Saturday, February 3, 2007

New from Hearts Desire - Hammers

I missed out on the legendary Hearts Desire boots and shoes the first time around, so was delighted to learn the store had reopened. What could possibly be better than the return of Hearts Desire to SL? New stuff from Hearts Desire of course! Shown here are the Hammers, these are some super chunky ass kickin' boots which are available for both men and women. These are highly detailed boots which stay true to the original Hearts Desire style. The black boots are 300L a pair, with coloured versions also available.

Also just released are the C.A.G.E.D boots for women, see the forum post here for details.


HAMMERS Boots from Hearts Desire
Iron Cross Hoody from SiniStyle Design
ShredR Black Jeans Low from FORM
Biker Goggles from Skanks R Us
Ducan Hair in Black-Blond from Kin Keiko
Skin - Medium Tone in Red Charcoal from Curious Kitties