Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jolie's Boutique - Featured Designer

Hiya everybody! I had an old friend give me some free shit because I demanded it! Take that Swirly, people just like moi a lil bit more than you. Jolie Lumiere has been designing for quite a while and keeps getting better and better. So here are a couple of things that I got... for FREE!!!

First up is a cute li
ttle bed time set called "Chou Chou" which is basically a top with panties. Has a matching design that works well with the top and the panties and makes mah ass look so hawt! So figured I'd just kick back read some comix and listen to my musiq on my Hipster Headphones.

Up next is da Crimson Bikini and boy is it Crimson AND a Bikini! Very
hawt lil thing, I decided to show it off at the beach. Where I got surrounded by a bunch of tan naked n00bs, oggling my funbags. Too bad they are only for mah girlfriendz. Has a great bit of detail than the same plain ol' shit. I don't know if people are zooming in on the pattern detail or my tits. I'm hoping both ^.~ Here is a nice picture of my booty for all my fans. You now have five minutes to play with your thingies... its ok... im waiting! Done, good boy or girl.

Finally is a nice lil party dress called "Stardust". Comes in two different flavors, this black dress is great for a girls night out buying all sorts of sex toys and
whores. One part babydoll dress, the other part is a cute mini skirt. Very good for bending over and giving a stripper a peak at whatcha not wearing. It is also very flexi and moves oh so well when ya shaking dat ass on the dance floor. Just wanna say you should get over to Jolie's Boutique and buy some shit because I demand it. Thanks again to Jolie for complying with my demands. Good thing for us all that she did. Mwhaahahahaha!

Jolie's Boutique to get all the clothes you see!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Swirly's Policy for Review Copies

Hello darlings, Swirly here. I just wanted to clear something up before I am overwhelmed by the inevitable onslaught of designers wanting me to model their clothes for Fashion Victim. Swirly models things she LIKES, and Swirly likes gifts! So Swirly can almost guarantee that if you send her free things, she will feature them here along with a completely biased, gushing review! Swirly will NOT change her look for you - if you want a bigger bosomed, shorter model you are all out of luck buster, look elsewhere!

Now when sending samples of items for review, please include the FULL pack. So if you make hair, Swirly will NEED you to send it in every colour so that she can really get the feel for it. Same goes for skins, Swirly needs to see every skin tone and makeup option you have folks! Don't send Swirly just one dress, if you make it in 100 colours, Swirly must see them all! Please make sure that all items you send Swirly have transfer permissions, so that Swirly can sell them when she no longer wants them.

OK dears, I think that just about sums it up. Any questions, IM me in world, but don't forget to include free stuff!


Monday, January 29, 2007

Skanks R Us - Featured Designer

Poe Tatum is a the creative force behind Skanks R Us, a relatively new label that brings us a range of well made punk / goth clothing and accessories designed to unleash the rebel within us all. I don't know Poe, but I can tell you she has some DAMN fine taste in music - black metal, alright! OK, on to the clothes. I visited Skanks R Us to pick up the Jolly Roger gloves that Cinn modelled in the previous post, and came away with my linden balance somewhat depleted.

First up are the Goth Mutation Boots. These are some seriously chunky knee high boots complete with high platform soles, buckled straps and steel caps. 450L a pair but when boots look this good, who cares?

Skanks R Us has some seriously cool accessories. Shown here is the Slave Collar which is a nice chunky piece complete with a buckle at the back and some heavy duty O rings at front. At 130L it isn't scripted but it's mod / copy so you can play with it to your heart's content. The Jolly Roger gloves are great value at 100L with some nicely detailed buckles.

My favourite item would have to be the Biker Goggles. These are some of the best goggles I have seen in SL, they are menu driven with more features than I could possibly list here. The goggles can be worn over the eyes or on top of your head, and feature some very cool animations for changing positions, which can also be controlled with gestures. The lenses can be changed to any colour, and you can select the level of opacity and shininess. Poe says that these goggles are customisable to ANY avatar, including tinies, but this isn't a feature I tested. The Biker Goggles cost 325L a pair.

Skanks R Us also has a great range of cute punk clothing. Shown here is the Check Lace Skirt (100L), Bloody Nurse Tee (60L)and Red Star Belt (85L).

Skirt, tee, collar, belt, gloves, goggles and boots from Skanks R Us
Fishnets from WRONG
Body Graffiti Tattoos in Poison from Canimal
Sasi Earrings from Hearts Desire
Skin - Medium Tone in Red Charcoal from Curious Kitties
Victory Curls B & B Hair from Old Gravy

Too lazy to type

Hey everybody, i'm that one hawt bitch that both Ayami, Steph and most of all Swirly are so jealous of. Although at least she has some style. This is my punk'd out biker look. Yeah I know, so very bad ass. Since I don't really keep track of what I buy, throwing shit together is my specialty and I look so good.
Most recent purchase is my pair of [SRU] Jolly Roger Gloves from Skanks R Us from a new friend Poe Tatum.

Dumpster Diving with Swirly - The Free Dove

Dumpster Diving with Swirly will be a regular Fashion Victim feature that will highlight the FABULOUS free, or almost free, items that can be found in SL. Swirly will show you how to look like a diva for next to nothing!

A dear friend dragged me down to Palomma Casanova's charity shop The Free Dove, where kind hearted designers contribute their cast-offs to help support the ever increasing number of fashion challenged newbies joining the ranks of SL. At first glance it was a little like walking into the Welcome Area, with a swelling tide of newbies with their funny little walks pushing each other around, until I saw the GOODIES laid out on tables in front of me. Everything from shoes, clothes, and skins to animation overrides. But the best thing was the prices, everything is free! It's a "no payment info on file" newbies dream!
But amongst these tables overflowing with freebies, would it be possible for Swirly to find anything that would meet her exacting standards? Things that just ooze glamour and class? Things that Swirly could actually WEAR? Well the answer to that question my friends is YES, as this article will demonstrate. Everything Swirly is wearing in these photos cost zero lindens, yes ZERO lindens, and everything was found at The Free Dove.
The first outfit Swirly is modelling for you is a sophisticated LBD from Canimal. Yes, CANIMAL! Swirly loves how the plunging neckline shows off her ample bosoms, and the way the beautifully textured fabric clings to her curves. The zebra textured shoes from Innovations just OOZE class, no-one would ever guess that Swirly was wearing freebies. Swirly has decided to surprise her fans by going brunette for this photo, wearing the super flexi Proton Ponytail from Nuclear Boutique. And no outfit would be complete without some classy gems, in this case a delightfully detailed set from Alienbear Design. Swirly is wearing the Charlotte Hausdorff Fashion Sweet Freebie Skin - will you just look at the divine shading on the cleavage? And the eye makeup is JUST how Swirly likes it, pure glam. Unfortunately, this skin has no "bits" at all, and the buttocks carry some promotional text for the designer. Still, a lovely skin and who is going to notice those shortcomings when you have all your clothes on as all good girls should?
Swirly found a delightfully girlish pink polka dotted sundress from PanJen and paired it with the Sexy Colour Change Shoes with Black Lace from AFantasy Emporium. Doesn't Swirly just look so cute in this little number? Of course Swirly had to finish her look with the very pretty and feminine Vivaldi Winter hair from Innovations. The stunning silver hoop earrings are by Opium Everyday.
Swirly was SO excited to find her next outfit, the T&S Cashmere Turtleneck and Silk Skirt, which comes complete with shoes! Does it get any classier than this??? Swirly teamed this look with the lovely Whispies Hair in blond from Wilted Rose, which is so sleek and glamorous. The look is finished off with the simple yet elegant Heavenly Cross Jewelry set from Encore.
And darlings I just couldn't leave you without modelling some super sexy swimwear! This hot little number is the Sweet Leaf Creations Micro Bikini and doesn't Swirly just make you DROOL wearing this? No bikini is complete without some sexy high heels and can you believe that Swirly found these Essential Stilletos by Sylfie Minogue for FREE?? Swirly is wearing the I'm So Pretty Hair by Calla along with the Silver Diva Earrings and Stone Choker from Opium Everyday.

Total cost for all these looks was ZERO lindens and you can find everything that Swirly is modelling at The Free Dove

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Good morning.

Good morning! I have to get something off my chest again! Why would anyone want to steal Stephanie's look? I mean, I can understand wanting to steal Swirly's look because she is just an icon in fashion, but Stephanie's look!? I don't get it. This world is very, very cruel. On a brighter note enjoy this sexy picture of me.

Love Always,

Ayami Reisman

New from Jeepers Creepers - Wellies!

Eponymous Trenchmouth from Jeepers Creepers has reworked her wellies to include protuding prim eyes, resulting in some of the cutest footwear in SL! There are several animal designs to choose from including ladybugs, frogs, rabbits, bats and even a Monty Python snake design. Shown here are the rubber ducky wellies which as you can see are super practical as well as cute. These wellies include an optional sexy walk, which is something I personally demand from my wet weather gear. And at just 200L a pair, you can afford to buy them all! Well, OK, maybe not..............

Rubber Ducky Wellies from Jeepers Creepers
I'd Hit That Tee from boing fromage
Black Clamdigger Jeans from Miau Haus
Tintable Flexi Flannel Shirt at Waist from Miau Haus
Tom Boy Sleeper Tube Socks from It's All Good
Buddy Holly Glasses from artilleri
Emmaline Hair (Blacks) from Grim Babies

Alina Singles Fair Skin "Doll Lashes, Mod Lips" from Naughty

Bikini goodness from artilleri!

Well darlings, everybody knows that Swirly has a sweet tooth and right now she is craving strawberries and cream! The cupboard is bare so we'll just have to make do with this delicious new release from Antonia Marat of artilleri, the Strawberry Delight Bikini.

Now anyone who knows me knows that Antonia is my all time favourite designer , she brings a touch of retro glamour to Swirly's Second Life and quite frankly, the end result just REEKS of Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately, Ayami insisted on modelling the new Strawberry Delight Bikini for this post, which doesn't really do it justice......

The detail on this bikini is FABULOUS, those little strawberries look seriously yummy. The retro cut of the bikini hugs your curves and reveals just enough flesh to be sexy without being tacky. Artilleri is all about glamour darlings, and this bikini is an essential addition to any glamour girl's wardrobe. An absolute steal at only 150L!


Strawberry Delight Bikini, Honey hair, and Rhinestone Retro Glasses all from Artilleri
Candy necklace from Kru's Boutique
Beaded Bangles from Le unoriginal Couture
Earrings from Ramos Designs
Haley Skin in Buff (Copper Penny) from Naughty

Who the hell does she think she is!

I wish someone could tell me why Stephanie Misfit posts on here. Her fashion sense is just no good. *Sighs* Okay, I feel much better after getting that off my chest. Maybe if you're lucky later on I'll post some pictures of me in these beautiful outfits I've come up with. :)

Love Always,
Ayami Reisman

Ayami, I wish I could be just like you!
- Stephanie Misfit

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Guns and ammo

It's the question on the minds of so many SL fashionistas .......... what can I wear that is going to show off my AK-47 or Desert Eagles to full advantage? After scouring my wardrobe and trying on countless gowns from Dazzle and Simone, I have to say I was nearly pulling my hair out, especially when my AK kept getting replaced by pretty corsages and flowing scarfs, and my holsters were almost completely hidden beneath flowing flexi-prim skirts. With formal wear relegated to the scrap heap, there was only one thing left to do - hit the men's department! Who needs to look pretty anyway when there is such a huge variety of heavy artillery in SL with which to adorn oneself?

The basis of my outfit is from FORM, I chose the lowcut shredded black jeans and Suspect tank to show I really mean business. I threw on a tied at the waist flannel shirt from Miau Haus, mainly because I thought it might get a little chilly out later on. The RaGe Gloves from SiniStyle help provide a good grip during combat (and hell, those just LOOK damn cool, especially when you add the spikes). The Oi! 16 eye Doc boots from Beckenbauer Productions are great for kickin' some ass, and no outfit would be complete without some killer tattoos, in this case the Henkei Tattoos from FORM.

So there you have it! No need to worry your pretty little head about matching your clothes to your guns again ....... just raid your boyfriend's wardrobe and you are all set!

AK-47 Spetsnaz from Operations in Los Altos
Desert Eagles from Breach Combat Store
Shane Hair Drama Pack from Gurl 6 Hair
Vogue Skin in Smoky Brown (Champagne) from Celestial Studios
Prim lashes from Celestial Studios
RaGe Gloves from SiniStyle Design
Womens-Oi! 16 eye doc' boots from Beckenbauer Productions
Tintable Flexi Flannel Shirt at Waist from Miau Haus
ShredR Black Jeans Low from FORM
Suspect Tank from FORM
Henkei Tattoo 01 from FORM

Tantalising clubwear from Image Reflections

Well, it's no secret to those who know me well that Missbehavin Neva is my all time favourite designer in SL. Missbehavin owns the very popular and successful store Image Reflections which has a focus on high quality, sexy clubwear. And darlings, the outfit I am modelling here for you today takes sexy to a whole new level!

This is "Strapped" and it would have to be my all time favourite clubbing outfit.... ever! Let me tell you, Swirly gets a LOT of attention when she ventures out in this hot little number ;) You may recall seeing Swirly shaking her booty in this saucy get-up at such hot spots as Bad Girls and Hard Alley ......... now that's not a vision you can easily forget!

What I LOVE about this outfit is the fact that it's tintable. Yes......... tintable! Which means that at only 250L it represents great value for money, because instead of getting ONE outfit, you get..... well, how many colours are there? You get the idea. Swirly does love the way that white flatters her figure, but with SO many other colour options like khaki, puce, mustard, viridian and eggplant, you will never have to worry about matching your clothes to your accessories again!

As for the design itself, it's all about the straps baby! Swirly loves the way the straps wrap sensuously around her hips and thighs and booty, drawing attention to her best features. Just look at Swirly's booty in the pic and you will see just what I mean - PHWOAR! The design is tastefully done, ensuring that erogenous zones such as the breasts and knees are well covered. Pure class darlings!

"Strapped" from Image Reflections
"Fran" Hair in Golden from Calico Creations
"Ganguro" Skin in Tone 1 from PanJen
"Girl's Best Friend" Shoes from It's All Good


Hello darlings! Time for Swirly Cyclone to introduce herself to her adoring public. Many of you may already know me, and if not, well shame on you!

I am best known for my impeccable sense of style and my unwavering quest to find a husband, using any means possible. I have been very blessed to find 5 husbands in SL, and although the marriages didn't last I treasure the fond memories of my shotgun weddings.

My aim is to bring you a taste of the very best in SL fashion. My personal style is frequently described as trailer trash meets drag queen, but darling I am really all about GLAMOUR and I hope to share a little of that with you and hopefully inspire YOU to bring a little class to Second Life.


Swirly Cyclone

This is why we're hot.

Hello bloggers. Stephanie looks like a hobo that just killed someone trying to steal their money. I still look very pregnant. I'm gonna blow.

She wants me.

[6:49] Stephanie Misfit: You are so attractive ;)

I'm Awesome

Hello bloggers. I'm Ayami. I'm pregnant. I think I'm going to go throw up now.

Love Always,

Ayami Reisman