Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jolie's Boutique - Featured Designer

Hiya everybody! I had an old friend give me some free shit because I demanded it! Take that Swirly, people just like moi a lil bit more than you. Jolie Lumiere has been designing for quite a while and keeps getting better and better. So here are a couple of things that I got... for FREE!!!

First up is a cute li
ttle bed time set called "Chou Chou" which is basically a top with panties. Has a matching design that works well with the top and the panties and makes mah ass look so hawt! So figured I'd just kick back read some comix and listen to my musiq on my Hipster Headphones.

Up next is da Crimson Bikini and boy is it Crimson AND a Bikini! Very
hawt lil thing, I decided to show it off at the beach. Where I got surrounded by a bunch of tan naked n00bs, oggling my funbags. Too bad they are only for mah girlfriendz. Has a great bit of detail than the same plain ol' shit. I don't know if people are zooming in on the pattern detail or my tits. I'm hoping both ^.~ Here is a nice picture of my booty for all my fans. You now have five minutes to play with your thingies... its ok... im waiting! Done, good boy or girl.

Finally is a nice lil party dress called "Stardust". Comes in two different flavors, this black dress is great for a girls night out buying all sorts of sex toys and
whores. One part babydoll dress, the other part is a cute mini skirt. Very good for bending over and giving a stripper a peak at whatcha not wearing. It is also very flexi and moves oh so well when ya shaking dat ass on the dance floor. Just wanna say you should get over to Jolie's Boutique and buy some shit because I demand it. Thanks again to Jolie for complying with my demands. Good thing for us all that she did. Mwhaahahahaha!

Jolie's Boutique to get all the clothes you see!