Saturday, August 11, 2007

lilolOops, Furiae wears some COLOR!

Well, just a little color. Ahoy hoy!

Look at my ears! Earmuffs! Kitty ones. I'm feeling pretty good that these weren't real kitties once upon a time, but they look realllllllllllly good! They come with a stupid easy to use HUD, just wear it. I mean, I tried attaching it different HUD spots, but it never showed up. Lilo tells me to just wear it. I really need to learn to listen. You have several color choices , my preferred being black. Quelle suprise!

Then there is red. I don't recall ever having been so colorful before. Of course you have more choices, but please! I take really horrible pictures, so let me assure you these are as cute as can be!

Here is my favorite. Kitty backpack! Same color changing HUD, the pack is mod too so I could play with the straps. I love it in black best. Why do I even say it. We ALL know I love black best!

The red shows off the detail better. Nifty, huh?

Ok, this might be confusing to many, myself especially. I really like this dress. I know it shows of my arms and I'm not swathed in layers if ruffles, but it's still a really cute and well made dress.

Here are her silk pants in metal. I love the jagged bottoms, and the mary janes look cute with em, too! Im not wearing the prim belt and cuffs that come with them, because I'm the size of a gnat. So I guess you need to go to her store and check em out for the full effect. Heh!

Here they are in Fire with the red mary janes!

You can pick up all thise nifty stuff here at lilolOops mainstore. Lilo was working very hard on her new shop when last I saw her. She has quite a variety of different types of clothing, shoes and accessories. Alas, she made some terrific wellies, but for little ones they just weren't meant to be.