Monday, December 31, 2007

Swirly's Fabulous New Year's Eve Style Tips

Hello darlings, Swirly here! The New Year is fast approaching, and you know what that means! Curling up on the sofa with a bottle of Xanax and a flask of whiskey, lamenting your lost youth and counting your all too numerous failings, overwhelmed by the certainty that 2008 will be even worse than 2007. But don't despair darlings, you can still look fabulous whilst wallowing in self pity, just by following Swirly's style tips for the party season.

All of the following photos were taken at Tusk, which is a simply lovely spot to take that special man in your life, dispose of his body and then collect the insurance money. What better way to start the New Year? Make it fabulous darlings! *smooches*

Peacock Avant Garde Gown from House of Nyla
Nyoko's Body Oil (an essential for any discerning fashionista)
Serenity Pump in Apple Green from Aphrodite Creations
Deco Lashes from Cake
Peacock Earrings from Microphage
Logo Charm Bracelet from Paper Couture
Afro Hair from MAU's & MEJ's
Vivant Bronze Rebelle 1 Skin from Tete a Pied

Collar and Feather Skirt from the Revolution JenFall Outfit by LeeZu Baxter Designs
Dead Naga Mini (Olive) from Kyoot
Vest from the Deconstructed Socialite Jacket from Kyoot
Sequin Tights from Paper Couture
Patent Leather Tilt Top Hat with Real Flowers from House of Nyla
Tie Me Up Shoes (Black on Gold) from Stiletto Moody
ZsaZsa's Eyelashes - Dots from ZsaZsa's House of Beauty
Mistletoe Hair Dirty Blondes (Fawn) from Calla
Vivant Buff Aurora 3 from Tete a Pied

Swirly Beaded Gown in Jade (yes, it was named after Swirly dears) from Casa Del Shai
Jacket from the Nightmare Cherry Outfit by Bijou
Short Black Gloves from Tete a Pied
Full Prim Beaded Necklace from Swallowtail
Deco Lashes from Cake
Water Drop Earrings from Paper Couture
Marie Antoinette Collection- Rose Garland Hair Pin from X3D
Super Freak Hair in Auburn from Coif
Tan Skin in Green & Peach from the Puffy Skin Set by Fashionably Dead

Satin Shine Gown in Purple from Nicky Ree

"Amethyst" Spotted Rainbowa by caLLie cLine
War Time Elton John Mask in Pink from Royal Blue (a must have darlings!)
Wood Strapped Heels in Purple from Paper Couture
Diamond Logo Tennis Bracelet from Paper Couture
Paillette Earrings in Purple from Paper Couture
Albino Peacock Highlighted Honey Hair from Coif
Funky Tan Skin in Purple & Peach from Fashionably Dead

Orange Blossom Gown from Paper Couture

Czarina White Ermine Capelet from Ookami Ningen
Retro a Go Go Jacket from Ookami Ningen
Deco Lashes from Cake
Analise Boots from Tesla
Duchess Hair in Deep Black from Curl Up and Dye
Fall Light Skin (Bubblegum) from [miw]

Wilted Wednesday Vest from Kyoot
Tulle Gown from X3D Apparel Couture
Long Black Gloves from Tete a Pied
Bird of Paradise Hat from Chapeau tres Mignon
Deco Lashes from Cake
Babysitter Hair in Black from Fashionably Dead
Vivant Chestnut Fleur SE (opening special only dears) from Tete a Pied

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Darlings!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Swirly's Guide to Pets

Hello darlings, Swirly here. As anyone who knows Swirly will tell you, Swirly just ADORES pets! During her time in SL, Swirly has acquired more than her fair share of animals, both living and dead. There is something to be said for the convenience of a stuffed, lifeless animal; though the live ones can be quite endearing too if you can pay somebody else to look after them. Here are just a few of Swirly's favourite pets, and how to wear them.

Sleeping Doberman from Zooby's
Bird Nest Hat from Chapeau tres Mignon
Wilted Wednesday Vest from Kyoot Army
Leather Gloves in Black from Tete a Pied
Vivant Almond Kyoko 1 Skin from Tete a Pied
Deco Lashes from Cake

Coat Of Wulfric from Angry Monkey
Tribute Fans from Bitter Thorns
KK FetishDoll 2.0 Sticky Latex Ensemble - Dark Shadow from Kayliwulf Kingdom
Black Patent Pump from Stiletto Moody
Phoenix Black Hair from Coif
Vivant Bronze Lustrous 1 Skin from Tete a Pied

Green Snake Female from Zooby's
"Woodnymph" Complete Fantasy Outfit from Chaospire
Natural Green Earrings from Caroline's
Sushi in Golden Hair from Coif
Vivant Almond Rose 2 Skin from Tete a Pied
Deco Lashes from Cake

Cerberus Fur Coat from Bare Rose
Z's Attila All Fur Hat Black from Ookami Ningen
Deco Lashes from Cake
Nutmeg Skin in Crushed from CHAI Skins

Kitten Mini Dress and Earmuffs created by Swirly using ZsaZsa's Kitten Boa from ZsaZsa's House of Beauty
Les Animaux Vintage Souvenir Charm Bracelet free from Le Zoo
Large Diamond Loop Earings from Digital Dragon Designs
Foxy Slingbacks in Pink from Stiletto Moody
O Hair in Blonde from Fashionably Dead
Funky Tan Skin in Yellow and Pink from Fashionably Dead

Swan Lake Dream White Gown from Nicky Ree
Gracile Hat in White from Illusions
Faux Fur Snow Fox Stole from Chapeau tres Mignon
Margaux Draped Pearl Necklace from Muse
Nutmeg Skin in Siyu from CHAI Skins
Wing Lashes from Cake

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

An early Christmas gift

Hello all. It's been awhile since I've treated you to hot, steamy, sexy pictures of myself. Since Christmas is very soon, I decided to take time away from my adult movie making occupation, and go shopping, and take some pictures of what I bought.

( That smile is reason #393,927 your girlfriend is jealous of me! )

Of course I went to the leading store in Maternity wear, Artilleri. =) Antonia is known for her exclusive store just for us knocked up hookers, so it was a given that I would go there. I couldn't afford all the lingerie because I didn't get my bonus from work. I didn't get my bonus from work because I refused to protest against women getting abortions. As you know, I love abortions! I might go to a clinic right after I'm done treating you to these sexy pictures. ;)

There's a bunch of new stuff at Artilleri! ( Mostly super new to me because I've been so busy googling 2 Girls, 1 Cup..and reenacting the scenes with my mother in law. ) But who honestly cares about dresses, shirts, and pants in the winter time when there's brand new lingerie!?

( Aren't Mr.Boner and I adorable together? )

Random note: Being knocked up is not a beautiful thing, but I certainly make it beautiful. This burden of mine and an unknown sperm donor should be blessed that I am carrying it.

But on a bright side, I know this is a bit early, but I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Oh, I forgot I have to say "Happy Holidays" because someone out there will get all offended. ;)

Hair by Oni Product and DARYL!

Ahoy hoy!

Today we are staring at hair by Oni Product, and they are only 100 bux! She has been dabbling in hair creating for a few months, and has finally released them. Pretty much as I had set out to do this a week ago, but became distracted. Sorry Oni! So yeah. Let's have a look! (I chose the auburn color for each, as it's my favorite of the ones she offers.)

This is my favorite, Flower Child. Hippy name, not so much hippy hair. It's a longer style, and its really quite good. I require bangs to cover my HUGE forehead. I -really- like this hair.

This one is called Rikku. The band is color changeable and it's also a longer style. The detail with the the beads in the braids is outstanding!

This one is called Bob Tail. The wee ponytail in the back is so nifty, I love how it just sticks out there. All the alphas on the wigs are well done, and of course, the bangs!

This one is called Valen. Band is also color changeable. An 80's style, and NOT good for vampire children. However I am sure some of you adult types filled with life and color could pull this one off.

She tells me she is going towards a more anime styles, which is really good news. I have always leaned toward the Kin hair, and now we have Oni Product, too!

Chicanery has been making HATS! Well, this one is a helmet, but its really terrific as you dont have to buy a flat haired wig to wear it. This is the bathead helmet, and I will pretty much wear it with anything, and anywhere! This one is pure sculpt, with his great hand drawn textures. See?

Chica might me annoyed with me, but he has made some hats for Christmas. Chica is setting them out today and you will need these because they're FREE. I am wearing the dirty Santa Hat.

And here is Daryl. He is a party monster dolly. With his pendulous belly, beer bottle and armpit hair, all you ladies need to run out and get one for your NASCAR lover this Christmas. Without a doubt, Daryl is my favorite plushie. I LOVE this little guy! He is a sculpt and fairly low prim, so you can set him out for decoration, too.

Chicanery is working on more hats, including something akin to the Jughead beanie I have been begging for. New shit at Chicanery. Go buy Daryl, now. Because you really need him.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On the road...with Fedor McNally!

Ahoy hoy!

This is my friend Fedor. He is a little person. Unlike myself who is an ancient, bitter forever child. Fedor and I decided to have a full blown adventure, starting with a Western town where even though they had damage on, we were unable to kill each other. After our initial disappointment we still managed to get into the spirit of our surroundings, so we opted for a fun game of cowboys and Indians. Fedor played the mighty Chief and I was Black Bart. Even though I was equipped with my trusty .38 Special, Fedor still managed to give me quite the fright as evidenced here:

You try looking at this and not make a face. Impossible! Fedor is FIERCE!

We then decided to go exploring for some peyote. I believe this was the main reason we came here, as he had only mentioned it like, oh five times. Fedor said there was peyote under this bulbous cactus, I had to take his word for it 'cause I couldn't see shit from underneath this cow skull.

After consuming his peyote and vomiting for thirty, the good feelings must have kicked in cause he danced for another thirty. Must have been some pretty weak peyote, 'cause I'm pretty sure it's supposed to last longer than thirty.

The super nifty and realistic Pow Wow Kit comes with the FANTASTIC headdress, cow skull headpiece, scripted spear, knife and tomahawk! My Black Bart outfit is called Chapparal and comes with several clothing options, prim cuffs and that kickass cowboy hat made by Calico.

We had left the Western sim and decided to check into a Motel before our big trip to Vegas. I don't require much so I was able to stuff it all into my Back Sack with scripted color change options, which is completely lost on me because black is the BEST color.

Here we are playing vandals with our Domestic Disturbance PLATES. (No, NOT the shitty movie with John Travolta.) They make a a nice smashy smash noise and shatter into like eleventy billion bits. Fedor is so hardcore he was jumping on the bed while throwing his plates. Look how he is wrinkling the sheets!

Not being able to resist making a mess, I threw a couple. Here is an exellent shot of my handiwork, haha!

We got chased out of the Motel for making a mess so we decided to leave for Vegas a bit early. Here is Fedor sporting his Fear and Loathing glasses. Since I detest yellow I went just for the fear lenses. You get three pair in the set, so I really couldn't complain too much. Fedor wears them because he says full sized chicks really dig little men in sunglasses and loud clothing.

Fedor stopped and picked up a hitch-hiker. This little 301st Spartan is on his way to Vegas to participate in mad orgies with lots of midgetsechs.

To be continued.....

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Serpenti from Adam n Eve

Hello darlings, Swirly here. Did you know that Adam n Eve sells shoes? That's right, SHOES darlings, FABULOUS ones. Dear little Damen Gorilla is quite clever with the sculptures, and was kind enough to share some lovely shoes with Swirly. Swirly does love gifts despite her strict no review copies policy. These shoes are called Serpenti, presumably because they are made from 100% serpent skins and innards. Swirly just adores anything made from dead animals, and these shoes are no exception. These delightful shoes are elegant and sophisticated, so naturally Swirly just had to model them at Straylight. Smooches Kriss darling!

The Serpenti shoes in Honeycomb match Swirly's bosoms perfectly!

The Cashmere shoes still manage to dazzle, despite being overshadowed by Swirly's beauty.

The Bluepool shoes are best worn by Swirly near a pool of blue water.

Swirly is wearing the Vivant Boudoir Skin 2 in Blush from Tete a Pied, Eva~ The Lyselle Edition Hair in Blonde from Bewitched, and nothing else.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat with Swirly

Hello darlings, Swirly here! Furiae Blackthorne has been working hard to cover Halloween costumes here on Fashion Victim, but Swirly must say she has been less than impressed with her finds. Death, decay and misery are perfectly suited to a small child who is, after all, deceased; but for a red blooded, devastatingly gorgeous woman like Swirly, it just won't do darlings! So Swirly has decided to show her readers how dressing up for Halloween SHOULD be done.

The Naughty Nurse costume from Celestial Studios and Last Call epitomises the spirit of Halloween. After all, the sight of Swirly dressed up as a naughty nurse is the ultimate fantasy of every handsome single man with payment info used. Just don't expect her to empty your bedpan dear. If that's your idea of fun, you need to seek urgent psychiatric help.

Naughty boys will not be able to resist Swirly in this very sexy SLPD costume from Rebel Hope Designs. Particularly generous gentlemen may even find themselves hand-cuffed to a chair while Swirly pops out for a spot of shopping with their credit card. Never say that Swirly doesn't know how to show a man a good time.

The Christy Creme costume from Digital Knickers may not be your fantasy darlings, but it certainly is Swirly's! Mmmmm.......... an unlimited supply of donuts!

What man wouldn't dream of watching Swirly bump and grind in this Moulin Rouge Paris costume from Rebel Hope Designs?

Swirly must really draw the line here though darlings. If the Mary Had A Little Lamb costume from Digital Knickers is YOUR ultimate fantasy, you must be a New Zealander. Sheep are only for eating darlings, when will you poor Kiwis learn??

All of these gorgeous pictures were taken at The Crack Den. A lovely spot full of brightly coloured pink and blue balls, and surely the next big fashion mecca darlings!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I visited Annette Voight's store Decoy for the first time today after seeing an announcement for the Elisa dress on the Fashion World of SL feed. The store has only a very small inventory of hand-drawn clothing and according to Annette's blog has only been open since September. What is available so far so greatly impressed me that I ended up leaving the creator one of those fangirl-ish "OMG YOUR STUFF IS AMAZING" type IMs. The apparel at Decoy combines obvious technical ability with classic style and attention to detail.

Elisa is the dress that got me in the door, so-to-speak. Between the unusual stone inlays on the neck, the rouching on the bust and the sleek cut of the skirt I fell in love. I'm wearing the dress in Brown/Teal, Brown/Creme and (my favourite) Wine/Tangerine. The deep wine accented with a rich burnt orange looks puts me in mind of arriving to a gala event feeling rich and important.

Hair: Slow Jamz 2007 - Dark Brown from Hiccup. Skin: Sierra Skin - Pearl Set 2 - 100 from Cake. Eyes: Fantastic Realism Collection - Holly from Miriel. Shoes: (main) BOOTS Smoke-Leather from Redgrave (inset) Vidalia Pump - Noir Croc from Armidi Gisaci.

The Just Peachy Cardigan (shown here in red but available in several colours) is an excellent separate for the cooler months. My fellow button-addicts will be impressed by the perfect hand-drawn button that pulls the cardigan closed under the bust.

Hair: Veronica I - Chocolate from Celestial Studios. Skin: S3 pale ~ Sunset from Tuli. Eyes: Fantastic Realism Collection - Holly from Miriel.

There is more great button detail on the Hooded Blazer, along with little pockets. I'm sure that in the coming weeks this jacket will become a staple in my wardrobe. The hood of the jacket is sculpted and I adore the slightly boyish cut and of course the colour. I chose Navy (it's nice to have a signature colour) but another thing that stood out to me in Decoy was the colour pallet that Annette uses. I'm always drawn to slightly muted colours because they tend to read better in a CGI. The designs at Decoy are coloured with perfect slightly muted tones without slipping into being dull or greyish.

Hair: Ashley - Chocolate from ETD. Skin: S3 pale ~ halo aqua from Tuli. Eyes: Fantastic Realism Collection - Holly from Miriel. Shoes: SNEAKERS Nacre-White from Redgrave. Shorts: Rolled Docker shorts - White & Navy from Elephant Outfitters.

I teamed the Hot Addiction Dress (great name, even better dress) with the Serendipity Shirt (shown in Golden Tan, Light Green and Orange) to give the fun little dress a little more skin-coverage. I was very pleased to see that at least two layer options are available with Decoy apparel and in the case of the Serendipity Shirt - all three. The texturing on this dress is beautiful and I was particularly impressed by the virtually invisible seam between upper and lower layers which is often a problem spot. I found the prim easy to fit and it blends very well with the pants layer.

Hair: The Soho - Harvest Gold from Armidi. Skin: Vivant Buff Sultry 1 from Tete a Pied. Eyes: Fantastic Realism Collection - Holly from Miriel.

*Larger versions of the images can be found in my flickr stream.

'Kota Buck.