has moved Kyoot Army to a new mainstore in the Vakkert Gal sim. This move coincides with the release of Ms Nyanda's first clothing line.

The store build is stunning and almost feels like a black ink drawing with splashes of red. The apparel itself is visually stunning; Saeya's extensive PhotoShop experience combined with her mind-blowing creativity definately makes Kyoot Army a store to watch for the SL couture-style clothing scene.

The Kyoot Army store has plenty of spaces to sit and cam shop while admiring the surroundings. Here I've combined the Snake Charmer Skirt (a cute flexi mini skirt with a modifiable glitch-pant layer included on the pants and underpants layers) with the Wilted Wednesday Vest. The collar on this top has finely detailed prim-work and the clothing layer offers covered and uncovered nipple options. I chose the uncovered as I like to be prepared to nurse someone in an emergency situation.
The Snake Charmer Top, although bearing the same name as the skirt, is sold separately and not designed to be worn as a set. The sleeves are very well-made prim puffs and again the top is provided on several layers for maximum mix-and-match options. The infected wounds I'm wearing are also the work of Ms Nyanda - no, she did not personally damage me but she has created these scars and bruises on underwear layers so if you say... get hit by a car - you can easily accessorize your avatar to match.

This floaty vintage lace dress is named after our own Swirly Cyclone features a high prim collar and plunging neckline - both of which are very Swirly. Included in the outfit is a jacket layer belt (note: clothing layer belts require no fitting and thus have my vote) that looks cute when worn with a simple denim skirt or anything else where you have the jacket layer free.

I spent a lot of time admiring the store-art with Ms Nyanda herself. I'm modeling the Straight Jacket Surrealist dress that includes a dramatic sculpty prim skirt, collar and single sleeve puff.

TP to Kyoot Army now.