Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sophisticated Lush Cocktail Dresses from D3volution

Forget Paper Couture, forget Last Call - if you are looking for a cocktail dress for that romantic date or special event, D3volution has you covered! The Minkee and Cointreau cocktail dresses are THE ultimate in sophisticated style for the discerning fashionista. And what would else would you expect from the store that has brought us such couture essentials as the Raggy Ass skirt, the Soviet Overcoat and the ultimate in sexy lingerie - grab bags of used tights, bras and, er....... panties. Although all D3volution clothing comes with a warning to wear rubber gloves when handling, they DO guarantee that all items have been deloused prior to being made available for sale. The Lush cocktail dresses feature lace petticoat skirts with matching corsets, sexy lace trimmed bras and satin striped body stockings. To finish off the look, each Lush dress includes a classy cocktail beanie complete with feather. Both dresses are modelled below in a suitably exclusive setting - Minkee at the top and Cointreau at the bottom. They are priced at 400L each.