Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hair by Oni Product and DARYL!

Ahoy hoy!

Today we are staring at hair by Oni Product, and they are only 100 bux! She has been dabbling in hair creating for a few months, and has finally released them. Pretty much as I had set out to do this a week ago, but became distracted. Sorry Oni! So yeah. Let's have a look! (I chose the auburn color for each, as it's my favorite of the ones she offers.)

This is my favorite, Flower Child. Hippy name, not so much hippy hair. It's a longer style, and its really quite good. I require bangs to cover my HUGE forehead. I -really- like this hair.

This one is called Rikku. The band is color changeable and it's also a longer style. The detail with the the beads in the braids is outstanding!

This one is called Bob Tail. The wee ponytail in the back is so nifty, I love how it just sticks out there. All the alphas on the wigs are well done, and of course, the bangs!

This one is called Valen. Band is also color changeable. An 80's style, and NOT good for vampire children. However I am sure some of you adult types filled with life and color could pull this one off.

She tells me she is going towards a more anime styles, which is really good news. I have always leaned toward the Kin hair, and now we have Oni Product, too!

Chicanery has been making HATS! Well, this one is a helmet, but its really terrific as you dont have to buy a flat haired wig to wear it. This is the bathead helmet, and I will pretty much wear it with anything, and anywhere! This one is pure sculpt, with his great hand drawn textures. See?

Chica might me annoyed with me, but he has made some hats for Christmas. Chica is setting them out today and you will need these because they're FREE. I am wearing the dirty Santa Hat.

And here is Daryl. He is a party monster dolly. With his pendulous belly, beer bottle and armpit hair, all you ladies need to run out and get one for your NASCAR lover this Christmas. Without a doubt, Daryl is my favorite plushie. I LOVE this little guy! He is a sculpt and fairly low prim, so you can set him out for decoration, too.

Chicanery is working on more hats, including something akin to the Jughead beanie I have been begging for. New shit at Chicanery. Go buy Daryl, now. Because you really need him.