Wednesday, December 5, 2007

An early Christmas gift

Hello all. It's been awhile since I've treated you to hot, steamy, sexy pictures of myself. Since Christmas is very soon, I decided to take time away from my adult movie making occupation, and go shopping, and take some pictures of what I bought.

( That smile is reason #393,927 your girlfriend is jealous of me! )

Of course I went to the leading store in Maternity wear, Artilleri. =) Antonia is known for her exclusive store just for us knocked up hookers, so it was a given that I would go there. I couldn't afford all the lingerie because I didn't get my bonus from work. I didn't get my bonus from work because I refused to protest against women getting abortions. As you know, I love abortions! I might go to a clinic right after I'm done treating you to these sexy pictures. ;)

There's a bunch of new stuff at Artilleri! ( Mostly super new to me because I've been so busy googling 2 Girls, 1 Cup..and reenacting the scenes with my mother in law. ) But who honestly cares about dresses, shirts, and pants in the winter time when there's brand new lingerie!?

( Aren't Mr.Boner and I adorable together? )

Random note: Being knocked up is not a beautiful thing, but I certainly make it beautiful. This burden of mine and an unknown sperm donor should be blessed that I am carrying it.

But on a bright side, I know this is a bit early, but I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Oh, I forgot I have to say "Happy Holidays" because someone out there will get all offended. ;)