Saturday, January 27, 2007

Guns and ammo

It's the question on the minds of so many SL fashionistas .......... what can I wear that is going to show off my AK-47 or Desert Eagles to full advantage? After scouring my wardrobe and trying on countless gowns from Dazzle and Simone, I have to say I was nearly pulling my hair out, especially when my AK kept getting replaced by pretty corsages and flowing scarfs, and my holsters were almost completely hidden beneath flowing flexi-prim skirts. With formal wear relegated to the scrap heap, there was only one thing left to do - hit the men's department! Who needs to look pretty anyway when there is such a huge variety of heavy artillery in SL with which to adorn oneself?

The basis of my outfit is from FORM, I chose the lowcut shredded black jeans and Suspect tank to show I really mean business. I threw on a tied at the waist flannel shirt from Miau Haus, mainly because I thought it might get a little chilly out later on. The RaGe Gloves from SiniStyle help provide a good grip during combat (and hell, those just LOOK damn cool, especially when you add the spikes). The Oi! 16 eye Doc boots from Beckenbauer Productions are great for kickin' some ass, and no outfit would be complete without some killer tattoos, in this case the Henkei Tattoos from FORM.

So there you have it! No need to worry your pretty little head about matching your clothes to your guns again ....... just raid your boyfriend's wardrobe and you are all set!

AK-47 Spetsnaz from Operations in Los Altos
Desert Eagles from Breach Combat Store
Shane Hair Drama Pack from Gurl 6 Hair
Vogue Skin in Smoky Brown (Champagne) from Celestial Studios
Prim lashes from Celestial Studios
RaGe Gloves from SiniStyle Design
Womens-Oi! 16 eye doc' boots from Beckenbauer Productions
Tintable Flexi Flannel Shirt at Waist from Miau Haus
ShredR Black Jeans Low from FORM
Suspect Tank from FORM
Henkei Tattoo 01 from FORM