Monday, August 6, 2007

Coming Soon - Yet another "Couture" rip-off

Yes, we are all sick of it. Designers jumping on the "couture" bandwagon in the hope of making an easy buck. Ripping designs straight from the catwalk, ripping designs from other Second Life designers, cashing in on the success of the big names. Now you can add Truth Hawks to list of designer scum trying to make it big by stealing real life designs and imitating more well known, successful SL artists. Introducing "Hobo Couture". Now with a name like that, you just KNOW he is trying to steal traffic from the Lu Sisters. And if you need more proof, just look at this first outfit "The Times". It's made from newspaper *cough cough* Paper Couture *cough*. And crumpled newspaper wristbands are just SO last season Truth.

"Moving Day" features a number of design elements ripped straight from real life catwalks. Didn't we see masking tape and number plates featured heavily in Versace's Fall 2007 collection? What an uninspired heap of garbage......... "Hobo Couture" is coming soon.
Vanilla Hair from creamshop, Victorian Top Hat from Illusions, Vintage Strappy Pumps from Shiny Things, 92 Mixtape Necklace from {kari} -coming soon.