Monday, December 24, 2007

Swirly's Guide to Pets

Hello darlings, Swirly here. As anyone who knows Swirly will tell you, Swirly just ADORES pets! During her time in SL, Swirly has acquired more than her fair share of animals, both living and dead. There is something to be said for the convenience of a stuffed, lifeless animal; though the live ones can be quite endearing too if you can pay somebody else to look after them. Here are just a few of Swirly's favourite pets, and how to wear them.

Sleeping Doberman from Zooby's
Bird Nest Hat from Chapeau tres Mignon
Wilted Wednesday Vest from Kyoot Army
Leather Gloves in Black from Tete a Pied
Vivant Almond Kyoko 1 Skin from Tete a Pied
Deco Lashes from Cake

Coat Of Wulfric from Angry Monkey
Tribute Fans from Bitter Thorns
KK FetishDoll 2.0 Sticky Latex Ensemble - Dark Shadow from Kayliwulf Kingdom
Black Patent Pump from Stiletto Moody
Phoenix Black Hair from Coif
Vivant Bronze Lustrous 1 Skin from Tete a Pied

Green Snake Female from Zooby's
"Woodnymph" Complete Fantasy Outfit from Chaospire
Natural Green Earrings from Caroline's
Sushi in Golden Hair from Coif
Vivant Almond Rose 2 Skin from Tete a Pied
Deco Lashes from Cake

Cerberus Fur Coat from Bare Rose
Z's Attila All Fur Hat Black from Ookami Ningen
Deco Lashes from Cake
Nutmeg Skin in Crushed from CHAI Skins

Kitten Mini Dress and Earmuffs created by Swirly using ZsaZsa's Kitten Boa from ZsaZsa's House of Beauty
Les Animaux Vintage Souvenir Charm Bracelet free from Le Zoo
Large Diamond Loop Earings from Digital Dragon Designs
Foxy Slingbacks in Pink from Stiletto Moody
O Hair in Blonde from Fashionably Dead
Funky Tan Skin in Yellow and Pink from Fashionably Dead

Swan Lake Dream White Gown from Nicky Ree
Gracile Hat in White from Illusions
Faux Fur Snow Fox Stole from Chapeau tres Mignon
Margaux Draped Pearl Necklace from Muse
Nutmeg Skin in Siyu from CHAI Skins
Wing Lashes from Cake